Saturday, 26 December 2015

Off to the MTC!

We have had a busy few weeks getting all the last minute things ready to go. The time sure did sneak up fast. Brad opened his Mission Call on July 15, 2015 and was to report December 16, 2015.

Friends and Family guess where he will go

Michigan Detroit!

Brads last day of work was on November 26th. He will miss being there! On November 25 we were able to go to the Cardston Temple together. It was a wonderful time!

The time flew and it was time to say good bye to Brad. We left at 2am on December 16 and drove to the Calgary Airport. The roads were not great. We drove in a snow storm the whole way so it was slow gong. We made it safe and sound, just in time to check him in and say good bye!

Check -In

international claim ticket

Saying good bye

And he is off....

Due to the weather he was delayed while sitting on the runway for about an hour. He arrived in Salt Lake to see Randy and Cara and Kay and Ken. Such a nice welcome! He went with them to Provo, out for lunch and to see the temple and then they took him to the MTC. He looked so happy and relaxed. We are blessed that we had such wonderful family there to see him off!

arrived in Salt Lake

Elder Rodgers with Aunt Kay

His favourites ...Kay and Cara there to say good bye!

Look at the smile!

And he is off.....

When he arrived he was missing one piece of his luggage. Cara had a tracking number for him and they assured him it would be delivered to him soon. He called home from the MTC so he could call Cara to get the tracking number. The paper he had with numbers on it was in the missing bag! It was fun to hear him and it was clear he was calm and happy to be where he was. His luggage was delivered that night!

Brad has had two Pdays while in the MTC and he wrote a short little note

Dec 17, 2015

Hello, on Christmas day we will be calling home between the hours of 315-515 MT so make sure people are there. I will phone home if no one is there. Thursdays is pday so email me the number to call. I'm doing well bye  

Like I said short and sweet! But his next email home was better so there is hope!

Dec 24, 2015

Make The Change MTC
 The MTC it like amazing. So I arrived here and I didn't have my luggage for the first day so I had to go without some stuff but its all good now. My two comps are Elder Garver and Elder Alvero they are pretty sick. There are so many missionaries its crazy. The food here its great, its all you can eat and there are soda fountains and ahahaha its amazing. We spend a lot of our time in classrooms learning and we do a ton of role play which like really helps. The teachers here are amazing its so good. Our room has six beds but only us three so there is tons of room and I love it. The last few days it has been snowing and raining here and one of my comps is from Texas so he is always cold but I love it. We are like actually teaching real people and we are teaching this one brother and he is like my favorite person to teach, I love him. Everyone in my district makes fun of how I say words, like how I say "pasta" and 'w'. We have people in our district going to Edmonton and lots to Halifax where I am headed as of now. In our district there is this one sister from Cardston, I don't know her but one of her friends is my friend! Its crazy! I've met someone from Barnwell who went to lci with people from my ward its crazy. One thing I've learned it that when you teach you go in with some doctrine and a commitment and then teach by the spirit. Its crazy how much you can feel the spirit here. Tomorrow we will be having a GENERAL AUTHORITY COME.  IT WILL BE SO AWESOME! I have defiantly walked here more then I have in a while. Our residence is like on the other side of the campus and our classes are on the other other side its crazy. On Tuesday Brother Brent H Nelson of the seventy came to speak to us. It was way cool. I bear testimony that this church is true that the spirit that is here is real, that this gospel is true and that the church was restored by a guy named Joseph Smith and that Thomas S Monson leads this church and seeks modern day revelation for this church. In the name of Jesus Christ amen. 

Elder Rodgers

In the MTC

We were so thrilled to get his call on Christmas day! He sounded so happy! He was so excited that Elder Bednar was there Christmas Morning to do a question/answer with them. He told us that Early Tuesday he will be flying to Halifax. He will be there until his visa comes. We are so blessed to have a missionary out at this time. I will do better at keeping his blog up to date!

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