Monday, 26 December 2016

Merry Christmas ...Week 27 in Monroe

     First off let me say to all you people who may be freezing at the moment due to weather, we are currently sitting at 55ºF that's like 12ºC. There was a lot of rain last night so all the snow is melting! Last Monday after preparation day we had a lesson with (J), someone who we bean teaching when the area became one. He has a lot of the same stumbling block as our recent convert (F) so it will be cool to see how (F) be able to help.

     Tuesday after our bell ringing time for the Salvation Army we had to travel to Farmington for my companion. It was a good drive. Then we drove to Dundee to contact a referral - who's address ended up being a phoney one. After dinner we drove to Lambertville to try and contact a member referral we had received earlier the previous week. We knocked on their door and they looked out but did not answer, so we take it that they are not interested. 

     Wednesday was our Mission Christmas Party in Livonia. It was awesome. It was great to see lots of people that I had not seen in a while; former companions and former people from the district. The party was great and there was lots of games, Mexican food, a white elephant game and the some singing! It was all great then we got the Christmas gifts that friends and family sent, such a fun day. That evening we went to the church and delivered cookies to members of the church, it was lots of fun. 

     Our last bell ringing session was today (Thursday), and it was only like 35ºF so it was not to cold which was nice. Then more driving. We travelled to Westland for interviews. They were running an hour behind and when we got in our interviews were like 6 minutes combined. President had to be somewhere so we were quick. After we came home and did some contacting for few minutes before we had to go in.

     Friday was good some good lessons we had with (J & F) We went to the soup kitchen and they had lots of volunteers so we talked to the people at the soup kitchen, it was a good experience. 

     Saturday.... Christmas Eve! That evening we had dinner at a members. She asked what we liked and we said we like Mexican so she made tacos and it was really good!! (basically the same way my mom makes them)

     Christmas day I opened my one gift I had at the apartment,  it was a calendar my mom made, it was sweet! Church was amazing, some great musical numbers which of course brought the spirit. After church we had lunch of course then we went to a less active family who had a bunch of other less active and non members there, we had a good visit. Then off to the H family to Skype home! It was such a great experience to Skype home. It was the first time since I left that I got to see my whole family! (Tanner wasn't there when I skyped on Mothers Day) and a whole 7 months since the last call. After we had a great Christmas dinner. One dish was home made Mac & Cheese, which was divine. Then we got to finally open the packages we received on Wednesday at the party. 

Merry Christmas to all!!

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers 

One was made for each missionary!

Old and current companions
Elder Mortensen, Elder Munich, Elder Rodgers, Elder Stonehocker

Mission Christmas party

I took this while we were driving

Elder Stonehocker and Elder Rodgers Christmas Day


The Family
(Don't think Brad accidentally cut Tanners face in half,
it was intentional.... has not lost his sense of humour!)

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

A Year To Remember ...Week 26 in Monroe

     Monday was awesome! We went up to Riverview to play some games and hang out with the members of our district, we enjoyed the time up there. We had lunch at Panda Express, its this awesome Chinese quick stop,  I wish there was one where I lived back home but sadly there is not. That evening someone we had talked to a while back called us, we offered our service to help her shovel and so she called us and we went to help that evening. It was hard work and a sore back because of it, but worth it all. After we had a lesson with someone which was good. We stood outside in the cold but we had a great 10 minute lesson on the scriptures. 

    Tuesday afternoon we travelled to Farmington for my companion, he had a appointment up there. That evening a family was moving out of the ward and they had us over for dinner... shrimp Alfredo! It was something I have never had before, not too bad. That evening we had our Cookie night it was great. After we had a lesson with our recent convert (F) and that was awesome. We taught the Restoration and it was awesome because he remembered so much.

     The next day, Wednesday, we had our Zone Conference up in Westland and that was great, so much inspiration and things we need to apply into our missionary efforts. I also got a free coat from the mission as they had extras and were giving them away. That evening we had a lesson with a new investigator that the north Elders were teaching,

     Thursday was long. In the morning we contacted a referral and then went bell ringing. That afternoon and into the evening Elder Stonehocker had the flu so we stayed in because he did not feel well. Lots of sleep for him.

     Friday was a year in the mission and it has been "A Year To Remember" We went out to a Mexican restaurant for lunch which was awesome and then we exchanged and we taught a lesson to our recent convert (F) and then volunteered at the soup kitchen, it was a crazy night there haha one to remember. That evening we had correlation.

     Saturday was long but warm outside. Some contacting then some more contacting and a few little appointments.

     Sunday was great. There was church this week... it was great! We had a great lesson with someone who was our neighbours friend who used to be Mormon it was cool. We had dinner with a family in the ward. It is where we will be skyping from next week! 

So in general a great busy week!

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

new apartment


mexican salad

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow ...Week 25 in Monroe

     Preparation day was great. It was Elder Clement and Elder Gittens last one. We played lots of hacky sack and then went to a members to play games. That evening we saw out investigator (M) and we also took possession of the north Elders Ford Escape because we are taking over all of Monroe. It was a very crazy day!
     Tuesday was even more crazy. All morning and in to the early afternoon we moved our stuff into the north apartment, all in the car. It was also raining and it took a while. Then after that we spent the time reorganising the apartment and setting it up for us so we could at least focus in the apartment. Later that evening we took our couch from the old apt to a recent converts home because we were not in need of it anymore.

     Wednesday we travelled  to Riverview, about a 19 miles car ride or 30 km for the people who dont know miles. After that we hurried back to have a lesson with our investigator (K) who is on date for baptism this coming Saturday. It will be an even crazier week now.

     Thursday was bell ringing day (going door to door) It was a cold one, it was like 24ºF (-5ºC) outside but with wind it was chilly,  but we had lots of fun. We had dinner then our appointments fell through so we contacted instead.

     Friday was more bell ringing in the afternoon. Later we stopped by someone who we have had trouble getting a visit with, we had a great visit and read a chapter from the Book Of Mormon with her it was great. Then that evening we went to our ward mission leaders home for correlation. So, in general a constant busy day, it was great. Still NO snow! 

     Saturday we went down south in the area and went into Kroger and I think everyone in the town was there all shopping for the "Storm" That night they were calling for 7-9 Inches. In the afternoon we contacted and that evening we saw our recent convert.

     Sunday we woke up to like 2 inches but it was still coming down so we prepared for church and we called a member to see if he could bring someone to church for us and he said he and his wife are not happy with the amount of snow so they are going to stay home... so I guess ... Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow. When we left for church we got on to the main road and wow ...and there was no snow... just like little bit of slush! After sacrament and all like 60 who showed up, the bishop cancelled the rest due to lack of people. I guess maybe 3 inches of snow and clear roads is a big deal, its a lot different here then home. This evening we had close to 6 inches but still the roads were not to bad. 

Have a great week all!
Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

Cute...trying to look 'Grinchy' but he loves Christmas!

Our decorations

Our tree

Ringing bell for Salvation Army

I found my Pumpkin Pie

Our 'Big Storm'

Monday, 5 December 2016

Busy But Successful ..Week 24 in Monroe

     To start off the last week of the transfer we had our preparation day, fun games all day! That night we went over to a home for dinner and had some great Spanish rice and chicken and then later we saw our investigator (F). In general not to bad of a day!

     Bright and early the next day at like 9 am we went up to Farmington for my companion who had an appointment up there. When we got back we had some appointments and then we went out to Dundee for dinner with an inactive who loves us. We had a great time... until I stepped in dog crap and got it all over my shoe, I was ticked! We stopped in at Kroger to grab clean up stuff ... a quick back story, I have been trying to find pumpkin pie for at least two weeks and have found none in Monroe but I found one out in Dundee and of course I had no wallet - so no pie for me and I was still ticked because of the dog crap! 

     The next day after district meeting we went out to a members for lunch which was great! Then we had our last lesson at a members home with our investigator (F) before he would be baptized. It was a great lesson as we shared and taught about preparing for a calling. I reflected on my call to the primary, it was crazy, but a great opportunity!

     Thursday was the best day of the week! we travelled to Dearborn to drop off Elder Stonehocker and pick up another Elder and we went to the mission home. I was able to go to the temple. We each can go at our one year mark. While there I was able to go through for a family member which was really awesome. The whole experience was just wonderful, it was my first time going in over a year truly a wonderful experience!  Later that night we saw some people. This has been the busiest week for me in awhile.

     Friday was non stop!  We planned that morning and  from noon till 2 we were at the local Kroger ringing bells for the salvation army. It was neat to see how and what people would say. Later our investigator was interviewed for baptism and passed with an A+... better grade then I ever got in school! haha  That night we went to the local St Mary soup Kitchen to help, that is always fun. Then after we saw some people, we are keeping busy!  

     After study's the next morning we went out to help a less active with her house. We painted and did some yard work for her. We had some help from some of the ward. That evening we went to the church to set up for the baptism. Tonight our investigator was baptized! It was amazing,  he has been working for this day for a long time and it has been amazing to see the change it has brought to his life. That night you could not do anything to wipe the smile off his face, it was wonderful! 

     Sunday when he was confirmed it was even better!  Today was great, we had dinner at bishops and then that night had the First Presidency Christmas Devotional which was also a really awesome experience.

Truly a Busy But Successful week. 

PS... Transfer news.... I am staying in Monroe with Elder Stonehocker but we are taking over the other area. The other set of Elders have been moved out so we will be over our area as well as their area, so now we have ALL of Monroe and we will be moving into their apartment!

Detroit Temple

At the mission home with Pres & Sister Cleveland

Look what I found!



Thursday, 1 December 2016

A Week of Thanksgiving ...Week 23 in Monroe

     Monday was fun, we played games at the church as a district and that is always a blast! That night we had a lesson with our investigator (F), we went over how we can develop our faith by reading Alma 32. 

     Tuesday I went on exchanges to the other area! We did some contacting and saw an investigator at the hospital, it was a great visit! That night we went to the Cookie Exchange and we were able to visit some less actives, it was awesome. 

     For District Meeting we talked about how we can better our studies for the people we teach, it was great! That evening we saw our investigator (F) at a members home and talked about following the prophet and enduring to the end. It was a great and well understood lesson.

     Thursday we visited some people who were alone for thanksgiving and that night we went over to a family's home for thanksgiving dinner with all of their family, so a good size from the ward. It was good but no pumpkin pie so I had a slice of pie and wow it was great! Who new it could be good... surprise mom! That night we went down to see some one who has not been out to church in over 15 years he is really cool.

     Friday was great, we planned and then volunteered at the soup kitchen which was great!  We love to serve there for the people who dont have as much as we do!

     Saturday we had some appointments scattered throughout the day. We saw someone who hasn't been at church for a while, he is finally feeling better. Tonight I went and bought pizza from little Caesars to party because its been a year  since I worked at Papa Murphy's.

     Sunday was great, we went to church and during church the baptism for our investigator (F) was announced for this weekend! After we contacted a referral and then had a lesson with our investigator (F). We had an appointment with our other investigator but it fell through. 

Love you all, have a great week..... and #light the world! 

Elder Rodgers

Boys and their selfies


Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Week 50 of my mission .....Week 22 in Monroe

     To start off week 50 on the mission we went up to Riverview to play some games in the gym and to have some P-Day fun. That night we saw a neighbor, who approached us the day prior, and we went over to see him and had a good visit. He had met with missionaries in the past. Later that night we saw our investigator (F) and we were able to read with him, helping prepare him for his baptism at the start of next month. 

     The next day we did some contacting at a store, no luck. But later that afternoon we met with someone we are teaching and we read with him, continuing his progress. That night was the cookie exchange night. It's where we go out and give cookies to those who are not active. we had some great visits.

     Wednesday morning we provided service for a person who we met yesterday and she allowed us back because she said she could feel something. We will call her Jill. So we helped her pour concrete for some deck footings, it was great and the weather was also nice, it was like 65ºF. It was an awesome experience and we invited her to the ward thanksgiving dinner on Friday night. Later that night we saw our investigator (F) at a members home, it was a great lesson. We taught the importance of the Priesthood and the importance of family history. After we went to contact a referral we got. 

     Thursday was awesome! Elder Perkins of the seventy came to speak to the mission, it was a great experience and a lot of information was took in. Truly an awesome experience. That night we saw one of our investigators who is amazing (F)  and we also saw another on of our investigators (A). She is awesome but still struggles a bit with knowing Heavenly Father loves her, but she is super awesome.

     Friday was the ward thanksgiving dinner. It was awesome and our neighbor also came, it was awesome to have some fellowship for Jill, who sat at a table with some people who know the scriptures well, and they talked all night! We gave her a Book of Mormon at the end and she is super interested. It was a great night. 

    It started to sleet all day Saturday, it was trying so hard to snow and it finally did a bit. Tonight we went to the adult session of stake conference, it was great.

     On Sunday the bishop took us up to conference and the stake was reorganised. It was really cool to hear how that was done. Sunday night we had dinner at the Hales and later we saw our investigator (F) and it was great!! 

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

First Michigan Snow 

What little snow we got for the first snow

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Christmas Starts Dec 1st ...Week 21 in Monroe

     Monday was fun, we were at the church all day playing games! After preparation day we saw our investigator that night (F) and we had a great lesson. We were there to strengthen him and help him continue on his path to conversion.

     Tuesday we cleaned out the area book and updated it. That night all our appointments fell through, it was hard but we did some contacting instead and we had a great night. 

     The next day we travelled like 2 hours round trip to Dearborn for interviews which will now happen every transfer.  Interviews took 45 min then we were back on the road, had lunch then later that afternoon we had district meeting. That evening we had a really great lesson with one of our investigators (F) at a members home. We talked about some of the commandments, it was great he is doing so well. Later that night we went to the church to have a talk with bishop about some people. 

     Then next morning we went to a less active members to help him with something then we taught him of the restoration which can literary be found in no other religion. Its great!  Then we called a referral we received and we went over to teach and it went well. I dont know how much she got out of it but hope all goes well with her.  That night we saw a less active we have worked with (A) and taught her the wonderful message of the Plan Of Salvation! It went well, she just loves it because she know she can and will see her son again.

     Friday morning was remembrance day also know in my family as the start of Christmas! I have told my companion we can sing a Christmas hymn on that day since he has been wanting to sing one all November! I agreed on that day we could but in my eyes Christmas starts Dec 1st but we sang Joy to the World. That night we volunteered at the Local Catholic Soup kitchen. It is always a great opportunity and I would invite everyone to sometime this coming December to go and find your local soup kitchen and volunteer your evening to helping out. To finish off the night we had our correlation meeting.

     Saturday we had a lesson with someone we found the other day (M) it was a great lesson. Today we did lots of finding and talking to everyone and we also saw our investigator (F) and it was a great lesson on the 10 commandments.

     Sunday we had two investigators at church (F & M) It was a great service and a great Sabbath Day. That afternoon we had a lesson with a husband and his wife and it was a strong lesson and we are going to start to teach them! We also went to read with our investigator (F) that night.

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

Cool bridge in town

Trying to see the election

Nice dry cleaned ties!


Our ward touches Canada!

Week 20 in Monroe

     Halloween Day we were playing games most of the day and ALL MISSIONARIES had to be in by 6pm. We were instructed to watch Preach My Gospel videos and watch them and learn from them for like 3 hours it wasn't that bad it was hard. 

     Tuesday morning we went to help out a less active member with some service it was interesting... then we had lunch. That afternoon we went out and we were talking with everyone that night. We had a lesson with bishop and someone we were teaching we showed up and they had a roast dinner ready for us it was great. For the first time in my life I had butternut squash soup was interesting. Then later we had an interesting lesson (DP) 

     Exchanges with Elder Clement today after district meeting it was great we had a great lesson with (F) we talked about being honest and how we can apply it into our lives. It was a good lesson. 

     The next day we contacted at the flee market where I bought a Canadian penny for 25 cents, it was a pretty cool one. Later that night we saw one of our less actives and it was great to finally see her again.  

     Friday after planning we had were talking with everyone and then that night we volunteered at the soup kitchen. That was tons of fun as always and such a great experience. 

     Saturday we went down to Luna Pier and we were talking to this one guy who ended up being a less active from the previous ward I have served in. We had a
great long talk with him it was cool to see him. That night we had a great lesson with (F) 

     Sunday was good, we contacted former investigators and had another great lesson with (F)

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

now how do they get to it?

Monday, 31 October 2016

Same Area 3rd New Companion ...Week 19 in Monroe

     To Finish off the transfer last week with Elder Mortensen we played Catan and some other board games. Monday night we had an appointment with a Spanish family in the ward and had some great Burritos, filled with beans chicken and rice.... YUM! Then we said goodbyes to another family.

     Tuesday morning we woke up to frost on the car windows and our ride to take us to transfers arrived bright and early at 7:15 AM. I found out who my new companion is.... Elder Stonehocker. He has been out just over a year. After all of that the morning transfer stuff we had a lesson with someone we meet the other day, (S) and it was a great but very distracting lesson. Later we shopped and had lunch then did some of the fun stuff like talking with everyone. Tuesday night is what we call cookie night. It's where members show up to the church and the missionaries go out with them to deliver cookies and introduce ourselves. That night, for the first time, we were able to have each missionary go with a ward member. 

     Rain the next day and a cold one at that. We had our District meeting then some more rain while outside talking to people. That night we had a great lesson with our investigator (F). Then a failed attempt to see the bishop that night, something came in the way for him. I was also able to finish the Book of Mormon again that morning.

     Thursday evening we had a good lesson with our investigator (F) also that evening we were in a market in our area and we talked to this one nice person. She has two college age sons so she thought we were "cute" and so we continued in the market and she found us and is like... I bought you chicken and what else do you like, so she bought us ground beef and some other little thing. It was way cool.

     Friday you all know what that means... Super Planning. It was great. After we went out to make some calls and talk with everyone. That evening we went to the church with our investigator to a homecoming party for Elder Hales who just came home this past week. It was weird to see some one come home.

     Saturday we had a great lesson with our investigator (A) and with a member. It was cool and she almost came to church on Sunday

     Sunday we went to church and it was great Elder Hales gave a great homecoming talk and after church we had a meeting and then for dinner. We went to the Hales for dinner and they are great. That night we had a great lesson with our investigator (F) and it was also great to have a member there. So like my title says ....same area and third companion here. Got to love that !

Lots Of Love 
Elder Rodgers 

Lake Erie

Dead fish

Selfie while driving

strange picture

our car odometer, 44444

Monday, 24 October 2016

The Chilli Cook Off Judge ...Week 18 in Monroe

     Starting off the week we travelled to Riverview for preparation day to play games with the  Elders there, it was a blast! Later that night we were contacting and we went shopping and had a great preparation day. 

     Tuesday morning we took our car into get serviced cause when we were driving home the night before the other Elders could smell something. We took it in got some needed repairs done. During this we did a lot of store contacting and later that evening we did some finding time talking to the people. So that evening we went to the church for splits and we gave cookies to some less active and it was a success as she was home. 

     The next day we had an appointment in the morning and then that afternoon we had interviews with President. In the evening we had dinner and a lesson with our investigator. 

     District meeting was on Thursday this week due to interviews. On Thursday there was a lot of rain. It started sometime that morning and continued all day. We went tracking on this one road and a car drove past and got us both even more wet and it was like 48°F (about 9°C) Later that night we had a lesson at a members home with an investigator. 

     Friday, super planning was awesome...  that afternoon we biked around and volunteered at the soup kitchen (saw some attractive women were flirting with us... lol no) and then that evening we had our correlation meeting. 

     The next day there was a baptism for the north Elders and it was great. That afternoon we had a ward fall festival and this is where the title comes into play. You may want to take a seat mom and dad and friends.... but I was one of The Chilli Cook Off Judges! Yes, I had to try all 8 chilli's and judge one to be my favorite. I wasn't sure I would be able to do it as I strongly dislike beans and spice but I did it! There was one chilli that was not spicy and had little beans and tons of meat so that one was my favorite, I even had a bowl of it. Our new ward mission leader brought a bucket and ice and apples, we had to bob for apples in ice cold water yes, he made us do that and I even got one! That night leading up to transfer calls was suspenseful and the results of that is...  I will be staying here in Monroe MI and Elder Mortensen will be transferring out of Monroe MI. 

     On the Sabbath day we talked to people when we were out finding and had dinner at a family's home. That evening the member took us up to the priesthood meeting in Westland so that was lots of fun. 

Lots Of Love, laughs, and lollipops 
Elder Rodgers 

Just filling up the bike after the long trip 

a bike selfie

every place has a water tower here 

a picture from the ward party