Monday, 25 January 2016

NO STORM NO VISA....Week 4 in Charlottetown PEI

     So, about the tile - we were apparently going to get a huge storm but it didn't get us :) Nova Scotia got 40 cm Newfoundland got 40 cm and PEI got 0 cm and I still have no visa! 

     This week has been crazy but the plus side is we have had dinner appointment every night but one, so that's pretty cool. So the ward council here planned a movie night - "Meet the Mormons" and us as missionary's handed out invites, created a big event on Facebook and put out flyers all over town. We had this night all planned out. We set seats up to seat 100+ and popcorn for everyone. When it started we only have 12, 5 of which were missionary's!  So not a big turn out at all. I thought why did no one from the ward come. No non members were there but after the movie I realized that the sisters recent convert was there and even though not many showed up at least one person really benefited from it. Like it says in D&C 18 about bringing even one soul how great shall be your joy... it made me think, it doesn't matter how many, what matters is that we were able to help one strengthen her testimony. That movie was amazing by the way WATCH IT IF YOU HAVE NOT! 
     On Wednesday we had a world wide mission broadcast. Apostles came and spoke, it was sooo good. There was Elder Clayton, Elder Nelson, Elder Oaks, Elder Anderson, Elder Bednar, Bishop Waddell, and Sister Oscarson. It was such a great day. 
     So this week  we have 2 NEW INVESTIGATORS! One, we were going though our phone and came across his number and text him and we set up a lesson and are teaching him now. It's way sick. The other, we found when we were out knocking and we were let in to talk and taught her a quick 10 min restoration lesson. It's way sweet and we have this one potential investigator, hopefully that goes somewhere.
     We are teaching a little bit and I love the area and I love to serve.  

Lots of Love 
Elder Rodgers 

Loving PEI


Beautiful there

Monday, 18 January 2016

One Month Out! ......Week 3 in Charlottetown PEI

     This week started off really crazy and my mind was blown but it was a good week! So in our area we have a set of Elders (My two comps and I) and a set of Sisters. We have a great relationship with them, we do hot chocolate stands where we stand down town and basically give away free hot chocolate and if people ask why we go into why we are missionaries. We did this the other day and got two potential investigators (PI) - sick!! We stand out there for like 3 hours and sometimes it gets a little cold. We did some knocking and street contacting and got two more PI so we had lots of lessons! A lot of people have fallen through but we keep our heads high and go right back out and do it all over again. 
     So some of you may wonder why there are a picture of utensils (below). There is this one sister who always hangs out with the Sisters and us, she is preparing for a mission herself. We wanted to have some fun so we got her to basically go in and take all the Sisters utensils! Now we have them and the Sisters are really confused on how they went missing - its so funny; I feel right in my element!! 
     So we had a dinner appointment last night and it was such a great appointment. I loved it, we had lasagne and salad (without dressing) so I was able to handle that. 
     On Tuesday night we had a storm and got 25 cm of snow in a span of 12 hours!  It was crazy, once it snows everyone brings out their plows and starts plowing every road! It was cleared by noon! It helped that the sun came out. I saw a few tractors with massive plows, so many plows its crazy! We live at an apartment so we don't have to shovel, I love it. The weather here at night when we go knock  on doors is only like -15C but for the most part its only -8C - not really that cold when your walking.
     This week we have a dinner appointment (or someone dropping off food) everyday except Saturday. A lot of members live like 10-15 min out of town so it adds up to our travel time. But we are blessed they are feeding us. As many of you know I'm a picky eater but my companions love perogies and when I came here I didn't. Elder Edge provides for the companionship, he cooks and prepares food often and one meal he makes is rice perogies and veggies, it is sooo good. He makes lots of pasta and chicken too, when we are not at a dinner appointment. 
     On Wednesday we were scheduled to have a district meeting but the roads were terrible that morning so we did it over Skype. It was really good. 
     It's been a very crazy month and I have 23 more to go, so bring it on haha! I love it though! It is challenging but I have the Lord on my team so ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! 


Our church building

Down town Charlottetown 

The Sisters utensils!

Our study area, mine is the clean one!

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Week 2 in Charlottetown PEI

     So lets start at Tuesday. We were going to begin teaching the husband of a lady who is being baptized; he has really opened up to us but he was sick so we were not able to stop by. It was unfortunate because he is such an amazing guy with a huge love for family. We were able to reschedule to this week so I'm excited. He is also trying to stop smoking - so impressive on how committed he is - I love him. We had a dinner appointment tonight, my first one! I'm a picky eater, as you all may know, so I'm always hesitant on what I'm going to eat. We had Grits and shrimp and Salad! I didn't even know what grits were but I ate it all AND that was the first time I had ever eaten salad with dressing on it (ranch)! 

     Wednesday all day we were at a zone training in Moncton NB, a 2 hour drive away. We spent the whole day learning new things. It was a sweet day! We left at like 7:00am didn't return home til 6:30pm.

     Thursday we had another dinner appointment and like I said before I'm picky but I was hopeful going in! I came out thinking - are all dinners going to be stuff I am picky about? We had chilli and I've never liked eating beans yet alone chilli! haha I have defiantly had a wake up call, I see now that at home I was fed what I liked.We also did some street contacting today and meet some really interesting people and got one potential investigator out of it. 

     Friday we spent most of the day doing our weekly planning session and we were going to volunteer at the soup kitchen but that fell through. We had another dinner appointment tonight and this time I was expecting the worse but that meal was sooooooo goooood! Stew with carrots, chicken, potato and stuffing and a great dessert! We were going to teach a lesson to the investigator we found on the street that night but it fell through.

     On Saturday we did a Hot chocolate stand. This is where we stand out on a corner downtown and give out free hot chocolate. Most people pass by and don't have any but hey its there loss! We are meeting with this guy, an older fellow, and we read the Book of Mormon together and we answer his questions. He comes to church every week and has stopped smoking for two weeks now but he finds its harder as he gets to the 4/5 week mark. I think he will do it!

     On Sunday we had planned to finish the day meeting with 2 new  potential investigators (PI) but one fell through and one was rescheduled. We had another dinner with this family and they are so awesome! We had a baptism that night with one of the sisters investigators. She was so exited to be baptized and hopefully the same will happen with her husband, we will be meeting him on Wednesday. So exited for that day! 

     I'm Doing great! I'm loving PEI! It's so sweet here and the people are awesome! So many people live off the grid (just not in the city) its way awesome!

Love Elder Rodgers.  

At zone conference, met up with Sister Lybbert. She is from Lethbridge

view from my desk

my desk

toenail mishap, hope it doesn't cause problems!

Monday, 4 January 2016

Airport Adventure!....Week 1 in Charlottetown PEI

     So these past few days have been extremely long!  I'll start on Tuesday morning. We woke up at 2:00am so we could be at the travel office by 3:00am. Then we went on an hour and a half train ride to Salt Lake airport. We left Salt Lake at 9:30am and arrived in Minnesota about noon. We were told our original flight (to Toronto) was delayed a few hours and then it was delayed a few more and more and more and finally at 8:00pm the flight was cancelled to Toronto. We then struggled to find more flights to Toronto then to Halifax. Eventually we found flights but now everyone was on a lot of different flights. We ended up staying at a hotel and then back first thing in the morning because some had to catch flights. My flight left Minnesota at 2:30pm and went to Winnipeg. There I had a short layover and then flew to Calgary! Yes that is the opposite direction from Halifax! I met up with other Elders who arrived on different flights from Minnesota then we flew to Halifax. Finally on Thursday the 31st everyone made it to Halifax. We arrived at all different times throughout the day.

     That afternoon I spent a few hours with some elders and we did some street contacting and for super that night, for my first meal, it was going to be fish and stuffing but we eventually decided to go out and buy food so we had breakfast wraps, that was better! That night I spent my new years eve in the mission home and on Friday we had some training. We went knocking door to door and was in Cole Harbour for a little while. Yes, read that again Aunt Rhonda, I was in the city of Sidney Crosby haha! That night I returned back to the mission home. 

     Saturday was another day of travel to PEI. When I got to PEI with my two new companions, Elder Edge and Elder Taufer (both from the Salt Lake valley) we went with the sisters and did a hot chocolate stand and we were giving away free hot chocolate. It was fun.  Our apartment is really nice, I mean its like any missionary apartment. Elder Edge is an amazing cook and we have had pasta and chicken the last 2 dinners, ohh so good.  On Sunday it was fast Sunday so I got up a gave my testimony. It was pretty sweet. It is a smaller ward then I'm used to, roughly 90-100. A great day in general it was just a great day!
If you want to know more email me a question

Love Elder Rodgers and the Elders in P.E.I   

It snowed a lot at the MTC

Waiting in the Salt Lake City airport

Salt Lake to Minnesota 


Coming into Halifax

not many people in the Halifax airport at 6:30am

Halifax Temple

Truro Nova Scotia, on way to Moncton NB

Cole Harbour

Going on the Confederation Bridge to PEI