Monday, 4 January 2016

Airport Adventure!....Week 1 in Charlottetown PEI

     So these past few days have been extremely long!  I'll start on Tuesday morning. We woke up at 2:00am so we could be at the travel office by 3:00am. Then we went on an hour and a half train ride to Salt Lake airport. We left Salt Lake at 9:30am and arrived in Minnesota about noon. We were told our original flight (to Toronto) was delayed a few hours and then it was delayed a few more and more and more and finally at 8:00pm the flight was cancelled to Toronto. We then struggled to find more flights to Toronto then to Halifax. Eventually we found flights but now everyone was on a lot of different flights. We ended up staying at a hotel and then back first thing in the morning because some had to catch flights. My flight left Minnesota at 2:30pm and went to Winnipeg. There I had a short layover and then flew to Calgary! Yes that is the opposite direction from Halifax! I met up with other Elders who arrived on different flights from Minnesota then we flew to Halifax. Finally on Thursday the 31st everyone made it to Halifax. We arrived at all different times throughout the day.

     That afternoon I spent a few hours with some elders and we did some street contacting and for super that night, for my first meal, it was going to be fish and stuffing but we eventually decided to go out and buy food so we had breakfast wraps, that was better! That night I spent my new years eve in the mission home and on Friday we had some training. We went knocking door to door and was in Cole Harbour for a little while. Yes, read that again Aunt Rhonda, I was in the city of Sidney Crosby haha! That night I returned back to the mission home. 

     Saturday was another day of travel to PEI. When I got to PEI with my two new companions, Elder Edge and Elder Taufer (both from the Salt Lake valley) we went with the sisters and did a hot chocolate stand and we were giving away free hot chocolate. It was fun.  Our apartment is really nice, I mean its like any missionary apartment. Elder Edge is an amazing cook and we have had pasta and chicken the last 2 dinners, ohh so good.  On Sunday it was fast Sunday so I got up a gave my testimony. It was pretty sweet. It is a smaller ward then I'm used to, roughly 90-100. A great day in general it was just a great day!
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Love Elder Rodgers and the Elders in P.E.I   

It snowed a lot at the MTC

Waiting in the Salt Lake City airport

Salt Lake to Minnesota 


Coming into Halifax

not many people in the Halifax airport at 6:30am

Halifax Temple

Truro Nova Scotia, on way to Moncton NB

Cole Harbour

Going on the Confederation Bridge to PEI

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  1. Bradley, I am so thrilled to read of your adventures although the airport chaos was a bit much. I have been to Cole Harbour and Truro and Moncton and across the Confederation Bridge (with Aunt Kay). It's a great area! Enjoy your experiences and I look forward to hearing more. Go get em Bubba!