Monday, 18 January 2016

One Month Out! ......Week 3 in Charlottetown PEI

     This week started off really crazy and my mind was blown but it was a good week! So in our area we have a set of Elders (My two comps and I) and a set of Sisters. We have a great relationship with them, we do hot chocolate stands where we stand down town and basically give away free hot chocolate and if people ask why we go into why we are missionaries. We did this the other day and got two potential investigators (PI) - sick!! We stand out there for like 3 hours and sometimes it gets a little cold. We did some knocking and street contacting and got two more PI so we had lots of lessons! A lot of people have fallen through but we keep our heads high and go right back out and do it all over again. 
     So some of you may wonder why there are a picture of utensils (below). There is this one sister who always hangs out with the Sisters and us, she is preparing for a mission herself. We wanted to have some fun so we got her to basically go in and take all the Sisters utensils! Now we have them and the Sisters are really confused on how they went missing - its so funny; I feel right in my element!! 
     So we had a dinner appointment last night and it was such a great appointment. I loved it, we had lasagne and salad (without dressing) so I was able to handle that. 
     On Tuesday night we had a storm and got 25 cm of snow in a span of 12 hours!  It was crazy, once it snows everyone brings out their plows and starts plowing every road! It was cleared by noon! It helped that the sun came out. I saw a few tractors with massive plows, so many plows its crazy! We live at an apartment so we don't have to shovel, I love it. The weather here at night when we go knock  on doors is only like -15C but for the most part its only -8C - not really that cold when your walking.
     This week we have a dinner appointment (or someone dropping off food) everyday except Saturday. A lot of members live like 10-15 min out of town so it adds up to our travel time. But we are blessed they are feeding us. As many of you know I'm a picky eater but my companions love perogies and when I came here I didn't. Elder Edge provides for the companionship, he cooks and prepares food often and one meal he makes is rice perogies and veggies, it is sooo good. He makes lots of pasta and chicken too, when we are not at a dinner appointment. 
     On Wednesday we were scheduled to have a district meeting but the roads were terrible that morning so we did it over Skype. It was really good. 
     It's been a very crazy month and I have 23 more to go, so bring it on haha! I love it though! It is challenging but I have the Lord on my team so ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! 


Our church building

Down town Charlottetown 

The Sisters utensils!

Our study area, mine is the clean one!

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