Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Week 2 in Charlottetown PEI

     So lets start at Tuesday. We were going to begin teaching the husband of a lady who is being baptized; he has really opened up to us but he was sick so we were not able to stop by. It was unfortunate because he is such an amazing guy with a huge love for family. We were able to reschedule to this week so I'm excited. He is also trying to stop smoking - so impressive on how committed he is - I love him. We had a dinner appointment tonight, my first one! I'm a picky eater, as you all may know, so I'm always hesitant on what I'm going to eat. We had Grits and shrimp and Salad! I didn't even know what grits were but I ate it all AND that was the first time I had ever eaten salad with dressing on it (ranch)! 

     Wednesday all day we were at a zone training in Moncton NB, a 2 hour drive away. We spent the whole day learning new things. It was a sweet day! We left at like 7:00am didn't return home til 6:30pm.

     Thursday we had another dinner appointment and like I said before I'm picky but I was hopeful going in! I came out thinking - are all dinners going to be stuff I am picky about? We had chilli and I've never liked eating beans yet alone chilli! haha I have defiantly had a wake up call, I see now that at home I was fed what I liked.We also did some street contacting today and meet some really interesting people and got one potential investigator out of it. 

     Friday we spent most of the day doing our weekly planning session and we were going to volunteer at the soup kitchen but that fell through. We had another dinner appointment tonight and this time I was expecting the worse but that meal was sooooooo goooood! Stew with carrots, chicken, potato and stuffing and a great dessert! We were going to teach a lesson to the investigator we found on the street that night but it fell through.

     On Saturday we did a Hot chocolate stand. This is where we stand out on a corner downtown and give out free hot chocolate. Most people pass by and don't have any but hey its there loss! We are meeting with this guy, an older fellow, and we read the Book of Mormon together and we answer his questions. He comes to church every week and has stopped smoking for two weeks now but he finds its harder as he gets to the 4/5 week mark. I think he will do it!

     On Sunday we had planned to finish the day meeting with 2 new  potential investigators (PI) but one fell through and one was rescheduled. We had another dinner with this family and they are so awesome! We had a baptism that night with one of the sisters investigators. She was so exited to be baptized and hopefully the same will happen with her husband, we will be meeting him on Wednesday. So exited for that day! 

     I'm Doing great! I'm loving PEI! It's so sweet here and the people are awesome! So many people live off the grid (just not in the city) its way awesome!

Love Elder Rodgers.  

At zone conference, met up with Sister Lybbert. She is from Lethbridge

view from my desk

my desk

toenail mishap, hope it doesn't cause problems!

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