Monday, 29 February 2016

LEAP YEAR......Week 9 in Charlottetown PEI

     On Monday we met with our investigator and were able to continue in teaching her. 

     On Tuesday we were in Summerside for the whole day for an exchange... it was fun! We attempted to go street contacting but like no one was on the streets (only in Charlottetown are people on the streets). We helped someone move today, they are not a member and her friend was not a member either! So the 5 missionaries helped move her and it was easy not many things. After this she gave us a Tims cards, with an unknown amount, for helping her. The apartment we were staying in - long story short - no one has been in that apartment for like a week or two and when we were there the smell that was in the apartment was NASTY UN describable! But overall a good day in Summerside. When ever I hear Summerside I think of the sunny side daycare in toy story 3 hahaha. 

     On Wednesday PRESIDENT PRATT WAS HERE. He is such an amazing person words cannot describe the love he has for his missionaries. He was here to interview us. So after district meeting we went to buy some doughnuts with the Tims card - with the unknown amount. So me and my comp went and the mission presidents wife gave us some more money in case the card had limited funds and so we could buy doughnuts for the whole district. So we went to Tims and the card had $30.00 on it like so much! So being young and the not wise missionaries that we are, and not following our parents council to be wise with your money and don't spend it all in one spot, we spent it all right there 24 doughnuts, 50 timbits, and 6 muffins! When we got back to the church everyone ate well. That night we ate shrimp - butterfly shrimp ohhh soo goood worth every penny we spent on it. I will miss good shrimp, covered in badder.

     On Thursday WE WENT TO BRITS FISH AND CHIPS - GOOD FOOD. Later that night we also went knocking with a perspective elder. Well it started to rain here and there and then well the heavens opened we were really wet that night but it was in the service of God so who cares!
     On Friday it is the day of the soup kitchen! Well...... it was what I thought, today the monks were in charge - like the Chinese monks and Mackenna wouldn't let us leave without eating because that would be terrible! So we ate but I wasn't here to make the food so I was petrified. Naturally and they served us and I was like ok,beef and pasta with a cup cake, I can do that! I stared eating and there was a funny taste buy hey whatever. Then, I don't not know why, but Mackenna said it was TOFU - SO I GAVE UP, I WAS DONE , I CALLED IT QUITS but my companion and Mackenna had none of it, they made sure I ate it all! I ate most of it and gave up, it was veggie meat like not actual meat! WHY I ASK WHY? That night our investigator was not available so we rescheduled for the next night.
     On Saturday in the morning we went went to help somebody we found on the streets while contacting. She needed help moving so we offered and she said OK. The night prior we found two men from the ward we asked to help and they accepted :) and when we got there we saw all the boxes in the hall organized and thought we will be out in not time at all, which was true. It was a quick move and she was super appreciative. She gave us hugs, we helped her out in ways we didn't even know.  
     On Sunday Elder Edge was sick :( so we ended up staying home from church and I thought to myself, you never really know how much you miss church until you can't go. It was hard staying in the apartment most of the day. We went to a little bit of YSA and it was good to get out of the apt. 

(1) READ IT 


You may ask Why am I asking you to commit to this - well, because we all can benefit from conference, it can bless our life in many ways! So please follow and make the commitment! I look forward to hearing from you!

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

I get a lot of comments on my hat and how well it will fit in in Detroit

ready for service 

Average day of study

confused study

Bored at night


Monday, 22 February 2016

YES VISA! NO STORM.....Week 8 in Charlottetown PEI

     On Tuesday we travelled to Moncton, NB for a zone training. President Pratt was going to be there so on the Saturday before he sent a text out saying what the 5 minute talks will be on. He assigns a topic and we all have to be prepared to speak for 5 minutes and he picks who he wants at the last minute.  I wrote my talk like a good missionary does and prayed they would not call me to speak. They do not tell you that you will be speaking - well its time to speak! So you better have a talk ready. When they were calling the two speakers they called the first one Elder....... phew, not me! Then of course I hear Elder Rodgers will be next! No pressure - your just speaking in front of your whole zone and President and I've only been out for like a month and a half. After all was said and done I gave a great talk and president said it was great. 

     On Thursday we went to the mall to a lesson. We talked to a guy and after about 10 minutes we brought up the Book of Mormon and he was like ohhh sorry guys, my pastor has told me not to meet with you guys. We asked why but he didn't speak good English so we invited him to read but he chose not to. It's sad that he didn't want to try it out for himself  but all we can do as missionaries is invite and that's what we did. That  night we went to bishops home for dinner and I shared the spiritual thought with the jelly beans I received in the mail a while back. They are the ones that look the same but some have different nasty tastes! I must say that was the best spiritual message. The bishops wife loved it. We used the jelly beans and related them to sin and how looks can be deceiving. His son ate one of the nasty ones, it was priceless.

     On Friday we planned for like four hours and before my mission I never planned my week out, so sitting for that long at first was hard but I have come to love to plan. We went to the soup kitchen and Mackenna wasn't there! Oh my the world must have been ending! We helped and it was a still great. Later that night we went by to teach a member and she had a friend over and her friend had a crazy week and a crazy past few months. We taught her the first half of the plan of salvation and asked if she would like to be baptized and she said YES! We put her on date for baptism for March 26, two days before I leave to Detroit. I'm so exited because have have met with her once already since then and again tonight. So we have a new investigator with a baptism date! I hope this goes somewhere great!

     On Sunday for dinner we had some ribs at a members home and I thought I had died and went to heaven. 

     Such a great week and I do not want to leave here but I do want I will finish my transfer here and then off to Detroit!

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

Elder Rodgers with Elder Smith. One of the ones he met in the Calgary airport

can't resist playing in the snow

Our study room

My desk

my mew ties, I love ties!

Monday, 15 February 2016

Not Alone on Valentines Day.....Week 7 in Charlottetown PEI

     On Tuesday we went street contacting and it was fun. We were tracking on our way to another lesson and before Elder Taufer could go (he is being transferred) we had to go  and get some fish and chips. They were alright, nothing you can't get back home -we did go to a cheaper place though. That night we went knocking in a rural area. We were knocking on this one street and the houses are kinda far apart so we would jump in the snow banks and lay there and then continue on. We set up five lessons that night!
     On Wednesday Elder Taufer was packing and I got three new ties so a pretty successful night but lost two in the battle, one okay tie and one that was hard to part with. On Thursday we parted with Elder Taufer. That night we were knocking and after a few doors we knocked and he let us in! We talked a bit at the door and we invited him to learn more and he said YES so we went in and taught him the restoration. I recited the first vision from memory, word for word, it was so good! We asked him to say the closing prayer and he did and in the prayer he asked that this wouldn't be the last time he met with us! It was so good.
     On Friday (for the most part this letter hasn't talked about food but prepare for food talk) the soup kitchen! Man how I love the soup kitchen! Mackena, she is so sweet and makes the best food, all home made and she gave us some to take home and man I enjoy her so much. That night we tried to knock in a rural place again but after driving from place to place for like 10 minutes we got way to cold it was like -23 so we called it quits (we thought it was only like -12)
     On Saturday we went to the farmers market before the hot chocolate stand and Mackena gave us and the sister a plate of food FOR FREE she loves to serve us and she is so generous.

     On Sunday it was Valentines day and we had no dinner appointment so we were going to be alone but after three lessons falling though we went to the church and were doing family history when the MacKays all came into the church. Naturally I asked what can we do to help and 'nothing' was the reply but bishops wife asked if we had a dinner appointment and we said nope and so she said you do now we are having a family pot-luck and your invited. So that is where the title comes, "NOT ALONE ON VALENTINES DAY". 
     In general a great week here on the island. It is ISLANDER  DAY TODAY AND READING WEEK.  I do not know but I know I am missing a scout camp that usually happens this time of year!!

Also, this week go and watch the BYU speech "His Grace is Sufficient" by Brad Wilcox. I promise you the Lords grace IS sufficient. Go watch this and email me your thoughts!

Go Forth With Faith

Love Elder Rodgers

Saying bye to Elder Taufer

His planner that he personalized

A recipe he says to try and let him know if you like it! He liked this one!

Monday, 8 February 2016

TRANSFERS.....Week 6 in Charlottetown PEI

     On Tuesday we had a dinner appointment with this awesome family. We probably had thee best dinner I've had on my mission or in a long time.  It was rice, chicken, cream of chicken and cream of mushroom and cheese. (GOING TO ASK FOR RECIPE.)  On Wednesday we didn't have a dinner appointment so we went out to this one place in Cornwall. The places is called BOOM BURGER and I love hamburgers so this place was amazing. Then we went to COWS - such amazing ice cream, better then big scoop in Waterton. 
     We got 2-4 cm of snow on Thursday. We had a dinner with the bishops family. His wife asked us what we wanted for dinner and my companions didn't really care and I was like I'm not going to pass on an opportunity to eat something that I want! I pondered and thought of a meal that I would like and I thought of BEEF STEW.  It was such a great meal and I really love the Bishop he is such a great example of love, PATIENCE , and many other things
     On Friday we got roughly 34cm of snow. It was awesome. We went knocking that night and at first I was like why in the world would I knock in a freaking snow storm on some rural road.... but then my companion said something that really caught my attention. The reason we did that is because WE KNOW THAT OUR MESSAGE IS THAT IMPORTANT so why wouldn't we share it!
     This Sunday was fast  Sunday. We were invited to another church service by someone we contacted on the street earlier this week. We always wonder why people never come when we invite them so we decided to go because we were invited.
     On Monday (so today) WE GOT TRANSFER LETTERS!!! and I'm staying here with Elder Edge. Elder Taufer is heading to North Nova Scotia! Another fun thing that happend today .... Some time last night or this morning my companions and the Sisters played a prank on me. They switched all the clocks back one hour at our apartment and at the church so I had no idea! I figured it out this morning, it was funny!

Lots Of Love 
Elder Rodgers 

We got up early to put piles of snow on the Sisters car!

Sister Dutson, Sister Holloway,
Rodgers. Elder Edge, Elder Taufer 

Dinner we made with leftovers from the soup kitchen

Our Hot Chocolate Stand

Monday, 1 February 2016

STORM YES, VISA NO.....Week 5 in Charlottetown PEI

     We had a storm this week it was only like 6 inches so not much at all - but it still snowed!
     On Wednesday we had a district meeting where I learned so much on inviting people to help assist in fellow shipping members. That day we did exchanges with the Montague Elders. Elder Smith came here and Elder Taufer went there. Elder smith is one of the visa waiters like me. We met back in July 2015 at Calgary EFY and then we flew down to the MTC together and sat beside each other on the plane. Then we flew to HALIFAX together so it was neat to see him and serve with him. I started my journey with him and I am still going with him. 

     Every Friday night we go to the soup kitchen to volunteer and the lady that runs the place on Friday nights is truly an amazing person and a great example of humility, she goes above and beyond. Her cooking is amazing (sorry mom) she has yet to disappoint. She makes the best meals and at the end of the night we get to eat. This last time we had mashed potatoes, veggies, gravy and pork. It was sooo good and when we were about to leave she gave us all the extras. So like tons of food for the three of us and a whole bag of doughnuts from like Timmys, it is soo good. 

     Okay so PEI has a ice cream place called Cows and it is by far thee best ice cream I've ever had. The price is ridiculous but the ice cream is so good. You have to try it if you are ever here.

      On Saturday we helped a less active family move down the street. I love to help people move but that morning we woke up to a ton of snow but people showed up and the move went great. Later that night we had a dinner appointment with a member from Taiwan. He lives here for like a few weeks then flies back and repeats. We got to his place and he said we are going to a Chinese restaurant  and all the sudden my heart dropped because I'm so picky but I realized that it was a buffet so at least I had some choice. After it was over I was full and it was sooo good. So I guess we just have to try new things because we don't know what the outcome could be. Most of what I ate wasn't anything new but some was. I know that when we go out of our comfort zone and try new things, not just new food but new experiences, we will be blessed. 

     This week was great in general. We did so much and learned so much. We are currently teaching 2 investigators one from Africa and one form China both are amazing people. 

Love the one and the only Elder Rodgers. 

On Thursday we woke up to a little snow!

We cover the middle area of PEI