Monday, 15 February 2016

Not Alone on Valentines Day.....Week 7 in Charlottetown PEI

     On Tuesday we went street contacting and it was fun. We were tracking on our way to another lesson and before Elder Taufer could go (he is being transferred) we had to go  and get some fish and chips. They were alright, nothing you can't get back home -we did go to a cheaper place though. That night we went knocking in a rural area. We were knocking on this one street and the houses are kinda far apart so we would jump in the snow banks and lay there and then continue on. We set up five lessons that night!
     On Wednesday Elder Taufer was packing and I got three new ties so a pretty successful night but lost two in the battle, one okay tie and one that was hard to part with. On Thursday we parted with Elder Taufer. That night we were knocking and after a few doors we knocked and he let us in! We talked a bit at the door and we invited him to learn more and he said YES so we went in and taught him the restoration. I recited the first vision from memory, word for word, it was so good! We asked him to say the closing prayer and he did and in the prayer he asked that this wouldn't be the last time he met with us! It was so good.
     On Friday (for the most part this letter hasn't talked about food but prepare for food talk) the soup kitchen! Man how I love the soup kitchen! Mackena, she is so sweet and makes the best food, all home made and she gave us some to take home and man I enjoy her so much. That night we tried to knock in a rural place again but after driving from place to place for like 10 minutes we got way to cold it was like -23 so we called it quits (we thought it was only like -12)
     On Saturday we went to the farmers market before the hot chocolate stand and Mackena gave us and the sister a plate of food FOR FREE she loves to serve us and she is so generous.

     On Sunday it was Valentines day and we had no dinner appointment so we were going to be alone but after three lessons falling though we went to the church and were doing family history when the MacKays all came into the church. Naturally I asked what can we do to help and 'nothing' was the reply but bishops wife asked if we had a dinner appointment and we said nope and so she said you do now we are having a family pot-luck and your invited. So that is where the title comes, "NOT ALONE ON VALENTINES DAY". 
     In general a great week here on the island. It is ISLANDER  DAY TODAY AND READING WEEK.  I do not know but I know I am missing a scout camp that usually happens this time of year!!

Also, this week go and watch the BYU speech "His Grace is Sufficient" by Brad Wilcox. I promise you the Lords grace IS sufficient. Go watch this and email me your thoughts!

Go Forth With Faith

Love Elder Rodgers

Saying bye to Elder Taufer

His planner that he personalized

A recipe he says to try and let him know if you like it! He liked this one!

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