Monday, 8 February 2016

TRANSFERS.....Week 6 in Charlottetown PEI

     On Tuesday we had a dinner appointment with this awesome family. We probably had thee best dinner I've had on my mission or in a long time.  It was rice, chicken, cream of chicken and cream of mushroom and cheese. (GOING TO ASK FOR RECIPE.)  On Wednesday we didn't have a dinner appointment so we went out to this one place in Cornwall. The places is called BOOM BURGER and I love hamburgers so this place was amazing. Then we went to COWS - such amazing ice cream, better then big scoop in Waterton. 
     We got 2-4 cm of snow on Thursday. We had a dinner with the bishops family. His wife asked us what we wanted for dinner and my companions didn't really care and I was like I'm not going to pass on an opportunity to eat something that I want! I pondered and thought of a meal that I would like and I thought of BEEF STEW.  It was such a great meal and I really love the Bishop he is such a great example of love, PATIENCE , and many other things
     On Friday we got roughly 34cm of snow. It was awesome. We went knocking that night and at first I was like why in the world would I knock in a freaking snow storm on some rural road.... but then my companion said something that really caught my attention. The reason we did that is because WE KNOW THAT OUR MESSAGE IS THAT IMPORTANT so why wouldn't we share it!
     This Sunday was fast  Sunday. We were invited to another church service by someone we contacted on the street earlier this week. We always wonder why people never come when we invite them so we decided to go because we were invited.
     On Monday (so today) WE GOT TRANSFER LETTERS!!! and I'm staying here with Elder Edge. Elder Taufer is heading to North Nova Scotia! Another fun thing that happend today .... Some time last night or this morning my companions and the Sisters played a prank on me. They switched all the clocks back one hour at our apartment and at the church so I had no idea! I figured it out this morning, it was funny!

Lots Of Love 
Elder Rodgers 

We got up early to put piles of snow on the Sisters car!

Sister Dutson, Sister Holloway,
Rodgers. Elder Edge, Elder Taufer 

Dinner we made with leftovers from the soup kitchen

Our Hot Chocolate Stand

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