Tuesday, 29 March 2016

FAREWELL TO CHARLOTTETOWN.....Week 13 in Charlottetown PEI

     So you may be wondering why I am emailing today, it is because I may not be able to email home for a while so president gave pday to us today but I hope to be able to email when I get to Detroit.

     On Wednesday we had a last PEI district meeting. It's been a long time coming but it was a great district meeting. We said our goodbyes for now and then that night we had another meeting with the ward mission leader. We went out knocking and found a lady who wanted to hear our message. We shared the Book of Mormon but since there was only two males (US) we had to reschedule so we ended up having the sisters go back and teach her. 

     On Thursday we meet with a less active member and watched a BYU devotional. It was great. After that we had some lunch and spent a good hour at Canadian Tire while our car was getting serviced, that was boring. Then that night the bishops family fed us (they are wonderful they feed us every other week) and due to this being Elder Edges last meal he got to choose and he felt inspired to have pizza! Bishops wife went all out and she made tons! When were were there she said something that made me think of the Bill Cosby's "Chocolate cake for breakfast" When the children heard that they got to have pizza they started to sing praises saying we love Elder Edge just like the "Dad is great he gave us chocolate cake",  it was funny. That night we got word that the lady we knocked into last night became an investigator, the sisters lesson was a success! Also that night we called old potentials and set up a lesson with one for Friday.

     On Friday it was Good Friday and the soup kitchen would only be open for lunch. Mackenna called us and had us come in the morning to help prepare for lunch. When we go there she feeds us no matter what but today we had a lunch appointment and they were going to feed us fish and chips so we made it our goal to not eat at the soup kitchen, knowing it would be hard. So the meal for today was Spaghetti so we made the pasta the meat sauce and then she had us cook up a lot of meat apart from the meat sauce like pork chops chicken legs, and steak so I was a little confused. She had to run out for a little bit so I continued to make the spaghetti sauce and she returned with a cake and Elder Edge said 'I want none of that'. So about 25 minutes before we had to go Mackenna comes into the kitchen and says 'I have a confession to make, all the food you are making is for you guys, you each get a plate and we will sit down and eat.' My stomach dropped! So I got a small plate and she said 'Elder that's not enough take more', so I got more! Then after all that she brought out the cake and it said "Love You Elders" and it was a Dairy Queen Cake! She did all this to say goodbye to the both of us. She was so generous and loving and I will miss her.  Then we had our lunch appointment where we had home made battered fish and potatoes, it was delicious! Then ice cream and cupcakes! We were so full by this time. Later we had a lesson with a potential investigator who we ended up teaching! It was a great day! 

     On Saturday, today, we are just going to clean up our apartment and do some packing. It is also Elder Edge's Official Two Year Mark so he will be heading home this week. Well it's only 11:11am here at the moment so not much to report on today but I leave for Detroit on  Monday morning and will email again next pday.

Farewell to Charlottetown

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

"The place where the magic happens"
Brad sent home some of these chocolate covered chips and they are good!

District meeting, two Elders are heading home

Lobster Traps!

I tried poutine, not my favorite

cake from Mackenna!

nice evening!

Monday night we heard from Elder Rodgers that he arrived safe. His mission presidents wife sent this picture of all the new incoming missionaries to the Detroit Mission

Monday, 21 March 2016

What does the fox say?....Week 12 in PEI

     On Tuesday we had a lesson set up at the library and I had hope for this one. We called and confirmed the night before, we showed up and waited and waited... NO SHOW! That adds up to 0 of 7 lessons at the library coming though. What can you say, I mean if we teach them I'm sure we could be quiet enough to comply with the library, I do not know. Later we talked to this guy on the streets from Asia and he was a really nice guy. We talked for the better part of 30 minutes with him and basically taught the plan of salvation but he was just not interested. We had similar but different beliefs and well we shared the gospel that's all we can do. 

     On Wednesday was our district meeting. It was good. I gave the doctrinal discussion. It was fantastic, they all had the patience with me as I taught the Christ like attribute of patience. I also had a dry throat and didn't feel the greatest but it was a good District Meeting. I had a stuffy nose so I bought some vicks, I love that stuff. We had institute tonight, as per usual and it was good We didn't feel the greatest but in general a great night. 

     On *COUGH* Thursday we took ill! Elder Edge had a fever and was coughing and I had a sore throat and and a stuffy nose. We went out to one lesson to a members and after that came home and listened to conference and coughed the whole day! I felt OK so I did some productive things but didn't feel to great so we slept and rested. So I remember getting some advise from someone, when you go to bed rub vicks on your feet and put CLEAN socks on and it will clear you right up. So I thought what the hay I'll try it. To my astonishment it did nothing sorry, I tried and here it goes and yea nothing. We had to cancel our dinner appointment with bishop :( 

     On Friday we felt better but not great. We planned and we coughed. Me by this point, I was feeling a whole lot better. We had to bail on the soup kitchen because we were sick and you know yea. So I spent like a ton of time in the last few days sick. I've been sick so I have been updating our Wall Map and it is a work in progress. I bought some medicine and ginger ale, it was a better day. 

     On Saturday Elder Edge couldn't go out side as it hurt to breath in cold air so we did some inside things. One of them being phone book contacting and as all you return missionaries know that is probably thee least effective thing you can do. It's a last resort but we did it for like an hour. You talk to some interesting people and when you mention Christ you all the sudden hear the phone cut out because they hang up - like come on! It was the adult session of stake conference tonight and the stake here covers the whole island and all of New Brunswick and northern Maine so lucky it was broadcast out to Charlottetown. It was a great conference. President spoke and it was fantastic. He talked about our purpose as missionaries and how it can apply to everyone. 

By now your probably wondering what does the fox say? I'm here to tell you I don't know. 

     On Sunday it was the morning of stake conference and it was just as good and the adult session, some great speakers. Lots of focus towards Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy. So a family had signed up for us for dinner so we saw them at stake conference and asked if we were still good to come over and the wife drew blank she was "we signed up" and her awesome husband said oh that's this week! He had forgot to mention it to his wife haha but they still allowed us over, that was a close one. Ok here is where my subject comes in. We left their house and as we are walking we saw a fox. I was backing out my companion so I'm outside the car and he is in the car I thought the fox was going to charge, I was scared  but he trodded off! In PEI you see fox like you see fox like we see deer in Waterton. They are everywhere. So in answer to my question"What does the fox say" he says nothing and just walks off. 

I would like you all to do one thing, try in your family's at home to better observe the Sabbath day to truly dedicate that day to the Lord. 
For Example you might Not:
Facebook (Be on there because you are bored)
text (just laying down texting people there is a better use of that time) 
watch tv (sports, stuff you can do the next day)

For example you may want to:
Write letters to missionaries 
play games with your family 
read conference/ensign talks

I'm not saying texting and facebook on Sunday are bad but wasting away our Sunday and not dedicating that day that to the Lord,we need to be mindful of that. 

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

What does the Fox say? 

Rough day not feeling good

One very organized wall map

a package sent home

Monday, 14 March 2016

THE MISSION IS A DELIGHT....Week 11 in Charlottetown PEI

     On Tuesday we went to a meeting with a older man in the ward. We have meet with for like an hour a week every week since I've been here. He gives us either a frozen pizza or some sort of treat, he is such an amazing guy. He called us up on the Saturday before and asked if he could take us out for dinner. He is so kid, we would not decline so he took us out to a Chinese Buffet, such a great meal and great time. We had heard from the ward mission leader that this gentleman had been saving up to take us out, he is such a great guy. We also went to visit a family in the ward who is from Haiti they are an amazing family really humble people. 

     On Wednesday we had a district meeting and this was (I think) the best one so far. One of the Elders from our district had a dozen doughnuts from Tims! He asked an Elder if he would do 10 push- ups for this other Elder to have a doughnut. Then he continued to ask every other Elder and Sister if they wanted a doughnut, some said no some said yes. This Elder did 10 push-ups for everyone, even if they they said no. That one elder did 110 push-ups so everyone could have a doughnut! It is just like the Savior, He performed the atonement for every one of us, He sacrificed so we could have eternal life. In this case the one Elder sacrificed so we could have a doughnut, he did the push-ups for us whether we wanted it or not, The Savior Atoned for us weather we accept it or not. A great lesson

     On Thursday we had a dinner appointment at a members home. They live 25 minutes out of town so we got there and they had a member from the ward there for dinner but they had to start dinner before we got there, due to schedules. So when we go there they were finished.  They had some saved for us and we ate while they talked - it was  a little awkward. It was a good day we knocked and again we scared some people. They are in university so they are young and they were SCARED!  IT WAS REALLY COOL.

     On Friday we did our weekly planning for like 5 hours. We had lots of interruptions by our investigator, which was a good thing because I'd rather talk to her and help her then plan. She is an amazing person. We had a lesson with some people from the ward, it was good. We taught patience - something we all need to work on! 

     On Saturday we were knocking in the morning and we knocked into this Filipino lady and she let us in. We taught the first lesson, the restoration. It went great and we were going to commit her to baptism and set up a return date. All was great until she told us that she is moving to Alberta! Darn haha. They will have to help her gain salvation in Alberta!  We had dinner and this family is rambunctious kinda like the mini (young) Rodgers family! haha The meal was fantastic like WOW! We shared a spiritual thought - a great one provided to me by "Lori O"  (thanks!)  WE HAD GREAT NIGHT KNOCKING. 

     On Sunday THE STAKE PRESIDENT WAS HERE! That is a big deal for people out here because to go and have an interview with him you would have to travel to Fredericton, like 4 hours away. When he was here he had like 15 temple recommend interviews. We in Lethbridge take it for granted that President Low is only a 7 minute drive away 5 if the roads are clear. After church we had a linger longer and that was great. We went out to a members and got mud all over our car it was awesome! Good thing it Pday and we can clean it today!

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

Elder Rodgers ready to go

Got a little dirty!

These are amazing!

Monday, 7 March 2016

ROLL UP THE RIM....Week 10 in Charlottetown PEI

     On Monday night we went knocking with a ward missionary and we - for like the first time - got like four doors just open and then close, we could not even say who we were!. 
     On Tuesday (also DAY 60 in PEI) we went over to a families home for dinner and we had scallop potatoes and they were great. We also (for my practice) taught a recent convert the law of tithing. It was a mess, I taught by myself and it sucked, but I was able to learn how to teach it..... a little bit better for next time. We do this because they are trying to help me progress which does work its just hard at first.

     On Wednesday district meeting was a hoot. The zone leaders skyped in so yea it was cool. We talked about obedience. SOMETHING EVERYONE SHOULD IMPROVE UPON.  So my title  "ROLL UP THE RIM" If you haven't figured it out yet don't worry I got you covered. It's Tim Horton's, Roll up the win season and I bought my first cup and WON so sick! Today we also met a Syrian refugee family and talked with them for a while it was pretty cool. 

     On Thursday we went street contacting and it was like -19'C. That was pretty fun all bundled up spreading the gospel. We had a lesson with our investigator while he was on a date. 

     On Friday I redeemed my free hot chocolate I WON and WON AGAIN so sick! The soup kitchen was normal this week great food as usual. 

     On Saturday we had a lesson with a new investigator. We showed up and he forgot but we still taught and were able to teach about the restoration and the atonement. It was really awesome. Later that night we went knocking in the trailer park... and we knocked on this one door she tried to talk to us though the door. After, I was talking to myself as one does and thought I never learned to speak "door'" haha. We knocked on another door and scarred them half to death haha priceless, but I felt bad. The last door we knocked on apparently I knocked "really loud" and she thought we were going to break in... so we decided to leave and as we drove out like a minute later we saw a police car driving into the trailer park (there is only one way in) We had the police called on us but managed to escape. What a fun night. I redeemed my free hot chocolate today and lost :( 

     On Sunday it was fast and testimony meeting and I got up believe it or not. It was good. I knew I would be leaving so I got up and basically said "goodbye" 

So I would like to leave you all with ANOTHER COMMITMENT.... I would like all of you on the next fast Sunday to get up and bear a "simple testimony". I know it will be hard if you haven't done it before or in a while but I know it will strengthen you and someone you don't know. It will and can do wonders.

Lots Of Love 
Elder Rodgers 

So happy - I won!

pictures in Charlottetown


my room