Tuesday, 29 March 2016

FAREWELL TO CHARLOTTETOWN.....Week 13 in Charlottetown PEI

     So you may be wondering why I am emailing today, it is because I may not be able to email home for a while so president gave pday to us today but I hope to be able to email when I get to Detroit.

     On Wednesday we had a last PEI district meeting. It's been a long time coming but it was a great district meeting. We said our goodbyes for now and then that night we had another meeting with the ward mission leader. We went out knocking and found a lady who wanted to hear our message. We shared the Book of Mormon but since there was only two males (US) we had to reschedule so we ended up having the sisters go back and teach her. 

     On Thursday we meet with a less active member and watched a BYU devotional. It was great. After that we had some lunch and spent a good hour at Canadian Tire while our car was getting serviced, that was boring. Then that night the bishops family fed us (they are wonderful they feed us every other week) and due to this being Elder Edges last meal he got to choose and he felt inspired to have pizza! Bishops wife went all out and she made tons! When were were there she said something that made me think of the Bill Cosby's "Chocolate cake for breakfast" When the children heard that they got to have pizza they started to sing praises saying we love Elder Edge just like the "Dad is great he gave us chocolate cake",  it was funny. That night we got word that the lady we knocked into last night became an investigator, the sisters lesson was a success! Also that night we called old potentials and set up a lesson with one for Friday.

     On Friday it was Good Friday and the soup kitchen would only be open for lunch. Mackenna called us and had us come in the morning to help prepare for lunch. When we go there she feeds us no matter what but today we had a lunch appointment and they were going to feed us fish and chips so we made it our goal to not eat at the soup kitchen, knowing it would be hard. So the meal for today was Spaghetti so we made the pasta the meat sauce and then she had us cook up a lot of meat apart from the meat sauce like pork chops chicken legs, and steak so I was a little confused. She had to run out for a little bit so I continued to make the spaghetti sauce and she returned with a cake and Elder Edge said 'I want none of that'. So about 25 minutes before we had to go Mackenna comes into the kitchen and says 'I have a confession to make, all the food you are making is for you guys, you each get a plate and we will sit down and eat.' My stomach dropped! So I got a small plate and she said 'Elder that's not enough take more', so I got more! Then after all that she brought out the cake and it said "Love You Elders" and it was a Dairy Queen Cake! She did all this to say goodbye to the both of us. She was so generous and loving and I will miss her.  Then we had our lunch appointment where we had home made battered fish and potatoes, it was delicious! Then ice cream and cupcakes! We were so full by this time. Later we had a lesson with a potential investigator who we ended up teaching! It was a great day! 

     On Saturday, today, we are just going to clean up our apartment and do some packing. It is also Elder Edge's Official Two Year Mark so he will be heading home this week. Well it's only 11:11am here at the moment so not much to report on today but I leave for Detroit on  Monday morning and will email again next pday.

Farewell to Charlottetown

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

"The place where the magic happens"
Brad sent home some of these chocolate covered chips and they are good!

District meeting, two Elders are heading home

Lobster Traps!

I tried poutine, not my favorite

cake from Mackenna!

nice evening!

Monday night we heard from Elder Rodgers that he arrived safe. His mission presidents wife sent this picture of all the new incoming missionaries to the Detroit Mission

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