Monday, 7 March 2016

ROLL UP THE RIM....Week 10 in Charlottetown PEI

     On Monday night we went knocking with a ward missionary and we - for like the first time - got like four doors just open and then close, we could not even say who we were!. 
     On Tuesday (also DAY 60 in PEI) we went over to a families home for dinner and we had scallop potatoes and they were great. We also (for my practice) taught a recent convert the law of tithing. It was a mess, I taught by myself and it sucked, but I was able to learn how to teach it..... a little bit better for next time. We do this because they are trying to help me progress which does work its just hard at first.

     On Wednesday district meeting was a hoot. The zone leaders skyped in so yea it was cool. We talked about obedience. SOMETHING EVERYONE SHOULD IMPROVE UPON.  So my title  "ROLL UP THE RIM" If you haven't figured it out yet don't worry I got you covered. It's Tim Horton's, Roll up the win season and I bought my first cup and WON so sick! Today we also met a Syrian refugee family and talked with them for a while it was pretty cool. 

     On Thursday we went street contacting and it was like -19'C. That was pretty fun all bundled up spreading the gospel. We had a lesson with our investigator while he was on a date. 

     On Friday I redeemed my free hot chocolate I WON and WON AGAIN so sick! The soup kitchen was normal this week great food as usual. 

     On Saturday we had a lesson with a new investigator. We showed up and he forgot but we still taught and were able to teach about the restoration and the atonement. It was really awesome. Later that night we went knocking in the trailer park... and we knocked on this one door she tried to talk to us though the door. After, I was talking to myself as one does and thought I never learned to speak "door'" haha. We knocked on another door and scarred them half to death haha priceless, but I felt bad. The last door we knocked on apparently I knocked "really loud" and she thought we were going to break in... so we decided to leave and as we drove out like a minute later we saw a police car driving into the trailer park (there is only one way in) We had the police called on us but managed to escape. What a fun night. I redeemed my free hot chocolate today and lost :( 

     On Sunday it was fast and testimony meeting and I got up believe it or not. It was good. I knew I would be leaving so I got up and basically said "goodbye" 

So I would like to leave you all with ANOTHER COMMITMENT.... I would like all of you on the next fast Sunday to get up and bear a "simple testimony". I know it will be hard if you haven't done it before or in a while but I know it will strengthen you and someone you don't know. It will and can do wonders.

Lots Of Love 
Elder Rodgers 

So happy - I won!

pictures in Charlottetown


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