Monday, 14 March 2016

THE MISSION IS A DELIGHT....Week 11 in Charlottetown PEI

     On Tuesday we went to a meeting with a older man in the ward. We have meet with for like an hour a week every week since I've been here. He gives us either a frozen pizza or some sort of treat, he is such an amazing guy. He called us up on the Saturday before and asked if he could take us out for dinner. He is so kid, we would not decline so he took us out to a Chinese Buffet, such a great meal and great time. We had heard from the ward mission leader that this gentleman had been saving up to take us out, he is such a great guy. We also went to visit a family in the ward who is from Haiti they are an amazing family really humble people. 

     On Wednesday we had a district meeting and this was (I think) the best one so far. One of the Elders from our district had a dozen doughnuts from Tims! He asked an Elder if he would do 10 push- ups for this other Elder to have a doughnut. Then he continued to ask every other Elder and Sister if they wanted a doughnut, some said no some said yes. This Elder did 10 push-ups for everyone, even if they they said no. That one elder did 110 push-ups so everyone could have a doughnut! It is just like the Savior, He performed the atonement for every one of us, He sacrificed so we could have eternal life. In this case the one Elder sacrificed so we could have a doughnut, he did the push-ups for us whether we wanted it or not, The Savior Atoned for us weather we accept it or not. A great lesson

     On Thursday we had a dinner appointment at a members home. They live 25 minutes out of town so we got there and they had a member from the ward there for dinner but they had to start dinner before we got there, due to schedules. So when we go there they were finished.  They had some saved for us and we ate while they talked - it was  a little awkward. It was a good day we knocked and again we scared some people. They are in university so they are young and they were SCARED!  IT WAS REALLY COOL.

     On Friday we did our weekly planning for like 5 hours. We had lots of interruptions by our investigator, which was a good thing because I'd rather talk to her and help her then plan. She is an amazing person. We had a lesson with some people from the ward, it was good. We taught patience - something we all need to work on! 

     On Saturday we were knocking in the morning and we knocked into this Filipino lady and she let us in. We taught the first lesson, the restoration. It went great and we were going to commit her to baptism and set up a return date. All was great until she told us that she is moving to Alberta! Darn haha. They will have to help her gain salvation in Alberta!  We had dinner and this family is rambunctious kinda like the mini (young) Rodgers family! haha The meal was fantastic like WOW! We shared a spiritual thought - a great one provided to me by "Lori O"  (thanks!)  WE HAD GREAT NIGHT KNOCKING. 

     On Sunday THE STAKE PRESIDENT WAS HERE! That is a big deal for people out here because to go and have an interview with him you would have to travel to Fredericton, like 4 hours away. When he was here he had like 15 temple recommend interviews. We in Lethbridge take it for granted that President Low is only a 7 minute drive away 5 if the roads are clear. After church we had a linger longer and that was great. We went out to a members and got mud all over our car it was awesome! Good thing it Pday and we can clean it today!

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

Elder Rodgers ready to go

Got a little dirty!

These are amazing!

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