Monday, 21 March 2016

What does the fox say?....Week 12 in PEI

     On Tuesday we had a lesson set up at the library and I had hope for this one. We called and confirmed the night before, we showed up and waited and waited... NO SHOW! That adds up to 0 of 7 lessons at the library coming though. What can you say, I mean if we teach them I'm sure we could be quiet enough to comply with the library, I do not know. Later we talked to this guy on the streets from Asia and he was a really nice guy. We talked for the better part of 30 minutes with him and basically taught the plan of salvation but he was just not interested. We had similar but different beliefs and well we shared the gospel that's all we can do. 

     On Wednesday was our district meeting. It was good. I gave the doctrinal discussion. It was fantastic, they all had the patience with me as I taught the Christ like attribute of patience. I also had a dry throat and didn't feel the greatest but it was a good District Meeting. I had a stuffy nose so I bought some vicks, I love that stuff. We had institute tonight, as per usual and it was good We didn't feel the greatest but in general a great night. 

     On *COUGH* Thursday we took ill! Elder Edge had a fever and was coughing and I had a sore throat and and a stuffy nose. We went out to one lesson to a members and after that came home and listened to conference and coughed the whole day! I felt OK so I did some productive things but didn't feel to great so we slept and rested. So I remember getting some advise from someone, when you go to bed rub vicks on your feet and put CLEAN socks on and it will clear you right up. So I thought what the hay I'll try it. To my astonishment it did nothing sorry, I tried and here it goes and yea nothing. We had to cancel our dinner appointment with bishop :( 

     On Friday we felt better but not great. We planned and we coughed. Me by this point, I was feeling a whole lot better. We had to bail on the soup kitchen because we were sick and you know yea. So I spent like a ton of time in the last few days sick. I've been sick so I have been updating our Wall Map and it is a work in progress. I bought some medicine and ginger ale, it was a better day. 

     On Saturday Elder Edge couldn't go out side as it hurt to breath in cold air so we did some inside things. One of them being phone book contacting and as all you return missionaries know that is probably thee least effective thing you can do. It's a last resort but we did it for like an hour. You talk to some interesting people and when you mention Christ you all the sudden hear the phone cut out because they hang up - like come on! It was the adult session of stake conference tonight and the stake here covers the whole island and all of New Brunswick and northern Maine so lucky it was broadcast out to Charlottetown. It was a great conference. President spoke and it was fantastic. He talked about our purpose as missionaries and how it can apply to everyone. 

By now your probably wondering what does the fox say? I'm here to tell you I don't know. 

     On Sunday it was the morning of stake conference and it was just as good and the adult session, some great speakers. Lots of focus towards Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy. So a family had signed up for us for dinner so we saw them at stake conference and asked if we were still good to come over and the wife drew blank she was "we signed up" and her awesome husband said oh that's this week! He had forgot to mention it to his wife haha but they still allowed us over, that was a close one. Ok here is where my subject comes in. We left their house and as we are walking we saw a fox. I was backing out my companion so I'm outside the car and he is in the car I thought the fox was going to charge, I was scared  but he trodded off! In PEI you see fox like you see fox like we see deer in Waterton. They are everywhere. So in answer to my question"What does the fox say" he says nothing and just walks off. 

I would like you all to do one thing, try in your family's at home to better observe the Sabbath day to truly dedicate that day to the Lord. 
For Example you might Not:
Facebook (Be on there because you are bored)
text (just laying down texting people there is a better use of that time) 
watch tv (sports, stuff you can do the next day)

For example you may want to:
Write letters to missionaries 
play games with your family 
read conference/ensign talks

I'm not saying texting and facebook on Sunday are bad but wasting away our Sunday and not dedicating that day that to the Lord,we need to be mindful of that. 

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

What does the Fox say? 

Rough day not feeling good

One very organized wall map

a package sent home

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