Wednesday, 13 April 2016

I Found The Tree Of life.......Week 2 in Ypsilanti

     On Tuesday we met with an investigator and he had watched a session of conference and he is from Germany. He heard Dieter F Uchtdorfs talk on the Sunday morning about the bombings in Draisn and he was there when it happened and thought it was pretty cool.  Later that night all the ward missionaries and  us missionaries went to the ward mission leaders home for dinner and a meeting so that was a pretty great day in general. His wife is someone who adjusts your back so she did that for the missionaries it was neat! 

     On Wednesday we went to a Zone Meeting and that was fun. We were instructed well. After that I went on an exchange to a small town called Chelsea, about an hour away. It's a small town probably smaller then Magrath. I was with Elder Jones. We had a lesson but to get there we had to travel like 30 minutes and we went there and we invited her to read and PRAY TO FIND OUT FOR HERSELF. She said she would so hopefully she does and by the time that was over we had a long journey back to the apartment. We also did some knocking so that was great day. 

     On Thursday morning before we went back to Ann Arbor to exchange back, we were knocking/visiting former investigators and we found the tree of life! That was pretty awesome I must say. It was raining when we did but we got some photos there it was great. Later in the afternoon we travelled to Ann Arbor and we had a lesson with an investigator. He is a great guy,! He always has lots of great questions, I love going to visit him. We are going to see him again later tonight.We also got to visit a recent convert and I need a picture with him to show you guys. He is so great and a really funny guy, I love him. he is fun to visit. 

     On Friday we Planned all morning so yea that was that. Then we went to visit our investigator and he is really great, we invited him to a baptism.We met with another investigator and that was great. We were able to answer his questions but he had a pile more so that's ok we will work with that. We had a dinner appointment tonight and that was great, they are a great family. She is the relief society president. We had burritos with like chicken, rice, corn and onions and it was great, so delicious. Then we did some missionary work making some calls. 

     On Saturday we went with the elders quorum president to visit some inactive members, none were home so that was boring. That night we went to a members for dinner, two days in a row and a Ypsilanti record for me. We also went to visit a family who is planning on going to the temple in July so we are working with them. We  shared the talk by Quinton L Cook about temples, a talk from this past conference and that was great. 

     On Sunday we had a Fast and Testimony meeting that was great. After church we had a 'sign and dine' at a members home. It's where a deaf person from the ward invites her deaf friends, the missionaries, and some ward members. We eat and sign and have a lesson and that was pretty cool! We also met with met with someone and we helped him do some FAMILY HISTORY so that was cool. In general a great week!

I have been in the mission field for just over 4 months.... wow time flies!

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers all who are reading this can you just keep by little brother (Logan) in your prayers. He has Bells Palsy so he needs our prayers. Thanks!

I found the Tree of Life!

Favorite...Chicken Alfredo!

A neighborhood near by

cool cars in Chelsea

on our drive home

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  1. Great stories and pictures , thank you, you are very uplifting.