Monday, 25 April 2016

I've seen what Hell looks like!.....Week 4 in Ypsilanti

     On Tuesday we had like two or three lessons set up and some service to do and they all fell though! So that day was a blah! But the plus side was we went to a ward missionary meeting and I was able to have my torn pants given to someone who can hopefully fix them for me so I can still use them. Today was a rainy day so that was great I enjoy the rain!!

     On Wednesday we had good old district meeting and that was great! The other Elders brought cake and we had a great district meeting. That afternoon we went over to a members to help rake his yard. It was all full of leaves we were there for like 2.5 hours raking and then we went off to the bishops for dinner. They fed us well ...ohhh pork chops and potatoes and all the great stuff. Then out for some finding later that night.

     On Thursday we had three lessons set up for today and we had all three....... go though! We were able to teach some people that was great! We had lot of teaching opportunities that night it was great. My companion had to go to the dentist today so that was boring just sitting in the lobby and waiting.

     On Friday super planning,  and it was Alfredo Friday! After that we helped someone move who was not a member and that went great.  They had lot of stuff to move and when we left they gave us a full large Pizza! Man that was great! We also went to see one of our investigators that night and haha, he always cracks me up I love it.

     On Saturday we went over to help a member of the ward, along with a few other members, to help fill in a swimming pool with dirt. That was a lot of fun. It took the whole morning and with lots of trips, it was great. That afternoon we made a lot of stop bys and tried to visit lots of people. We went to the hospital today to give a blessing to someone, the Uof M hospital is humongous! It was a lot of fun. Then we called that a night.

On Sunday it was ward conference and that was great. We had a fantastic dinner  appointment tonight and that was great.

TODAY we went to Hell Michigan for another Elders birthday and that was a lot of fun! So today we visited Hell and they gave us a free mug, postcard and a free game of mini golf. It was a good day!

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

I've seen what Hell looks like!

A chapel you can be married at in Hell MI

Our apartment

Do you get the feeling he really likes Alfredo!

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