Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Things are warming up :(.....Week 3 in Ypsilanti

     So Tuesday we met with our investigator and we were able to put him on date! and that was great. It's tentatively May 1st but we will probably have to shift it around. Later that afternoon we had Interviews with president and that was all fine and dandy. We were able to have dinner with a member tonight we had tosquitos with pork and refried beans in it with a corn tortilla and some rice and it was great! Then a ward missionary council meeting and well it ran over time but it was a great meeting. 

     On Wednesday we knocked that morning and then made ourselves some lunch then... An exchange with the Zone Leaders.  Elder Chandler came here with me. We meet with some people and also with an investigator. We knocked on door... (sorry nothing spiritual at that door) other then the fact that the Detroit hockey game was on and all that was separating me from the game was a couple of doors and then it hit me - its play-off season and I can't watch! That was tough but I shall persevere as Calgary didn't even make it into the playoffs! That was much of what happened today. The subject of the email has to do with the fact that it has been in the high 70's all week and hit it 80's (21-27ºC)  on Sunday!  I also made some goulash, not as good as mommy makes but I made some! 

     On Thursday we knocked for a while that morning and afternoon and we helped a member move some couches. That night we did some more knocking and finding and really didn't do much that day. We went to our investigators home and raked up leaves for like three hours and we also burned the leafs, that way we didn't have to bag them that was great!!! 

     On Friday some good old Weekly Planning! Then during some finding hours. Later we met with our investigator and he always cracks me up! It was fun being able to help him. We invited him to church so I'll tell you if he came.... stay tuned. I also made some alfredo for alfredo Fridays! 

     On Saturday we went to a member baptism and that was fun. They had a dinner afterwards and they had alfredo and lasagne and olive garden bread so that was like Totally Amazing. That afternoon we went to a members to take her the sacrament and visit with her. That night we went with another member to visit his home teaching family and that was great! They are great people.

     On Sunday we of course went to church and for lunch I made perogies. I found the ones I like here and they were great. We went to visit a family and we are trying to help them get to the temple for this summer and I can see them there.. soon :) Our investigator did come to church and he loved coming. He said he was truly blessed and that he could feel the spirit there. So that was all find and dandy and that night we tried to stop by some people but no one was home. 

PS... I love mail :) have a great week 

Lots of Love 
Elder Rodgers

Elder Rodgers & Elder Harker

On exchange with Elder Chandler

view in our area

oops...I ripped my pants! Hope they can be fixed

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