Monday, 4 April 2016

You Are A Child Of God....Week 1 in YPSILANTI

     On Sunday last week we went to a members home for Easter lunch and it was really great. We had chicken and potatoes and it was great! After all was said and done we hoped in the car and travelled to Halifax. It was only like 3 hours and 30 minutes. That night I was able to have dinner at the Feilden's! This is my great-great-Aunt Thelma and Uncle Aubrey. Ohhh my the food was amazing,  ham, potatoes and all the veggies and the best apple pie ever! We had a great Easter and I was so thrilled to be able to visit family that I have never seen before.  It was such a great day! I spent the night in the mission home. 

     On Monday I left the mission home at like 6:15 am and left the city at like 9:00 am. I eventually arrived in Detroit at like 1:09 pm and NO TROUBLES IN THE AIRPORT :) When I landed President and Sister Gerber where there to greet me. They are amazing! That day we spent the day in the mission home learning and having some training and just a great day in general.

     On Tuesday we travelled to the church for transfers and I met my companion Elder Harker. He is pretty cool, he is from Idaho and I'm the first Canadian companion for him :), We are living in YPSILANTI (no that is not a spelling mistake) That morning we bought some groceries and that afternoon we hit the ground running and knocked for like three hours. We had a ward correlation meeting that night. It was a successful first day in the mission. Our apartment is ok... heavy smoking has been in there and it is smaller then my last one but I'll make it home for the next - well however long! We also got to have a lesson with one of our investigators, he is really cool. He fixes and restores watches for a living, really interesting. On a side note in the Ypsi ward there are three sets of missionaries Elder Harker and I and the zone leaders and a set of sisters. 

     On Wednesday we had a district meeting. Elder Harker is a District Leader so he had me give an assignment and because everyone was new to the area and well I am his companion, so I was the easy target but it wasn't hard. I had to give a 7 min instruction on the restoration so  it wasn't too challenging. Tonight we had a meeting with the bishop and we also had dinner there, it was fantastic, so good! They fed us pizza! Bishop is an amazing guy, he is supper cool and I'm glad to be working  with him. We also got to go knocking tonight. The people of Ypsi are pretty cool I love them, its amazing! 

     On Thursday we went over to visit a young lady who is preparing to serve a mission and we did some practices with her. I love practices as they really do help you and can make you a better missionary, but most times they can be awkward and well interesting. We did more knocking tonight and visiting formers, so we have done a lot of finding here so far, its been great! Tonight is family history night so the missionaries help out. One set goes to the class and is there because it is a non member class. It was so fun, the sister that runs it is really awesome. Her stories are amazing. I am loving the people here, they are neat. So the weather here is just like southern Alberta. It was 65ºF (18ºC) here the other day and then it was raining so like 42ºF (5ºC) It fluctuates like crazy not really consistent - I like it. 
     On Friday we had our weekly planning session and well I'm a man of organization so I was a little lost. It is not to organized down here but over time it will be :)  So we got a referral to go visit this guy, so we went and visited him and 2 1/ 2 hours later we were able to leave. He can talk but he is so funny, I haven't laughed that hard for a while now. He made some funny jokes! He has been meeting with missionaries for like the past 7 years and he moved to our area so we are teaching him now so hopefully we are able to help him progress. He also fed us dinner and that was interesting. He had never met us before but loves the missionaries. He wanted us to have a bible study but we never got to that so we will continue and see how it goes. 

     On Saturday was General Conference. Oh my, I have been exited for this for the past month or so. I was exited to be able to watch it. This is were my title comes in, the talk I really enjoyed was given by Elder Hallstrom in the Saturday morning session. He talked about how we are all children of God and do we know it? I'm here to say I KNOW IT AND THAT ALL OF YOU ARE TO. General Conference was amazing! I really enjoyed it, all the great messages. The talk by President Uchtdorf in the priesthood session, all of it was amazing! I really enjoyed it all so I'd encourage you all to go and watch it. That was my Saturday conference
     On Sunday was more General Conference. Man it was good and the talks were amazing. So much in so little time. And like Elder Holland said - when this is over and you're done reading my blog - go eat your ice cream!! That night we were able to go and visit a recent convert,  he has only been a member for like 4 months. He is way cool and his story is a amazing and really touching. The way he says it all, he is awesome! So that has been my week in Detroit. It also snowed here so the temp dropped to 31ºF  (-1ºC) so the weather is always changing, I like it!

PS.    Shout out to Aaron B For autism awareness week and I was wearing a blue tie on Sunday!

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

Great- Great- Aunt & Uncle Fielden

ploughs in PEI

with Elder Edge

saying bye to President Pratt

leaving for the airport

coming into Detroit

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