Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Can You Feel So Now....Week 9 in Ypsilanti

     So I'll start off this week by saying I know this gospel the restored gospel can CHANGE lives. If you don't believe that or are not a member I would encourage you find out how it can change your life. If you are a member ask yourself how has it changed your life. ALMA  5:26 "Can You Feel So Now" 
     This week was great, on Monday we went over to a less active family and shared a BBQ with them and that was great! Later that night we tried to stop by someone who earlier had given us the invitation to come back but he wasn't home. 
     The next day we were able to go finding!  We also were able to do some other little stuff like organize some things.
     Wednesday we had District meeting and that was great. After that we were off to one of our investigators and that was pretty cool.  We shared more of the Plan of Salvation with him. Then dinner at the bishops which was thee best! I love them so much they are great! Then we went to see another member and share an uplifting message and I feel that that was a great thing to do and it went good. 

     On Thursday we tried some store contacting. We were able to talk to someone who ran into us and they new some members from another state so that was interesting. We were able to also do finding today and that was great. It was really warm this week ranging in the 86-90°F range so that's hot! And for you Canadians who don't know that in Celsius - I'll assist you.... it was like 31-32°C so a warm week!

     Alfredo Friday! Yes it continues and for the curious I do this solely on the fact that I enjoy Alfredo and because I want it to catch on!  Today we went to help someone build a fence for the afternoon and he took us out for Mexican and that was great, I enjoyed it yes mom 
I enjoyed it! Then off to see one of our investigators  where we continued to teach the Gospel of Christ so that was great.

     Saturday we took a trip down south into our area to visit people, we also saw someone and were able to help them a little bit around the yard. That night we did some finding. 
     The Sabbath day was great! It was weird after church cause it was like 84°F and it started to rain. After we went to have a lesson with a recent convert at another members home and they fed us again! We have had dinner there lots lately on Sundays and I love it. Then off to see our investigator and that was great as always. 
     P-Day (yesterday) was also Memorial Day so that's why this letter didn't come on Monday. We went to Arborland  mall to visit some shops where I got some funny cards for birthdays haha love it! We went to a Chinese buffet and that was great, such a wide variety of food and Yes I chose to go there on my own free will! I also bought some ties! Monday was a great day! It was also a great week!

A selfie with Elder Harker

Alfredo Friday!

neat and organized, that's how I like it


A delicious stir fry Elder Harker made...yes I said delicious!

Monday, 23 May 2016

And my "brothers" dwelt in a tent...Week 8 in Ypsilanti

     So, first I will explain my title. So, this weekend is the Rodgers Annual Belly River Camp and I have been going since I was like 9 months old and I missed it this year. I find this title fitting as my brothers were sleeping in tents over this past weekend.

     So Monday we went and played some soccer and basketball, so really nothing fun and exiting happens here on pday, but that night we did some finding and that was probably the best part of the day; aside from emailing home. 
     Then on the next day we went by and saw this less active man who we both had never met before and he was supper cool on having us come over! His fiancée isn't a member so we might end up teaching her so that  would be dope. Then later that night we were walking along the road knocking on some doors in the rural part of our area and that was cool. Then we went to our correlation meeting. 

     So Wednesday morning we drove to Ann Arbor to exchange with the Chelsea Elders, so me and Elder Jones stayed in Ypsilanti and we were knocking and we saw a member and had a great chat with her. Then we went and we were able to talk with this recent convert and that was cool. So we had a cool experience, we were knocking and this one guy asked us if we were someone else and we said 'no we are Mormon missionaries' so he said okay share your message and teach me! So we were like OK! So we shared the restoration and he had great questions and we gave him a Book of Mormon and we asked if we would be able to come back again and he said ... 'NO!' ...but that's because he doesn't live here, he lives just out of our area so we asked if other missionaries could come by and he was down for that so hopefully something great will come of that. Later that night we meet with one of our investigator couples and they are supper nice people! We started teaching them the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

     On Thursday we had a training meeting that Pres. Gerber taught. It was just our district and another's district and that was cool. He talked about remembering our purpose.

     On Friday we had Alfredo and we helped a member haul dirt so that was great.

     On Sunday an INVESTIGATOR CAME TO CHURCH that was dope. It was great and she also enjoyed it! Then that night we had dinner with a member and that was great! Then we met with another one of our investigators. A busy week!
1 Nephi 16:12-13  READ 

And it came to pass that they did take their tents and did depart into the wilderness across the river Belly
And it came to pass that they travelled for the space of three hours, nearly a south-south west direction, and they did pith their tents and they did call the place Belly River. 

(background note: Our family has gone to the Belly River Campground with friends and family every May long weekend for 25 years now. We go no matter what the weather, rain, wind, sun, snow! And we have had all of this different weather in one weekend! This year we had rain and snow and a glimpse of sunshine. None of our kids have missed a year until they are on their mission, so this was a hard weekend for Brad to miss, especially since he loves traditions so much. We missed him but he will return and love it even more!)

Our Apartment 

Alfredo Friday!

Where they went for exchanges

Best cookie ever (a little camping food without being there)

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers 

Monday, 16 May 2016

Listen To A Prophets Voice....Week 7 in Ypsilanti

     So let me start off with a saying that this past few days we have been listening to General Conferences addresses from 1971. For those of you who weren't born yet or can't remember those days, they talk with boldness. The talks are great and they are still relevant for us in this day. So the talks that we listen to now a days will have an impact today and in the time to come. So go and LISTEN TO THE PROPHETS VOICE. 
     Saturday night we went to a members for dinner and had some pizza so that was great! That night we went and did some finding and that was good.
     Today (Monday) I bought a souvenir and I was exited about that and I bought some cool ties from the local Value World. 
     So Tuesday we did some more finding and were able to help someone empty their attic so they could move. We stopped by some people for a lesson but it fell through. That night we had a correlation meeting and that was great because we get to discuss and find out ways we can help the people in our area! I also made dinner that night and I made Goulash, delicious food. 
     So at District meeting (Wednesday) I gave an instruction on the Atonement and that was great! I thought it went pretty well. It goes along with the scripture I mentioned last week! After that we went to see one of our investigators and we have come to love him. We had a great mini lesson before we had to go to Bishops for the start of the transfer meeting and dinner and that was fun. I Love Bishop and his Wife they are Great and terrific missionaries. For dinner we had Rice Beans Corn And Chicken. Not to bad! 
     So Thursday we did some knocking and we walked a total of 1.6 miles in that 2 hour time we were knocking it reminded me of a song which talks about "I would walk 500 miles" That's all I know so I made up some lyrics as we were walking! That afternoon we stopped by a members home to see how she was doing, she is a great member. That evening we stopped to visit a lady and hopefully we can help her return to the fullness of the gospel. Also that night it POURED RAIN!!!! Just came out and there were tons of cool looking clouds in the sky! That was a great day!            
     ALFREDO FRIDAYS! Today we Planned and did some finding and went over to a members home in the evening and talked about baptism because in the next month he will be baptized!
     ON Saturday we went to a members baptism and that was great example for his parents who one isn't a member and one less active.  Later in the afternoon we stopped by one of our investigators and met with him for a short while. That night we tried to visit this other guy but he wasn't home so we went over to where he was. He was at his parents and they were cooking shrimp and these shrimp were HUGE! Like the size of 5 inches and he gave us one and they were great! I can picture my family saying EWW! But I can hear AUNT KAY cheering me on in the background haha!
     Sunday after church we went to the Sign And Dine again and that was FUN but that night we didn't stay and eat because a member asked us the night before if we wanted to come for dinner. We had Rice, Corn, STEAK so that was great! They are such a strong family in the gospel! He is the Elders Quorum President.

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

Outside our apartment window

A store downtown

perogies cream corm and sausage with sautéed onion! so goood!!

Alfredo Friday!

cover of new planner

A carnival has come to town!

Monday, 9 May 2016

Behold thy Mother....Week 6 in Ypsilanti

     "No love in mortality comes closer to approximating the pure love of Jesus Christ than the selfless love a devoted mother has for her child"... this quote comes from a  General Conference talk given last October by Jeffrey R Holland titled 'Behold a Mother'. On behalf of Mothers Day I thought I would share that and encourage each of you to go and read that talk, and AGAIN say happy Mothers Day to your mom because you can never say that enough.

     So last Monday we had our district activity where once a transfer everyone in the district gets together and will do something. This time we played some basketball, soccer and some ultimate Frisbee. That was fun but nothing great, next one hopefully we will do something that we can't do every week. 

     So on Tuesday Elder Harker made some great Chinese chicken and that was sooooo good! That night we had a correlation meeting and we went over to one of the other ward missionaries home and that was a great meeting. It's where we discuss how to better help the people we are serving. At district meeting it was the last district meeting of that transfer so that was a great one. The instructions were all based on prayer. After that I - yes ME- baked a cake for district meeting to celebrate the district and when we went outside it was POURING RAIN just coming down. It was crazy, it was relentless. That night we went to see one of our investigators so that was a great time. 

     So on Thursday we had dinner at one of the councillors homes and we had chicken cordon bleu and that was so good. I have missed that so that was nice. Then that night we travelled to Chelsea for a baptism interview that Elder Harker had to conduct so that was a great night. It was like a 30 minute drive on the freeway so its like driving to Cardston. The person was baptized  on Saturday, so that was way cool. 

     Then it was Alfredo  Friday and super planning day. That was great and that night we went out and were knocking on doors and it was nice and cool. 

     ON SATURDAY WE DID SOME FINDING and then later that night we went over to a members for dinner. We had smoked trout and salad and that was something new for me but I was good. At church it was mothers day and one of our investigators came for the second time it was great. Elder Harker gave a talk and it was a great day at church. That afternoon, we went to an investigators home for lunch and he can cook! It was great and that night we also went to a members home to Skype and he fed us RIBS, CHICKEN, CORN oh man that was a BBQ!! It was divine! Then we Skyped home and that was great as well. I enjoyed that and that was our week. Also, I will be staying here with Elder Harker for this next transfer! 


Mothers Day Skype

Alfredo Friday!

Chinese Chicken...learning to cook!

Views around Belleville

Our District

Me and Elder Patterson

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

TRANSFERS?....Week 5 in Ypsilanti

     So I'd like to start off by using a scripture that I liked for this past week, the scripture is ISAIAH 53:3-5. I won't quote it but I want each of you to read it. It talks about the ATONEMENT . So this scripture came to my mind yesterday while in fast and testimony meeting in church because people were talking about the ATONEMENT. 

     On Tuesday we had a lesson with a media referral and we were able to teach her so that was way cool. We did some finding and we had a lesson with one of our investigators. Her and the family are great people! That night we had a correlation meeting and that was cool and after that I got my back adjusted again that was way sick! I have never heard my neck make that sound - it went like POP!! SO THAT WAS INTERESTING.

     On Wednesday we did an exchange with the Elders in Chelsea and Elder Patterson came to Ypsi with me. That was a lot of fun! I had met Elder Patterson before my mission, he is a cousin to my friend, so being his companion for a day was sweet. That night we stopped by people and went out with a member to visit people and then he took us out to dinner so that was way cool.  I had never had Arby's before so i enjoyed that. That night we stopped by one of our investigators but he was busy so we knocked on some doors. A great day today. Also had the good old district meeting.

     On Thursday we went back to see our investigator and helped him clean up a little bit then we went to lunch and exchanged back. Today it was raining and we stopped by our investigator who we haven't been able to get a hold of and had a great visit with him. We had some lessons with people that night so that was joyful. 

     On Friday was good old Alfredo Friday (I'm trying to get that a thing in  the mission) We planned for a while then after that we went out to help this one member do some yard work for a few hours.  We had some dinner and then back doing some service for our investigator. It was a day lots of service. That's what we did we served and taught at the end of it! 

     On Saturday we did some gardening. We helped out a garden club do some service. This afternoon we visited past investigators and did some knocking. We had dinner and started our fast and then off to a family and a visit with them. It was a rainy week, cloudy all week and I LOVED IT !!

     On Sunday we went to church and had a great fast Sunday. After church we went a members home and we talked for a while and that was so fun. That night we had dinner at a members home and we broke our fast, we had Pork Chops, potatoes and beans and oh my it was fantastic! I left nice and full! It was a delight, it was nice to be able to meet with a member and break our fast with them, that was cool. 


PS.... It's transfers next week we get the call Saturday night - so we will see!

The town they live in

next to alfredo this is his favorite

Alfredo Friday!!

They are getting brave cooing new things!