Monday, 23 May 2016

And my "brothers" dwelt in a tent...Week 8 in Ypsilanti

     So, first I will explain my title. So, this weekend is the Rodgers Annual Belly River Camp and I have been going since I was like 9 months old and I missed it this year. I find this title fitting as my brothers were sleeping in tents over this past weekend.

     So Monday we went and played some soccer and basketball, so really nothing fun and exiting happens here on pday, but that night we did some finding and that was probably the best part of the day; aside from emailing home. 
     Then on the next day we went by and saw this less active man who we both had never met before and he was supper cool on having us come over! His fiancée isn't a member so we might end up teaching her so that  would be dope. Then later that night we were walking along the road knocking on some doors in the rural part of our area and that was cool. Then we went to our correlation meeting. 

     So Wednesday morning we drove to Ann Arbor to exchange with the Chelsea Elders, so me and Elder Jones stayed in Ypsilanti and we were knocking and we saw a member and had a great chat with her. Then we went and we were able to talk with this recent convert and that was cool. So we had a cool experience, we were knocking and this one guy asked us if we were someone else and we said 'no we are Mormon missionaries' so he said okay share your message and teach me! So we were like OK! So we shared the restoration and he had great questions and we gave him a Book of Mormon and we asked if we would be able to come back again and he said ... 'NO!' ...but that's because he doesn't live here, he lives just out of our area so we asked if other missionaries could come by and he was down for that so hopefully something great will come of that. Later that night we meet with one of our investigator couples and they are supper nice people! We started teaching them the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

     On Thursday we had a training meeting that Pres. Gerber taught. It was just our district and another's district and that was cool. He talked about remembering our purpose.

     On Friday we had Alfredo and we helped a member haul dirt so that was great.

     On Sunday an INVESTIGATOR CAME TO CHURCH that was dope. It was great and she also enjoyed it! Then that night we had dinner with a member and that was great! Then we met with another one of our investigators. A busy week!
1 Nephi 16:12-13  READ 

And it came to pass that they did take their tents and did depart into the wilderness across the river Belly
And it came to pass that they travelled for the space of three hours, nearly a south-south west direction, and they did pith their tents and they did call the place Belly River. 

(background note: Our family has gone to the Belly River Campground with friends and family every May long weekend for 25 years now. We go no matter what the weather, rain, wind, sun, snow! And we have had all of this different weather in one weekend! This year we had rain and snow and a glimpse of sunshine. None of our kids have missed a year until they are on their mission, so this was a hard weekend for Brad to miss, especially since he loves traditions so much. We missed him but he will return and love it even more!)

Our Apartment 

Alfredo Friday!

Where they went for exchanges

Best cookie ever (a little camping food without being there)

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers 

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  1. Elder Rodgers,

    Reece Glines passed away Tuesday May 23, his funeral is on Sat at the Stake Center. Love Rea