Monday, 9 May 2016

Behold thy Mother....Week 6 in Ypsilanti

     "No love in mortality comes closer to approximating the pure love of Jesus Christ than the selfless love a devoted mother has for her child"... this quote comes from a  General Conference talk given last October by Jeffrey R Holland titled 'Behold a Mother'. On behalf of Mothers Day I thought I would share that and encourage each of you to go and read that talk, and AGAIN say happy Mothers Day to your mom because you can never say that enough.

     So last Monday we had our district activity where once a transfer everyone in the district gets together and will do something. This time we played some basketball, soccer and some ultimate Frisbee. That was fun but nothing great, next one hopefully we will do something that we can't do every week. 

     So on Tuesday Elder Harker made some great Chinese chicken and that was sooooo good! That night we had a correlation meeting and we went over to one of the other ward missionaries home and that was a great meeting. It's where we discuss how to better help the people we are serving. At district meeting it was the last district meeting of that transfer so that was a great one. The instructions were all based on prayer. After that I - yes ME- baked a cake for district meeting to celebrate the district and when we went outside it was POURING RAIN just coming down. It was crazy, it was relentless. That night we went to see one of our investigators so that was a great time. 

     So on Thursday we had dinner at one of the councillors homes and we had chicken cordon bleu and that was so good. I have missed that so that was nice. Then that night we travelled to Chelsea for a baptism interview that Elder Harker had to conduct so that was a great night. It was like a 30 minute drive on the freeway so its like driving to Cardston. The person was baptized  on Saturday, so that was way cool. 

     Then it was Alfredo  Friday and super planning day. That was great and that night we went out and were knocking on doors and it was nice and cool. 

     ON SATURDAY WE DID SOME FINDING and then later that night we went over to a members for dinner. We had smoked trout and salad and that was something new for me but I was good. At church it was mothers day and one of our investigators came for the second time it was great. Elder Harker gave a talk and it was a great day at church. That afternoon, we went to an investigators home for lunch and he can cook! It was great and that night we also went to a members home to Skype and he fed us RIBS, CHICKEN, CORN oh man that was a BBQ!! It was divine! Then we Skyped home and that was great as well. I enjoyed that and that was our week. Also, I will be staying here with Elder Harker for this next transfer! 


Mothers Day Skype

Alfredo Friday!

Chinese Chicken...learning to cook!

Views around Belleville

Our District

Me and Elder Patterson

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