Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Can You Feel So Now....Week 9 in Ypsilanti

     So I'll start off this week by saying I know this gospel the restored gospel can CHANGE lives. If you don't believe that or are not a member I would encourage you find out how it can change your life. If you are a member ask yourself how has it changed your life. ALMA  5:26 "Can You Feel So Now" 
     This week was great, on Monday we went over to a less active family and shared a BBQ with them and that was great! Later that night we tried to stop by someone who earlier had given us the invitation to come back but he wasn't home. 
     The next day we were able to go finding!  We also were able to do some other little stuff like organize some things.
     Wednesday we had District meeting and that was great. After that we were off to one of our investigators and that was pretty cool.  We shared more of the Plan of Salvation with him. Then dinner at the bishops which was thee best! I love them so much they are great! Then we went to see another member and share an uplifting message and I feel that that was a great thing to do and it went good. 

     On Thursday we tried some store contacting. We were able to talk to someone who ran into us and they new some members from another state so that was interesting. We were able to also do finding today and that was great. It was really warm this week ranging in the 86-90°F range so that's hot! And for you Canadians who don't know that in Celsius - I'll assist you.... it was like 31-32°C so a warm week!

     Alfredo Friday! Yes it continues and for the curious I do this solely on the fact that I enjoy Alfredo and because I want it to catch on!  Today we went to help someone build a fence for the afternoon and he took us out for Mexican and that was great, I enjoyed it yes mom 
I enjoyed it! Then off to see one of our investigators  where we continued to teach the Gospel of Christ so that was great.

     Saturday we took a trip down south into our area to visit people, we also saw someone and were able to help them a little bit around the yard. That night we did some finding. 
     The Sabbath day was great! It was weird after church cause it was like 84°F and it started to rain. After we went to have a lesson with a recent convert at another members home and they fed us again! We have had dinner there lots lately on Sundays and I love it. Then off to see our investigator and that was great as always. 
     P-Day (yesterday) was also Memorial Day so that's why this letter didn't come on Monday. We went to Arborland  mall to visit some shops where I got some funny cards for birthdays haha love it! We went to a Chinese buffet and that was great, such a wide variety of food and Yes I chose to go there on my own free will! I also bought some ties! Monday was a great day! It was also a great week!

A selfie with Elder Harker

Alfredo Friday!

neat and organized, that's how I like it


A delicious stir fry Elder Harker made...yes I said delicious!

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  1. Dear Elder Rodgers
    Love your blog and your enthusiasm and testimony
    Reece passed away Nay 23, helps the work go forward from the other side of the veil God bless you Rea