Monday, 16 May 2016

Listen To A Prophets Voice....Week 7 in Ypsilanti

     So let me start off with a saying that this past few days we have been listening to General Conferences addresses from 1971. For those of you who weren't born yet or can't remember those days, they talk with boldness. The talks are great and they are still relevant for us in this day. So the talks that we listen to now a days will have an impact today and in the time to come. So go and LISTEN TO THE PROPHETS VOICE. 
     Saturday night we went to a members for dinner and had some pizza so that was great! That night we went and did some finding and that was good.
     Today (Monday) I bought a souvenir and I was exited about that and I bought some cool ties from the local Value World. 
     So Tuesday we did some more finding and were able to help someone empty their attic so they could move. We stopped by some people for a lesson but it fell through. That night we had a correlation meeting and that was great because we get to discuss and find out ways we can help the people in our area! I also made dinner that night and I made Goulash, delicious food. 
     So at District meeting (Wednesday) I gave an instruction on the Atonement and that was great! I thought it went pretty well. It goes along with the scripture I mentioned last week! After that we went to see one of our investigators and we have come to love him. We had a great mini lesson before we had to go to Bishops for the start of the transfer meeting and dinner and that was fun. I Love Bishop and his Wife they are Great and terrific missionaries. For dinner we had Rice Beans Corn And Chicken. Not to bad! 
     So Thursday we did some knocking and we walked a total of 1.6 miles in that 2 hour time we were knocking it reminded me of a song which talks about "I would walk 500 miles" That's all I know so I made up some lyrics as we were walking! That afternoon we stopped by a members home to see how she was doing, she is a great member. That evening we stopped to visit a lady and hopefully we can help her return to the fullness of the gospel. Also that night it POURED RAIN!!!! Just came out and there were tons of cool looking clouds in the sky! That was a great day!            
     ALFREDO FRIDAYS! Today we Planned and did some finding and went over to a members home in the evening and talked about baptism because in the next month he will be baptized!
     ON Saturday we went to a members baptism and that was great example for his parents who one isn't a member and one less active.  Later in the afternoon we stopped by one of our investigators and met with him for a short while. That night we tried to visit this other guy but he wasn't home so we went over to where he was. He was at his parents and they were cooking shrimp and these shrimp were HUGE! Like the size of 5 inches and he gave us one and they were great! I can picture my family saying EWW! But I can hear AUNT KAY cheering me on in the background haha!
     Sunday after church we went to the Sign And Dine again and that was FUN but that night we didn't stay and eat because a member asked us the night before if we wanted to come for dinner. We had Rice, Corn, STEAK so that was great! They are such a strong family in the gospel! He is the Elders Quorum President.

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

Outside our apartment window

A store downtown

perogies cream corm and sausage with sautéed onion! so goood!!

Alfredo Friday!

cover of new planner

A carnival has come to town!

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  1. keep up the good work Elder Rodgers, we love your emails