Tuesday, 3 May 2016

TRANSFERS?....Week 5 in Ypsilanti

     So I'd like to start off by using a scripture that I liked for this past week, the scripture is ISAIAH 53:3-5. I won't quote it but I want each of you to read it. It talks about the ATONEMENT . So this scripture came to my mind yesterday while in fast and testimony meeting in church because people were talking about the ATONEMENT. 

     On Tuesday we had a lesson with a media referral and we were able to teach her so that was way cool. We did some finding and we had a lesson with one of our investigators. Her and the family are great people! That night we had a correlation meeting and that was cool and after that I got my back adjusted again that was way sick! I have never heard my neck make that sound - it went like POP!! SO THAT WAS INTERESTING.

     On Wednesday we did an exchange with the Elders in Chelsea and Elder Patterson came to Ypsi with me. That was a lot of fun! I had met Elder Patterson before my mission, he is a cousin to my friend, so being his companion for a day was sweet. That night we stopped by people and went out with a member to visit people and then he took us out to dinner so that was way cool.  I had never had Arby's before so i enjoyed that. That night we stopped by one of our investigators but he was busy so we knocked on some doors. A great day today. Also had the good old district meeting.

     On Thursday we went back to see our investigator and helped him clean up a little bit then we went to lunch and exchanged back. Today it was raining and we stopped by our investigator who we haven't been able to get a hold of and had a great visit with him. We had some lessons with people that night so that was joyful. 

     On Friday was good old Alfredo Friday (I'm trying to get that a thing in  the mission) We planned for a while then after that we went out to help this one member do some yard work for a few hours.  We had some dinner and then back doing some service for our investigator. It was a day lots of service. That's what we did we served and taught at the end of it! 

     On Saturday we did some gardening. We helped out a garden club do some service. This afternoon we visited past investigators and did some knocking. We had dinner and started our fast and then off to a family and a visit with them. It was a rainy week, cloudy all week and I LOVED IT !!

     On Sunday we went to church and had a great fast Sunday. After church we went a members home and we talked for a while and that was so fun. That night we had dinner at a members home and we broke our fast, we had Pork Chops, potatoes and beans and oh my it was fantastic! I left nice and full! It was a delight, it was nice to be able to meet with a member and break our fast with them, that was cool. 


PS.... It's transfers next week we get the call Saturday night - so we will see!

The town they live in

next to alfredo this is his favorite

Alfredo Friday!!

They are getting brave cooing new things!


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