Monday, 27 June 2016

Called to Serve in Monroe .....Week 1 in Monroe

     So on Monday, my last day in Belleville (The Big City) we went to Ann Arbor and to the mall where I got a cool sweatshirt and then we went to a Mexican restaurant. Later that evening we stopped by an investigators home and then that night I packed up all my belongings.

     The the next day (Tuesday) a member picked us up and we went to Livonia for transfers. I am now serving in Monroe!  It was an hour away and it is also a big area. My new companion is Elder Musich. When we got here we shopped and ate and then we went to work finding. We were able to set up a return date with a man. Later we stopped by and less active who we will see each day and read with him. Then later that night we did more finding.

     Wednesday was District meeting, our district has my companion and me and two other Elders. It is a very small one!  Later that day we went to see someone who is preparing to go to the temple so that's cool. He is great! Then we had language study because my companion is a Spanish missionary! I am learning Spanish! I will learn how to introduce myself and how to pray. Later that night we had a meeting with the bishop. Tonight we had dinner with a member and then we went to see the guy that told us to come back. We shared the Book of Mormon with him and that was really cool. 

     Friday was great. We got to plan this morning and for lunch we made Shepherds pie! It was delicious... dont panic, I made Alfredo for dinner! Later that night we went and read with the less active again and that was great.

     Saturday we went to Temperance. It's a city on the border of Michigan and Ohio. We tried to see some people and by now I have learned to say a simple prayer in Spanish!

     Sunday we went to church. Its a ward of an average 90-100. There is a member here who is from Lethbridge and his wife is from Monroe and I know his nephew! Its crazy! It is pretty hot here, with humidity it is 100ºF  (38ºC). There was a wicked thunderstorm yesterday in the evening, the thunder was loud but it cooled off to 77ºF (25ºC)  so that was better! A busy week!

Lots of Love 
Elder Rodgers

New sweatshirt from AnnArbor

My collection

My dad will like him, got him at a garage sale while tracting

new study area

new apartment, pretty new place but little furniture

we get our own bathrooms!

Alfredo Friday

homemade meals!

Monday, 20 June 2016

Busy Week: Six Months, Transfered, Fathers Birthday ...Week 12 in Ypsilanti

     So I'm going to start off with this... THRU SMALL AND SIMPLE THINGS GREAT THINGS ARE BROUGHT TO PASS. This was brought up in an email I received. As we as members or non members do the small things that help the Light of Christ shine we are able to help people and down the road it can change lives. 
     So on Pday last Monday, we as a district got together and we were going to go bowling but the place was closed! So we ended up going to the church to play volleyball and that evening we went to help one of our investigators clean up his apartment. 
     Tuesday lot of things didn't go through so we spent some time finding and trying to see some people and that night was correlation and I was able to get my back adjusted that was neat. 

     At District Meeting on Wednesday it was the last one of the transfer so we sang my favourite song, a parting song Hymn# 152, God be with You Till We Meet Again. Then after the meeting we exchanged with the Zone Leaders and I went with Elder Tanner. We on the exchange were able to talk to some people and we had dinner at the bishops and that was dope, but we did a lot of finding that exchange. 

     When we exchanged back the next day it was my six month mark and as some of you may know the tradition of what a missionaries may do at the six month mark and YES I did just that - bye bye to the tie if you know what I mean. And after that we did some finding and Elder Harker made some Delicious Stir Fry. 

     Friday was planning and Alfredo! I have been thinking that next transfer I may change things up a bit... like maybe French Toast Friday or Fajita Friday, we will see. So this past weekend was the Strawberry Festival in Belleville and we stopped in. It was well attended and I didn't know that Belleville had so many people, it was crazy! Later that evening we travelled to a home to do a baptismal interview.

     On Saturday we helped out at a local BBQ and did some finding and we stopped by a recent convert. On Sunday we stopped by some people and said our good-byes and got some pictures and attended a baptism. Oh yeah...I forgot to mention I am being shipped off to another area!  I don't know where but I shall soon and dwell there. 

I'd still like to encourage each of you to re -read the talks from General Conference :)

Lots Of Love 
Elder Rodgers 

Elder Rodgers & Elder Tanner

With Elder Harker.....

6 month 'tie burning'

Alfredo Friday!


Look and Alberta License plate!

Shhh Elder Harker is napping

Monday, 13 June 2016

Soul Food "Life Changing" ...Week 11 in Ypsilanti

     So last week when we left the library we went to a restaurant called THE BOMBER. While there I ordered breakfast and it was hash browns, egg, sausage, biscuits and the country style gravy - the soul food as know in Canada. Back home you can't get no biscuits and gravy but here you can and boy that place makes it well! That was my first time having it so I hope all places make it that way. NOW I can just picture my father saying "that's my boy" or another one "I knew it" or last one "I'm so proud"  I hope I was right for at least one of them! (let me know if I was) Later that day we went to the church to play sports with some members and we played this one game called Kan Jam - search it up, its tons of fun. We also went to a car show that day in Belleville. 

     The next day (Tuesday) we travelled to Arborland to exchange with the Chelsea Elders. I went to Chelsea with Elder Patterson. We stopped in at a market to get something and the manager asked if we worked for Faygo - a pop company here in Michigan, we said no we are missionaries and it turns out she used to go to the LDS church with friends when she was younger. Later that day we did some finding and then we went to a members home for dinner and met with a recent convert there. Later that night, we baked a cake.
     Wednesday we travelled to Ypsilanti for district meeting and we brought the cake! After that we went home for lunch and did some finding and we were able to talk to really neat people and share some of the fullness of the gospel but most people were content but it was still really neat. Later that night we went to a members home for dinner and that was the first time I have had bacon on mission! It was not Canadian but Eh! not bad tho. He is a really awesome member who just recently moved in.

     On Thursday morning we stopped someone to give them a Book of Mormon and we were able to teach about it and now hopefully she will read it. Later that night we attend a Family History class put on my a member of the Church and that was a really awesome experience as she related the restoration to family history and was able to teach that. 

     The Next day (Friday) we planned and had Alfredo! Later that night we met with a member and shared with them the Ward Mission Plan and that was awesome.

     Saturday when we got in to our car that afternoon our car read 104ºF and then eventually it went down thanks to mighty hope! Then it read 95ºF for the rest of the day so it was like 35ºC plus all day and we did lots of finding that day! I have come more accustom to the weather but some days are just to hot. 

     I have been Rereading the Conference addresses from this past conference and there are talks that are really great ones so I would encourage you, Each of you, to go and Read / Reread ONE talk. If you need some suggestion ask me and I'll be happy to help. 

Lots of love
Elder Rodgers


Car show

cool cars!

Closest I'll get to Paris!

Alfredo Friday!

Monday, 6 June 2016

Another Testament Of Jesus Christ....Week 10 in Ypsilanti

     I named my letter that because the Book Of Mormon is "Another Testament Of Jesus Christ" and as I have concluded the Book Of Mormon for the first time while being on my mission I have come to a knowledge and a re-confirmation that is true and that it in is the word of GOD. Like I said last week if you haven't experience that change of heart the Book Of Mormon is a great way to help you feel it and also have that change and become "CONVERTED"

     Tuesday morning we went to stop by someone who invited us back and we were able to continue a little bit on teaching the Restoration. Later that day we stopped by a person who gave us a brief description on where they lived and so we thought we were in the area lets try and stop by. She let us right in and we talked for a little bit and it turns out she was a "Ewok" in the movie Star Wars Return of the Jedi - that was so cool!! I didn't know what that was at first but I was quickly told! haha She was in the movie! Now, for all you non Star Wars fan like me go search it up!  Later that night we met with an investigator and had a lesson on the restoration. Then later that nigh we had our weekly correlation.

     Wednesday we just did finding and tried to meet with some people but no one was home. 
     Thursday we had a Zone Conference that lasted all day we had to be there at 8:30 am and it went till 4:30 pm. After that we went to dinner and then went to a members home to share a message. Later that night we knocked on a few doors. Zone Conference was great so much information it was crazy. President Gerber is leaving here on the June 28th and then President Cleveland will be coming in. That should be a great experience "So Many Mission Presidents!"

      So Friday was...well I don't need to say because you all know what happens on Fridays for lunch! After lunch we did some finding and later that night saw one of our investigators and that was great!

     On Saturday we had lunch with a member who loves the missionaries, she fed us Chicken, Potatoes, Stuffing, Veggies And Root Beer Floats! Such a great meal! After that we did some finding and later that night we had dinner with another member - a Mediterranean Surprise (Chicken Rice Veggies) and that night it started to pour!! The heavens opened. 

     Fast Sunday was great fast and testimony meeting great.  In the afternoon we went over to a Recent Convert for a visit and later that night we broke our fast with .... spaghetti! Then we went to give someone the sacrament. A great week I must say! 

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

P.S    Thank -You to the former Lethbridge West Stake Presidency,  President Low, President Ron Hendry and President Bruce Lamb!  And to the new West Stake Presidency, President Doug Atwood, President Mike Steed and President Dave Bullock Thanks for accepting the call to serve the Lord! The Lord will qualify those he calls!

President & Sister Gerber

My $5 wallet

My 50¢ cups

got these at zone conference for my birthday
they are.... Michigan Detroit Mission (MDM's) candies!


Ohhhh they are Gooood!

There's that Alfredo Friday!

squirrel at the other Elders place

my yarn ties!