Monday, 20 June 2016

Busy Week: Six Months, Transfered, Fathers Birthday ...Week 12 in Ypsilanti

     So I'm going to start off with this... THRU SMALL AND SIMPLE THINGS GREAT THINGS ARE BROUGHT TO PASS. This was brought up in an email I received. As we as members or non members do the small things that help the Light of Christ shine we are able to help people and down the road it can change lives. 
     So on Pday last Monday, we as a district got together and we were going to go bowling but the place was closed! So we ended up going to the church to play volleyball and that evening we went to help one of our investigators clean up his apartment. 
     Tuesday lot of things didn't go through so we spent some time finding and trying to see some people and that night was correlation and I was able to get my back adjusted that was neat. 

     At District Meeting on Wednesday it was the last one of the transfer so we sang my favourite song, a parting song Hymn# 152, God be with You Till We Meet Again. Then after the meeting we exchanged with the Zone Leaders and I went with Elder Tanner. We on the exchange were able to talk to some people and we had dinner at the bishops and that was dope, but we did a lot of finding that exchange. 

     When we exchanged back the next day it was my six month mark and as some of you may know the tradition of what a missionaries may do at the six month mark and YES I did just that - bye bye to the tie if you know what I mean. And after that we did some finding and Elder Harker made some Delicious Stir Fry. 

     Friday was planning and Alfredo! I have been thinking that next transfer I may change things up a bit... like maybe French Toast Friday or Fajita Friday, we will see. So this past weekend was the Strawberry Festival in Belleville and we stopped in. It was well attended and I didn't know that Belleville had so many people, it was crazy! Later that evening we travelled to a home to do a baptismal interview.

     On Saturday we helped out at a local BBQ and did some finding and we stopped by a recent convert. On Sunday we stopped by some people and said our good-byes and got some pictures and attended a baptism. Oh yeah...I forgot to mention I am being shipped off to another area!  I don't know where but I shall soon and dwell there. 

I'd still like to encourage each of you to re -read the talks from General Conference :)

Lots Of Love 
Elder Rodgers 

Elder Rodgers & Elder Tanner

With Elder Harker.....

6 month 'tie burning'

Alfredo Friday!


Look and Alberta License plate!

Shhh Elder Harker is napping

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