Monday, 27 June 2016

Called to Serve in Monroe .....Week 1 in Monroe

     So on Monday, my last day in Belleville (The Big City) we went to Ann Arbor and to the mall where I got a cool sweatshirt and then we went to a Mexican restaurant. Later that evening we stopped by an investigators home and then that night I packed up all my belongings.

     The the next day (Tuesday) a member picked us up and we went to Livonia for transfers. I am now serving in Monroe!  It was an hour away and it is also a big area. My new companion is Elder Musich. When we got here we shopped and ate and then we went to work finding. We were able to set up a return date with a man. Later we stopped by and less active who we will see each day and read with him. Then later that night we did more finding.

     Wednesday was District meeting, our district has my companion and me and two other Elders. It is a very small one!  Later that day we went to see someone who is preparing to go to the temple so that's cool. He is great! Then we had language study because my companion is a Spanish missionary! I am learning Spanish! I will learn how to introduce myself and how to pray. Later that night we had a meeting with the bishop. Tonight we had dinner with a member and then we went to see the guy that told us to come back. We shared the Book of Mormon with him and that was really cool. 

     Friday was great. We got to plan this morning and for lunch we made Shepherds pie! It was delicious... dont panic, I made Alfredo for dinner! Later that night we went and read with the less active again and that was great.

     Saturday we went to Temperance. It's a city on the border of Michigan and Ohio. We tried to see some people and by now I have learned to say a simple prayer in Spanish!

     Sunday we went to church. Its a ward of an average 90-100. There is a member here who is from Lethbridge and his wife is from Monroe and I know his nephew! Its crazy! It is pretty hot here, with humidity it is 100ºF  (38ºC). There was a wicked thunderstorm yesterday in the evening, the thunder was loud but it cooled off to 77ºF (25ºC)  so that was better! A busy week!

Lots of Love 
Elder Rodgers

New sweatshirt from AnnArbor

My collection

My dad will like him, got him at a garage sale while tracting

new study area

new apartment, pretty new place but little furniture

we get our own bathrooms!

Alfredo Friday

homemade meals!

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  1. They are lucky in Monroe to have such a great missionary as you. Good luck with the Spanish. Those meals look delicious. God bless