Monday, 13 June 2016

Soul Food "Life Changing" ...Week 11 in Ypsilanti

     So last week when we left the library we went to a restaurant called THE BOMBER. While there I ordered breakfast and it was hash browns, egg, sausage, biscuits and the country style gravy - the soul food as know in Canada. Back home you can't get no biscuits and gravy but here you can and boy that place makes it well! That was my first time having it so I hope all places make it that way. NOW I can just picture my father saying "that's my boy" or another one "I knew it" or last one "I'm so proud"  I hope I was right for at least one of them! (let me know if I was) Later that day we went to the church to play sports with some members and we played this one game called Kan Jam - search it up, its tons of fun. We also went to a car show that day in Belleville. 

     The next day (Tuesday) we travelled to Arborland to exchange with the Chelsea Elders. I went to Chelsea with Elder Patterson. We stopped in at a market to get something and the manager asked if we worked for Faygo - a pop company here in Michigan, we said no we are missionaries and it turns out she used to go to the LDS church with friends when she was younger. Later that day we did some finding and then we went to a members home for dinner and met with a recent convert there. Later that night, we baked a cake.
     Wednesday we travelled to Ypsilanti for district meeting and we brought the cake! After that we went home for lunch and did some finding and we were able to talk to really neat people and share some of the fullness of the gospel but most people were content but it was still really neat. Later that night we went to a members home for dinner and that was the first time I have had bacon on mission! It was not Canadian but Eh! not bad tho. He is a really awesome member who just recently moved in.

     On Thursday morning we stopped someone to give them a Book of Mormon and we were able to teach about it and now hopefully she will read it. Later that night we attend a Family History class put on my a member of the Church and that was a really awesome experience as she related the restoration to family history and was able to teach that. 

     The Next day (Friday) we planned and had Alfredo! Later that night we met with a member and shared with them the Ward Mission Plan and that was awesome.

     Saturday when we got in to our car that afternoon our car read 104ºF and then eventually it went down thanks to mighty hope! Then it read 95ºF for the rest of the day so it was like 35ºC plus all day and we did lots of finding that day! I have come more accustom to the weather but some days are just to hot. 

     I have been Rereading the Conference addresses from this past conference and there are talks that are really great ones so I would encourage you, Each of you, to go and Read / Reread ONE talk. If you need some suggestion ask me and I'll be happy to help. 

Lots of love
Elder Rodgers


Car show

cool cars!

Closest I'll get to Paris!

Alfredo Friday!

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