Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Cut By My Number 1 Fan ....Week 4 in Monroe

     Last week we finished up our preparation day at the other elders apartment. We were playing Settlers and as we were getting ready to leave I wanted to use the fan because it was hot in there and I grabbed it. It turns out the fan they had has no back to it sliced my finger. It was minor so I'm good but I was cut by my number one fan!

      Tuesday morning we drove down to Lambertville to contact a media referral and she was awesome! We shared the Book of Mormon then we came back for lunch and then did some finding. The heat is still relentless but that is OK. Then that night we went over to a  Spanish family, the mother speaks a little English and her children speak both but Elder Musich likes to speak Spanish and practice speaking in Spanish. We also take a member with us who speaks Spanish. It was a great lesson, as far as I could tell from what her child translated for me! Later that night we got a couch for are apartment! Finally! 

     District meeting on Wednesday was great we had the Zone Leaders come down and that was cool. We had some great instructions by one of the ZL and another one by another missionary. Later that day we went to see a member who we are preparing for the temple and that was great! Later that night we just did some great old finding!! 

     Thursday we went to one of our investigators because they were having a garage sale and we thought we would support them. Then that night we went back to Lambertville to have a lesson with the media referral and it was also a really great lesson, we invited her to church. 

     Friday was a super planning day, it was great! At 11 we went back to those investigators and had a hill billy breakfast, biscuits & gravy, eggs & bacon. It was great! In the afternoon we went to do more of the best thing -  we did finding! In case you were wondering it was still very hot!

     Saturday we came back for lunch and someone was moving in to the apt across the hall so we offered our help and they gladly accepted. It was great except for the part where Elder Musich carried something up the stairs and hurt his back. We carried on with our day and went to a lesson and then came back and we called the presidents wife who told us to call the doctor. We were told he was at least to rest his back, so we were in the apartment for the rest of the night. 

     So going to church the next day was fun! haha! Elder Musich walks like an old man. This afternoon we went out with someone who just showed up at church asking to do missionary work so we took him to visit a less active. it was great. After he called our parents to tell them how we are doing. (He called and talked to me (Jackie) and he said that he was so impressed with how they were doing. He said that he was impressed by Brads knowledge of the scriptures and how he was observant to the needs of the member. This man travels a lot and rarely attends the same ward. He said that since he isn't in his home ward and able to do his calling he offers his help to the missionaries where he is visiting. It was fun to hear from someone who was just with Brad)

I want everyone to read this talk as it has brought comfort to me this past week and it is one that can bring us all that added comfort. It's called He will place you on his shoulders and carry you home by Dieter F Uchtdorf from the April 2016 Sunday morning session. 

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

Our District~

We were given a crock pot and we had a roast
so we let that and the potato and the carrots sit in the
crock pot for 9 hours and it was great!

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