Monday, 25 July 2016

It Only Gets Worse, Then Sunshine ...Week 5 in Monroe

     Monday was great we started off the week after preparation day going to a investigators home with the Bishop and that was a super great lesson! And that was basically our day!

     So if you can all recall my companion walks like a old man who needs a cane but does not have one, so Tuesday he was walking funny and we could not go finding so we called tons of people. That afternoon we went to stop by someone who loves us and she gave us some great crock pot recipes to try. Then that night our one appointment fell through so we just called more people then we went to read with a less active member. I love when we get to read with him. 

     There was no district meeting Wednesday so we went to help a lady in the ward mow here lawn, ok I did most of it, Elder Musich tried haha and that was great to watch. That afternoon we were helping this guy continue on the road to the temple so we talked with him and things are going great. That night we stopped by some one who told us to come back but we are not sure if he is all there. The week may seem boring so far but that's ok it don't expect it to get better but continue reading! 

     Thursday morning we went finding and Elder Musich did ok for and hour but to no avail his back could not handle it anymore. We had one appointment but other then that we organized and called people, you can only call so much! After we went to visit this less active member who wants to start coming back now that she can!

     Friday was great, we planned for a bit then we meet President and that was great, he instructed us for a while then we got into interviews. Sister Cleveland showed us some cleaning tips and we were able to get to know her better! Interviews went for a long time but we carpooled there so we could not leave till all were done! That took up our whole day. When we went back we had dinner and then had our language study.

     Saturday, it was a good thing we can't go out and do finding as it was in the high 90ºF! Today came the sunshine in full force!  We had a correlation meeting that night, the first one in a while because our ward mission leader was on vacation. We also made more calls and organized and cleaned!

     Sunday was full of meetings. We had some before and after church and then we had dinner at our ward mission leaders home. After we stopped by some people.  

Now don't you guys worry I am taking care of Elder Musich, we have a chiropractor appointment for Tuesday so "all is well, all is well'  

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

Lake Erie by our ward mission leaders home

President and Sister Cleveland

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