Monday, 11 July 2016

Not The Success We need ....Week 3 in Monroe

     Well, I would like to start off by saying you have not experienced humility until you have been out side knocking for three hours and then while doing that also dripping in sweat! Yes, that was the case this week and on one of the days there was a heat wave where our car all day was reading  100ºF!  

     Tuesday, after we emailed we went and did some finding. Then we went to meet with a less active member, then later that day we had our language study. I am coming along with it, I can understand Elder Musich when he prays and "sometimes" when he speaks slowly. That night after like 1.5 hours of knocking we talked with someone and she works at a place where one of the members we see weekly lives so we have invited her to church and she had work but we will keep on trying! 

     Wednesday was Zone Meeting where we had to travel 45 min. We went with our District leader so we left Monroe at 7:25 AM and that was a fun trip. After that when we got back it had just rained and when we got out of the car "BOOM" it was so HOT! Me and Elder Wood went on an exchange! Fun fact on Elder Wood.. when I arrived in Ypsi he had just finished being Elder Harker's companion. The exchange was great. We went to see a member who we are helping to go to the temple! Love him, then we went back home for a lunch/dinner and Elder Wood made ramen and man that was delicious! We went out knocking that night and we found success, as in we were offered lots of water from people so that in itself was a blessing! We were so hot and it wasn't even sunny that much it was just so humid but we endured. 

     The next morning, Thursday, we went and tried to stop by someone and in the process Elder Wood was almost killed by a pit bull! We saw a "beware of dog" sign and then two little puppies ran out and so that was we thought the sign was for, the two little ones. But then as we got closer to the door the Pit comes out from the garage... we had awoke the beast! Elder Wood is ok! We went back to the apt for lunch then exchanged back. Today was a heat wave and again we found success in that we were offered cold water by the people who shut us down. Not the success we need but its a close second. 

     Super Planning Friday, then we went to pick up a member and take him to a lesson with another member who we are helping prepare for the temple. Tonight we went to help at the soup kitchen and that was great, it was ran by a catholic church and the people there were great! The soup kitchen in Charlottetown was better but I'm glad we got to go to this one. Also, I made a cake that morning. It was a jello cake and I must say it was pretty darn great!

     The next morning we went out to find and we went to this one neighbourhood and when we got out of the car there were tons of Jehovah's Witnesses out. We continued to do our thing but it was pretty great!

     Sunday was great, we attended the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and it was a great service. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who wants the truth in their life! That afternoon we went to meet with a less active at a members home, the member is a good friend and the member basically said it how it is and was blunt! It was great. That was a week in the view point of Elder Rodgers 

Job 30:30 "My skin is burnt upon me, and my face is burned with heat."

"This was also the scripture of the week"! 

Lots Of Love, laughs, and faith 
Elder Rodgers 

Exchange with Elder Wood

my desk

For dad...La-Z-Boy headquarters

Ramen noodles Elder Wood made

Good dinner

Awesome Cake!

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