Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The Lone Patriotic Missionary ...Week 2 in Monroe

     So I will start off by saying 'Oh Canada' because I have had to explain that Canada has a day like independence day and its July 1st, and also that we don't ride dog sleds and that I don't have a polar bear - but that I do occasionally say Eh?   Haha...just kidding! People don't think I ride dog sleds but I will convince someone I do!  

     So we started off the week by preparing for the week. Here on P-Days we play board games and hacky sack. I enjoy this because I have become better at some games and at the hacky sack.

     On Tuesday we travelled to the Westland stake centre to meet President Cleveland (our new Mission President) and that was really cool. He has a strong faith in and a desire to do missionary work! Later that evening we had our missionary correlation meeting and we had home made chicken pot pie and that was by far thee best Chicken pot pie I have ever had!

     On Wednesday we had a few appointments and we did some finding that evening. In general it was a great day. 

     Thursday we did service for someone we are trying to begin teaching - we did some gardening! She also fed us a Cony Dog (no I don't mean corn dog) and baked beans which are not half bad! If you don't know what a cony dog is then search it up (Search Cony dog in Michigan). After helping her my gardening skills have improved! Then we travelled to a older sister in the ward to help her mow her lawn. I thought it was a small one but if you consider 6 acres small then yes it was small but I don't! At least we had a ride on mower and it went by fast. That night we had a appointment with some people who we hope to begin teaching and she baked us a cake!  

     CANADA DAY I was a Lone Patriotic Missionary, who sung Oh Canada alone and who had on a red tie! This morning I made the most Canadian like breakfast I could think of and that was French Toast with maple syrup :) Later that day we went to see a member and then another and that night we did finding.

      Saturday was slotted as a Finding day and we did but that night someone who we has previously talked to called us back to help her water her lawn so we helped her with that, and that was lots of fun, she was great!

     Sunday was fast Sunday and that night we had dinner with a family and that was great! We had rice pork cheese and tortilla shells and Jello Cake for Dessert!  They are such a amazing family!!! 

     So on the 4th of July the people down here celebrate that day, their independence day so that's cool lol. That night we had a BBQ at our ward mission leaders home and that was a lot of fun and before that all day we just played board games! That was a ton of fun! 

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

Go Canada!

Alfredo Friday

My Patriotic breakfast

Chicken and waffles!

apparently its all about food this week!

I collect license plates, someone gave me these

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