Monday, 29 August 2016

God Said He Would Never Flood The Earth Again ...Week 10 in Monroe

     Monday was great that day! We met the ward mission leaders wife at Greenfield Village and we spent our preparation day there and it was sweet. I dont know how to best explain it other then searching it up for yourselves, what a fun place. Later that evening we went by to a less active and Elder Musich taught the lesson because she only speaks Spanish. She made us dinner and it was rice and some lamb but the lamb was way to spicy and since she knows I don't do spice she had some without for me, she is awesome! It was a great day. 

     Tuesday we went to help an older lady in the ward mow her lawn, and that was great. Another appointment for Elder Musich and his back so we went to the doctors and in total of appointment and driving its was 3 hours. That evening we had the Book Mormon Class and it was great as everyone there learns so much and you really come to love the Book Of Mormon. We saw this family as we went home teaching and they are a great family, a strong resemblance of my family. 😁 

     District Meeting which was great, the assistants came to it and that was great! AND WE LEARNED A LOT. That evening upon the request of someone in the ward we stopped by his sons and talked with him. Then we had a visit with a less active member and she is great!!! I love it, she is so funny.  

     On Thursday Mornings there is a flee market in Monroe and we go to it every so often to talk with people so we went today and I bought some corn on the cob and this huge cantaloupe. It probably weighed 4-5 pounds.... okay back story here... the other three Elders when we were at correlation at the ward mission leaders home and they had corn on the cob, they put mayo instead of butter on there corn and I have yet to fall in to such abomination. 😷 We had a mini exchange tonight so we could cover more appointments and later Elder Musich couldn't do much due to back pain so we stayed in the apartment and I also felt ill. 

     Super Planning on Friday then some appointments where we shared the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and it was great. We were able to help them understand the need for it in their life. Then some finding, the good old stuff. 

     So Saturday is really where the title comes in to play we were tracking and we could see the clouds and I knew by previous encounters that it would unleash but we had hope and the faith that someone would let us in so we would not need to be out in it but low and behold we knocked and a lady said you better get back to your car or some shelter because the forecast says it about to come down and she didn't let us in so we ran/walked back to the car in the rain and we were pretty wet. As we were driving back it was like flash flood, the water in some parts was like right under the car, but "God Said He Would Never Flood The Earth Again"  That night we took an investigator over to our ward mission leaders and had dinner and watched the restoration video, it was great!

     Sunday was also full of adventure. I had to give closing prayer in sacrament, first time doing that. When we were home for lunch there was another massive thunderstorm and the thunder made me jump, it was by far the loudest I had ever heard. Later that night we had correlation and it was bright and sunny. 

Hope you are all reading in Alma 17-27 

Lots of Love

Elder Rodgers

A Great Day in Greenfield Village

Elder Wood

Brad with Elder Wood
Elder Clement
Elder Clement and Wood

ward mission leaders wife and daughter

What a Great Day!
caught in the pouring rain

Exchange with the assistants Elder Bennet and Elder Ferguson

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Exchange with the Assistants ...Week 9 in Monroe

     Last Monday was P-Day! and we went to a Chinese buffet and that was awesome and then we played games that afternoon.

     Tuesday we did some store contacting and that was fun. That afternoon we travelled to Dundee to find some people and then that night we had our Book of Mormon class. That evening and was great we but mostly I learn so much when we read it and discuss it and you get insights from everyone. After, we went to a less active members and attempted to share a message but could not get one across, the spirit was not there and we couldn't convey our message. 

   Wednesday was District Meeting and I was in charge of giving a lesson  and I prepared it that morning haha and well it showed... Later that day we had our exchange, I went to the North and we saw less actives and had some great lessons. That evening we had a meeting with bishop to go over some names of people who we can work with. 

     Thursday, we travelled to Farmington MI and that was with construction about an 1.5 hour trip! Elder Musich hit the year of being in the field so he went to the annual temple trip and I spent the day with the Assistants and that was way cool and that night Elder Musich's ward mission leader from his last area was moving so they came down that night at took us out for dinner, so that was sweet. t

     Friday we had SUPER PLANNING which was great. Then some lessons and some finding. 

     Saturday was long.... finding and lessons not going through. That night was great though, we took our ward mission leader and his wife to an investigators lesson in which we taught the Book of Mormon and it was great. We were sitting on the porch and it was pouring rain like crazy but the lesson was still great and we all stayed dry. After that we took them both to a less active lesson and taught the Book of Mormon as well, it was a great night. 

     Church was great and after that for the next 3 hours we went with the bishop to visit less actives and we had three lessons!!! Then he drove us to the ward mission leaders home for correlation and dinner, so that was lots of fun. 

So currently I am reading in Alma 20 but I would challenge everyone - to read by yourself or with family or BOTH -  Alma 17-27 they are great chapters in the Book or Mormon 

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

Elder Rodgers wasn't able to email yesterday because he went to Greenfield Village. Its an historic village, reminds me of Heritage park in Calgary but much larger

Day of Service in Detroit

At Greenfield Village

Monday, 22 August 2016

Come Unto Me ...Week 8 in Monroe

Mathew 11:28-30, this scripture came into my mind this morning as I was studying, and I really like its principles and how we need to come unto Him. 

     Monday - that evening we had a lesson with one of our investigators and we are teaching the need for baptism with priesthood authority. It was a great lesson as we were able to testify of the Book of Mormon. Later that evening we stopped by someone who we missed at church the previous day.

     Tuesday we stopped by some people we want to get back to church and we invited them and told them that Elder Musich would be speaking, so hopefully she will, we will see how that goes. That night we held our Book of Mormon Class and it was so great and so much insight when everyone comes together. Later that night we did some finding.

     At 7:45 the next morning we went to pick up the other Elders and we travelled 55 minutes to Dearborn for a specialized training and that was really awesome! We learned about finding!! That night we got back we did language study, dinner and updating the area book. Then we were out finding and talking with everyone well... almost. 

     Thursday we had service at 10 am. We went to a less active member and it was sweet. She fed us lunch and that was great. Right after that we went to help a person who is preparing for the Temple and that was a cool lesson! That night we were finding and for the past few weeks I have been caring a word of wisdom pamphlet with me. So tonight when we were finding we talked with this guy and Elder Musich asked if he wanted to quit smoking and he was all for that. We offered a 7 day quit smoking program and he was all over it. So later I was reflecting and I came to understand why I was caring a word of wisdom pamphlet around for so long, it was because if I had not then when we went finding tonight then maybe I would not have thought about grabbing it. Later that night we saw one person who we are starting to reactivate we see her every Thursday evening and I love to go over, she loves us! 

     Friday... The Birthday Day! So this morning Elder Musich made me breakfast, it was glorious and as I was eating I opened some presents. Then 2 hours of study and 2.5 hours of planning and then lunch. We went out to a diner and then we went to Kroger and I bought a cake and had them write on it "Happy Birthday To Me" it was so awesome and the cashier thought it was funny! Then we all had some and then I exchanged to the north with Elder Wood and we did a little bit of finding. That night we went out to J's Smokehouse ...oh so great! Then more finding. As we were driving and we passed by a members home and I knew it was the youngest daughters birthday and that she was turning 7 so we stopped in to say hi and I got more cake!  

     That was great and the next morning we exchanged back because the north Elders had to be somewhere. It was all unplanned so a short  exchange and unfinished business. Later today we stopped by people and did some finding. 

     Sunday was great we had 2 people come to hear Elder Musich so that was sweet. A GREAT WEEK!!

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

Thanks to all who sent me pictures and thoughts!

My awesome companion made me breakfast!!


Bought myself a cake!

Meat Lovers breakfast skillet with sausage gravy...Delicious!!


Look at all that food!!

Sad it is all gone!!

scripture I though of today while studying

Day In Detroit ...Week 7 in Monroe

     Last Monday was great, we went up to Riverview to be with the other Elders and that was awesome! That night we stopped by a potential investigator and set up a return appointment for the upcoming Wednesday. So our P-Day was great. 
     Tuesday we did some great finding and then we met with a less active. We also had a Book Of Mormon class that night. It is going to be a weekly thing that we do! It's great, we will be able to read with people and teach them so hopefully great things come from that. 

     District meeting was also great I just had to give some instruction on a page from the White handbook. That night we had a lesson with the investigator and we watched with them the restoration and lo and behold he fell asleep during it and when we asked at the end he said he loved it..... but that was that nothing is really going to come unless we teach priesthood authority. 

     We mowed a lawn this morning for a lady and then she fed us lunch, which was bombing (great). We got a text from the zone leader and we were told to weekly plan today so that took up our afternoon and that night we had a farewell dinner with some members who are leaving and going back to Idaho. Then we meet with this awesome less active member and I loved it! So the reason we were told to plan today instead of Friday was because on Friday from 11-3 we were to travel to Detroit with the other Elders and meet at this one place. 

     So Friday we met at the place and it was a huge Volunteer place where our zone and the Ann Arbor Zone went and we did service for the day in Detroit. We were cleaning up the outsides of abandoned homes, we mowed, weed whacked, cut down bushes, trees, and trash and that was way cool! It was a "Day In Detroit" and that night we came back to have dinner and language study. 

     Saturday  we found nobody to teach. We did finding all day and the saving grace was that we had correlation that evening and the ward mission leader. He took my companion and I out to taco bell. It was delicious. 

     Sunday was great. Church was great but when we got back Elder Musich had a hurting back so we were in the apartment all day but the other Elders and I did a mini exchange and I went to a lesson and one stayed with him so I could get out. 

 Well the count down still goes on 1 2 3 4 more days till the BIG 19! 

Shout out to:
Shauna Holthe who also has a birthday August 12   
President Cleveland who also has a birthday August 12 
Elder Jensen who also has a birthday  August 12 
A member of the Monroe ward who also has a birthday August 12 

Lots Of Love 
Elder Rodgers 

Graffiti in Detroit

A Day in Detroit doing service

a old train station where I think batmen or transformers
was or is being filmed

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Where's Perry? ....Week 6 in Monroe

     I can officially start the count down! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 days till my birthday that's crazy. 
Monday evening we went to this one family who Elder Musich and another member teach (they teach in Spanish) and she fed us. It was rice and what looked like a meatball but.... it was hard a boiled egg in meat. That was a combination I have never had before but i ate it!

     So Tuesday we travelled to Ann Arbor to take Elder Musich to a chiropractor. We went to the one I saw from the Ypsilanti ward, she is the ward mission leaders wife. It was great and nice to see her again. Later that evening Elder Musich was sore. She did some great work on him and she gave him some cream for guess who to apply... that's correct it was me! He cant reach that part of his back. We did some finding today and talked to this one guy in our Apt complex and we shared the message of the restoration and were able to get at return apt with him.

     Wednesday was our last District Meeting of the transfer and after we exchanged. I stayed here in the south with Elder Clement. We tried to see someone who is preparing for the temple but he was unable to meet and that means ...we find! So we did that! Then the lesson we had that night. the member we were going to bring with us typed the address in wrong and went to the wrong place so we had to postpone the lesson for the next day because was the member was only available for a short time and we didn't want to hold him back. 

     At the flee market Thursday we tried to talk to people there and we did. It was a great experience. Later that day after we exchanged back, we went to see a person and we are starting to meet with her more and bring her back to being active and prepare her for the temple, she is so funny. 

     Friday was planning, then we went to a garage sale that some one we talked to at the flee market invited us to. He gave us some slices of pizza - thee best BBQ chicken pizza ever! Then we saw a member and she was expressing concern and we were able to help her. That night we went back to that appointment and it was a no go!

     Saturday morning we travelled back to Ann Arbor to the Chiropractor. We went for lunch to Stake N' Shake and then to a lesson where instead of debating with them I was just able to testify of the truth of the Gospel. Later that night we did dome finding. We went to Luna Pier, a place right on the lake, and we tried to find brother Perry's home but for the life of us we could not! Finally we did after 20 minutes. So that is where the title comes in "wheres Perry" . He gave us a tour of the pier and gave us some blue berry's ...YUM. We wanted to talk to him and see if we could get a referral but no go. 

     Sunday evening we had correlation and dinner at the ward mission leaders home and that was great - tacos! Later that night we had a lesson at the Spanish members home and we had Chinese food so I was stuffed!

This is a transfer week but I will be staying here with Elder Musich, no changes for our area!

Lots of Love 
Elder Rodgers

In Luna Pier. Lake Erie

My companion, Elder Munich 

On exchange with Elder Clements

Our serious look

When we went to Ypsi to the chiropractor we stopped by Belleville
to get my bike and we saw Elder Harker