Monday, 22 August 2016

Day In Detroit ...Week 7 in Monroe

     Last Monday was great, we went up to Riverview to be with the other Elders and that was awesome! That night we stopped by a potential investigator and set up a return appointment for the upcoming Wednesday. So our P-Day was great. 
     Tuesday we did some great finding and then we met with a less active. We also had a Book Of Mormon class that night. It is going to be a weekly thing that we do! It's great, we will be able to read with people and teach them so hopefully great things come from that. 

     District meeting was also great I just had to give some instruction on a page from the White handbook. That night we had a lesson with the investigator and we watched with them the restoration and lo and behold he fell asleep during it and when we asked at the end he said he loved it..... but that was that nothing is really going to come unless we teach priesthood authority. 

     We mowed a lawn this morning for a lady and then she fed us lunch, which was bombing (great). We got a text from the zone leader and we were told to weekly plan today so that took up our afternoon and that night we had a farewell dinner with some members who are leaving and going back to Idaho. Then we meet with this awesome less active member and I loved it! So the reason we were told to plan today instead of Friday was because on Friday from 11-3 we were to travel to Detroit with the other Elders and meet at this one place. 

     So Friday we met at the place and it was a huge Volunteer place where our zone and the Ann Arbor Zone went and we did service for the day in Detroit. We were cleaning up the outsides of abandoned homes, we mowed, weed whacked, cut down bushes, trees, and trash and that was way cool! It was a "Day In Detroit" and that night we came back to have dinner and language study. 

     Saturday  we found nobody to teach. We did finding all day and the saving grace was that we had correlation that evening and the ward mission leader. He took my companion and I out to taco bell. It was delicious. 

     Sunday was great. Church was great but when we got back Elder Musich had a hurting back so we were in the apartment all day but the other Elders and I did a mini exchange and I went to a lesson and one stayed with him so I could get out. 

 Well the count down still goes on 1 2 3 4 more days till the BIG 19! 

Shout out to:
Shauna Holthe who also has a birthday August 12   
President Cleveland who also has a birthday August 12 
Elder Jensen who also has a birthday  August 12 
A member of the Monroe ward who also has a birthday August 12 

Lots Of Love 
Elder Rodgers 

Graffiti in Detroit

A Day in Detroit doing service

a old train station where I think batmen or transformers
was or is being filmed

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