Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Exchange with the Assistants ...Week 9 in Monroe

     Last Monday was P-Day! and we went to a Chinese buffet and that was awesome and then we played games that afternoon.

     Tuesday we did some store contacting and that was fun. That afternoon we travelled to Dundee to find some people and then that night we had our Book of Mormon class. That evening and was great we but mostly I learn so much when we read it and discuss it and you get insights from everyone. After, we went to a less active members and attempted to share a message but could not get one across, the spirit was not there and we couldn't convey our message. 

   Wednesday was District Meeting and I was in charge of giving a lesson  and I prepared it that morning haha and well it showed... Later that day we had our exchange, I went to the North and we saw less actives and had some great lessons. That evening we had a meeting with bishop to go over some names of people who we can work with. 

     Thursday, we travelled to Farmington MI and that was with construction about an 1.5 hour trip! Elder Musich hit the year of being in the field so he went to the annual temple trip and I spent the day with the Assistants and that was way cool and that night Elder Musich's ward mission leader from his last area was moving so they came down that night at took us out for dinner, so that was sweet. t

     Friday we had SUPER PLANNING which was great. Then some lessons and some finding. 

     Saturday was long.... finding and lessons not going through. That night was great though, we took our ward mission leader and his wife to an investigators lesson in which we taught the Book of Mormon and it was great. We were sitting on the porch and it was pouring rain like crazy but the lesson was still great and we all stayed dry. After that we took them both to a less active lesson and taught the Book of Mormon as well, it was a great night. 

     Church was great and after that for the next 3 hours we went with the bishop to visit less actives and we had three lessons!!! Then he drove us to the ward mission leaders home for correlation and dinner, so that was lots of fun. 

So currently I am reading in Alma 20 but I would challenge everyone - to read by yourself or with family or BOTH -  Alma 17-27 they are great chapters in the Book or Mormon 

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

Elder Rodgers wasn't able to email yesterday because he went to Greenfield Village. Its an historic village, reminds me of Heritage park in Calgary but much larger

Day of Service in Detroit

At Greenfield Village

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