Monday, 22 August 2016

Come Unto Me ...Week 8 in Monroe

Mathew 11:28-30, this scripture came into my mind this morning as I was studying, and I really like its principles and how we need to come unto Him. 

     Monday - that evening we had a lesson with one of our investigators and we are teaching the need for baptism with priesthood authority. It was a great lesson as we were able to testify of the Book of Mormon. Later that evening we stopped by someone who we missed at church the previous day.

     Tuesday we stopped by some people we want to get back to church and we invited them and told them that Elder Musich would be speaking, so hopefully she will, we will see how that goes. That night we held our Book of Mormon Class and it was so great and so much insight when everyone comes together. Later that night we did some finding.

     At 7:45 the next morning we went to pick up the other Elders and we travelled 55 minutes to Dearborn for a specialized training and that was really awesome! We learned about finding!! That night we got back we did language study, dinner and updating the area book. Then we were out finding and talking with everyone well... almost. 

     Thursday we had service at 10 am. We went to a less active member and it was sweet. She fed us lunch and that was great. Right after that we went to help a person who is preparing for the Temple and that was a cool lesson! That night we were finding and for the past few weeks I have been caring a word of wisdom pamphlet with me. So tonight when we were finding we talked with this guy and Elder Musich asked if he wanted to quit smoking and he was all for that. We offered a 7 day quit smoking program and he was all over it. So later I was reflecting and I came to understand why I was caring a word of wisdom pamphlet around for so long, it was because if I had not then when we went finding tonight then maybe I would not have thought about grabbing it. Later that night we saw one person who we are starting to reactivate we see her every Thursday evening and I love to go over, she loves us! 

     Friday... The Birthday Day! So this morning Elder Musich made me breakfast, it was glorious and as I was eating I opened some presents. Then 2 hours of study and 2.5 hours of planning and then lunch. We went out to a diner and then we went to Kroger and I bought a cake and had them write on it "Happy Birthday To Me" it was so awesome and the cashier thought it was funny! Then we all had some and then I exchanged to the north with Elder Wood and we did a little bit of finding. That night we went out to J's Smokehouse ...oh so great! Then more finding. As we were driving and we passed by a members home and I knew it was the youngest daughters birthday and that she was turning 7 so we stopped in to say hi and I got more cake!  

     That was great and the next morning we exchanged back because the north Elders had to be somewhere. It was all unplanned so a short  exchange and unfinished business. Later today we stopped by people and did some finding. 

     Sunday was great we had 2 people come to hear Elder Musich so that was sweet. A GREAT WEEK!!

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

Thanks to all who sent me pictures and thoughts!

My awesome companion made me breakfast!!


Bought myself a cake!

Meat Lovers breakfast skillet with sausage gravy...Delicious!!


Look at all that food!!

Sad it is all gone!!

scripture I though of today while studying

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