Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Where's Perry? ....Week 6 in Monroe

     I can officially start the count down! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 days till my birthday that's crazy. 
Monday evening we went to this one family who Elder Musich and another member teach (they teach in Spanish) and she fed us. It was rice and what looked like a meatball but.... it was hard a boiled egg in meat. That was a combination I have never had before but i ate it!

     So Tuesday we travelled to Ann Arbor to take Elder Musich to a chiropractor. We went to the one I saw from the Ypsilanti ward, she is the ward mission leaders wife. It was great and nice to see her again. Later that evening Elder Musich was sore. She did some great work on him and she gave him some cream for guess who to apply... that's correct it was me! He cant reach that part of his back. We did some finding today and talked to this one guy in our Apt complex and we shared the message of the restoration and were able to get at return apt with him.

     Wednesday was our last District Meeting of the transfer and after we exchanged. I stayed here in the south with Elder Clement. We tried to see someone who is preparing for the temple but he was unable to meet and that means ...we find! So we did that! Then the lesson we had that night. the member we were going to bring with us typed the address in wrong and went to the wrong place so we had to postpone the lesson for the next day because was the member was only available for a short time and we didn't want to hold him back. 

     At the flee market Thursday we tried to talk to people there and we did. It was a great experience. Later that day after we exchanged back, we went to see a person and we are starting to meet with her more and bring her back to being active and prepare her for the temple, she is so funny. 

     Friday was planning, then we went to a garage sale that some one we talked to at the flee market invited us to. He gave us some slices of pizza - thee best BBQ chicken pizza ever! Then we saw a member and she was expressing concern and we were able to help her. That night we went back to that appointment and it was a no go!

     Saturday morning we travelled back to Ann Arbor to the Chiropractor. We went for lunch to Stake N' Shake and then to a lesson where instead of debating with them I was just able to testify of the truth of the Gospel. Later that night we did dome finding. We went to Luna Pier, a place right on the lake, and we tried to find brother Perry's home but for the life of us we could not! Finally we did after 20 minutes. So that is where the title comes in "wheres Perry" . He gave us a tour of the pier and gave us some blue berry's ...YUM. We wanted to talk to him and see if we could get a referral but no go. 

     Sunday evening we had correlation and dinner at the ward mission leaders home and that was great - tacos! Later that night we had a lesson at the Spanish members home and we had Chinese food so I was stuffed!

This is a transfer week but I will be staying here with Elder Musich, no changes for our area!

Lots of Love 
Elder Rodgers

In Luna Pier. Lake Erie

My companion, Elder Munich 

On exchange with Elder Clements

Our serious look

When we went to Ypsi to the chiropractor we stopped by Belleville
to get my bike and we saw Elder Harker

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