Monday, 26 September 2016

The Words of God are upon us... Week 14 in Monroe

     This week started off pretty good, Monday we had a great preparation day and that night we watched, with one of our less actives, a video of the restoration. It was stellar. After the video we got home and I was exhausted.

     The next day we went to see our investigator (Al) and then we saw a great guy who we are working with to get him to the temple (E). That night we saw our investigator (F) and we taught a great lesson, he is striving to become a better person its great!  

     Wednesday we put on our tracking shoes and got to work! We had our appointments fall that morning. That night more tracking and trying to share the gospel! 

     Super planning was great then we got in the car and travelled to the Ohio Border. We tracked down there till we had our dinner appointment with a member. (S) Later that night we travelled to see our less active who we are now preparing for the temple (R) and we had a great lesson with a her and have her exited to go and make convents with Christ in the Temple.

     Friday was the highlight of the week by far! Randell K Bennett of the Seventy came! First off, he is from Magrath AB Canada! It was the best day ever. He shared some great ideas and things that need to change in the mission and our life, such a great day! That night I took the old bike for a spin. We did some biking around town and talked to people that night.

      Saturday was a combo of everything knocking, finding appointments, and biking around town. At the end of the day I had a very sore bottom. 

     Sunday during sacrament the talks were focused on the restoration. It was great. Church was over at 1:00 but we didn't get home till 3:30 and then we had a dinner appointment with a great family! We talked to some wonderful people that night. The Words of God are upon us - I say this because conference is this week so next time I email it will have already happened and be over, so take heed to what is said. 

Love Elder Rodgers 

Monday, 19 September 2016

Out with the old and in with the new ...Week 13 in Monroe

     Monday was sad but great, it was both Elder Woods and Elder Musich last time in Monroe on a preparation day. We played some Settlers and some Bang and had just a great day! Later that night we went to say goodbye to some people. 

     The next morning it was exiting but nerve racking! We went up to transfers with our Ward Mission Leader and then while we were at transfers Elder Musich saw he was going to Grand Blanc and that was crazy! Of course to add to the suspense my new companion was late but that's alright. His name is Elder Mortensen and he is from Snowflake Arizona and he has been out for 3 months. So it was out with the old and in with the new! Later that day we didn't have much planned so we went finding and had a lesson (with An) and then had the Book of Mormon class and then a lesson with another investigator (F). So that was pretty much our first day together!

     Wednesday we had our district meeting with our new district leader Elder Gittens.  Also that day our lesson with an investigator (C) fell through so we went out talking to people. Later that night we had a meeting with bishop and the ward mission leader. 

     Thursday we went Flee Market Contacting and it was fun. We met some sweet people and then that afternoon we were out talking with people, that night we had a lesson with our investigator (F) at a members home and that was sweet. He is supper cool! Our lesson that night (with R) fell through, our member was a no show so we went out talking with people again.

     Friday was Super Planning then lunch and then out talking to people till our lesson at 4! After our lesson we volunteered at the soup kitchen and they let us try some of the food. It was probably the best ribs I have had in a while! While at the soup kitchen we meet someone we used to meet with (J), it was interesting meeting him. But by this time in the week since we have been talking with everyone we have meet some really wired people!!!!! Tonight we had our lesson that didn't go through the night prior (with R). 

     Saturday was VERY RAINY but that morning we had a return appointment from a lady we found early that week (Al) and we taught the Book of Mormon and the restoration and we were able to get a return appointment again, it was way sweet. So a cool little miracle how we found her... I wanted to go track in her neighbourhood but didn't , we went tracking somewhere else and we found her at another place! So that was really cool. Tonight we helped an investigator (J) move then had a great lesson with our investigator (F). This time we had him team teach with one of us. So he paired up with me and we taught Elder Mortensen and visa versa it was sweet.

     Sunday was church and correlation and in the gaps ....finding!  We talked to a lot of people this week!  Also had some strange conversations! some JW's  argued with us, in a polite manor, for and hour and a half. 

Lots of Love 
Elder Rodgers

by Lake Erie

At the soup kitchen
Candy Store!!

Monday, 12 September 2016

Labor Day for the Lord ...Week 12 in Monroe

   Labor Day (Last Monday) was fantastic, a member of the ward took us up to the stake picnic in Plymouth and that was great. All the missionary's were there and tons of people from the stake. I played flag football while Elder Musich sat on the side lines (His back would not allow games), and that was lots of fun! And so much food was provided, in all it was a great day!  Not the usual Labor Day because I could not watch the Labor Day Classic (football) but it was a Labor Day for the Lord. 

     The next day Elder Musich had to go to therapy and that was good for him. That evening we had the Book of Mormon class which was sweet! Then we had a lesson with our investigator and that was a sweet lesson, once he overcomes a few things he can be baptized, it is sweet!  He is super amazing. 

     The next day at District Meeting it was our last one with all of us "possibly", it was a great one! That night we went to a near by town to try and find some people and then came back for a lesson with an investigator. We had a great lesson as we reviewed goals for him! 

     Thursday we had an hour and a half of therapy, it was the last session so they took along time. Then a member who loves the missionary's took us all out to dinner and it was great and then we had a lesson with a returning member, went good.

     Friday was great, we got to do some super planning then a great day of some appointment's and finding and helping out at the soup kitchen.

     On Saturday I went on exchanges with Elder Clement in his area and we had a great lesson with a referral and put him on date for baptism. Then we had correlation and that night we got transfer calls... I am staying but my companion is packing - "hit the road jack"

     Sunday we had church and ward council and then there was a lunch at the church for a family who was leaving and then we had a dinner with a family and then said some goodbyes!  

Lots of Love Elder Rodgers

Sorry for the lack of pictures, I will do better

Our ward mission Leader and his family


Ouch! Another sore toe, came out of nowhere

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

"Because I am from Lethbridge" ....Week 11 in Monroe

     Monday - Preparation day a true blessing! So last Monday Elder Musich and I played chess and I got ticked, I could never win! Then we played my favorite game, Guess Who and I lost like 7-2. I only won twice, it was a bad day. Later that night we travelled to Lambertville to try and stop by someone, we get there and she is not home, it was ok, instead we just visited some people the Bishop recommended. 

     The next day Elder Musich had psychical therapy and that was alright. That afternoon we had a type of referral, the north Elders got a text from a former investigator who wanted to meet with us so we had a lesson with him that afternoon and it was great. He was like, what can I do to prepare for baptism! He has meet with lots of Elders in the past and each time comes closer. We believe this is the time final time. Tonight we had our Book of Mormon class and it was sweet! So much insight, then we talked to some people and later we went to read the Book of Mormon with a less active. 

     Wednesday was slow, we had to take our car in and that took a while then we had some food and then some language study and then therapy and then we went down to Lambertville and actually met with one of our investigators, she was home this time! We had a great mini lesson with her and talked a lot aboot faith (yes I meat to say aboot). 

     Today, Super Planning and then language study so we didn't get out of the apartment till 3! We did finding and then we had dinner and we were on our way to the church for a church tour with one of our investigators and 20 min before she cancelled!! So we changed our game plan and went to find and during the finding we talked to this super cool person who told us to come by tomorrow evening. So, it was a builder of faith to me that the Lord knew we needed to talk with him so the tour had to be cancelled. Later that evening we had a lesson with a returning less active it was sweet!!!! 

     Zone Conference the next day that was super amazing! We were able to be instructed by so many people and to see and hear the miracle of President Cleveland was amazing it was a testimony to me that he has truly been called of God. After conference we went on exchanges with the zone leaders and Elder Fluckiger came here, that night we returned to the person who wanted us back and we discussed things and the next appointment may end up with him bashing or just set in his ways so we will see. Then we went with a member home teaching and that night he took us out to dinner to a quick restaurant.

     Saturday we went to the library to help someone with their family history and then we attended a ward baptism with one of our investigators. Later some great appointments and then we talked with someone who we meet with who wants to leave the church and return to the previous church they attended, so me and my companion testified that The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints is the only true and correct church on the earth today. It was a testament to me that it really is, that no where else can you find the Priesthood Authority.  Later we exchanged back and I got my old companion back and we did some finding.

     Sunday was fast and testimony and again me and my companion gave the opening and closing prayers. We had the investigator who we started to meet with us again come to church! After when we were ready to leave and a member who is moving (who was born in Lethbridge) gave me a gift card to little Ceasers "because I am from Lethbridge it was sweet!" So in general a great week!

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

On exchange with Elder Fluckiger

Our serious look