Monday, 31 October 2016

Same Area 3rd New Companion ...Week 19 in Monroe

     To Finish off the transfer last week with Elder Mortensen we played Catan and some other board games. Monday night we had an appointment with a Spanish family in the ward and had some great Burritos, filled with beans chicken and rice.... YUM! Then we said goodbyes to another family.

     Tuesday morning we woke up to frost on the car windows and our ride to take us to transfers arrived bright and early at 7:15 AM. I found out who my new companion is.... Elder Stonehocker. He has been out just over a year. After all of that the morning transfer stuff we had a lesson with someone we meet the other day, (S) and it was a great but very distracting lesson. Later we shopped and had lunch then did some of the fun stuff like talking with everyone. Tuesday night is what we call cookie night. It's where members show up to the church and the missionaries go out with them to deliver cookies and introduce ourselves. That night, for the first time, we were able to have each missionary go with a ward member. 

     Rain the next day and a cold one at that. We had our District meeting then some more rain while outside talking to people. That night we had a great lesson with our investigator (F). Then a failed attempt to see the bishop that night, something came in the way for him. I was also able to finish the Book of Mormon again that morning.

     Thursday evening we had a good lesson with our investigator (F) also that evening we were in a market in our area and we talked to this one nice person. She has two college age sons so she thought we were "cute" and so we continued in the market and she found us and is like... I bought you chicken and what else do you like, so she bought us ground beef and some other little thing. It was way cool.

     Friday you all know what that means... Super Planning. It was great. After we went out to make some calls and talk with everyone. That evening we went to the church with our investigator to a homecoming party for Elder Hales who just came home this past week. It was weird to see some one come home.

     Saturday we had a great lesson with our investigator (A) and with a member. It was cool and she almost came to church on Sunday

     Sunday we went to church and it was great Elder Hales gave a great homecoming talk and after church we had a meeting and then for dinner. We went to the Hales for dinner and they are great. That night we had a great lesson with our investigator (F) and it was also great to have a member there. So like my title says ....same area and third companion here. Got to love that !

Lots Of Love 
Elder Rodgers 

Lake Erie

Dead fish

Selfie while driving

strange picture

our car odometer, 44444

Monday, 24 October 2016

The Chilli Cook Off Judge ...Week 18 in Monroe

     Starting off the week we travelled to Riverview for preparation day to play games with the  Elders there, it was a blast! Later that night we were contacting and we went shopping and had a great preparation day. 

     Tuesday morning we took our car into get serviced cause when we were driving home the night before the other Elders could smell something. We took it in got some needed repairs done. During this we did a lot of store contacting and later that evening we did some finding time talking to the people. So that evening we went to the church for splits and we gave cookies to some less active and it was a success as she was home. 

     The next day we had an appointment in the morning and then that afternoon we had interviews with President. In the evening we had dinner and a lesson with our investigator. 

     District meeting was on Thursday this week due to interviews. On Thursday there was a lot of rain. It started sometime that morning and continued all day. We went tracking on this one road and a car drove past and got us both even more wet and it was like 48°F (about 9°C) Later that night we had a lesson at a members home with an investigator. 

     Friday, super planning was awesome...  that afternoon we biked around and volunteered at the soup kitchen (saw some attractive women were flirting with us... lol no) and then that evening we had our correlation meeting. 

     The next day there was a baptism for the north Elders and it was great. That afternoon we had a ward fall festival and this is where the title comes into play. You may want to take a seat mom and dad and friends.... but I was one of The Chilli Cook Off Judges! Yes, I had to try all 8 chilli's and judge one to be my favorite. I wasn't sure I would be able to do it as I strongly dislike beans and spice but I did it! There was one chilli that was not spicy and had little beans and tons of meat so that one was my favorite, I even had a bowl of it. Our new ward mission leader brought a bucket and ice and apples, we had to bob for apples in ice cold water yes, he made us do that and I even got one! That night leading up to transfer calls was suspenseful and the results of that is...  I will be staying here in Monroe MI and Elder Mortensen will be transferring out of Monroe MI. 

     On the Sabbath day we talked to people when we were out finding and had dinner at a family's home. That evening the member took us up to the priesthood meeting in Westland so that was lots of fun. 

Lots Of Love, laughs, and lollipops 
Elder Rodgers 

Just filling up the bike after the long trip 

a bike selfie

every place has a water tower here 

a picture from the ward party 

Monday, 17 October 2016

Find them that receive you... Week 17 in Monroe

     Last Monday after preparation day we were so beat up it was crazy! That day we played like almost all of our day playing sports and then that night we had a lesson with (F) 
     The next day we emailed home (Monday was Columbus Day so library was closed) and after that we did some finding and then later that night after dinner we did more finding. 

     For District Meeting the next day we practised and learned some cool things, after that we exchanged, I went with Elder Clement to the north. We had lunch and then some appointments. That night we had two great lessons with people they have been teaching, we took the ward mission leader and that was great! One lesson we had, the spirit was really strong. After we left we went outside to the car and it was dark, I felt like when we walked outside I was confused, it was because we were back in the world where the spirit was not as strong. 

     The next day before we exchanged back we meet a really cool person in the Salvation Army. When we were aboot to leave he started to sing to us, it was strange. Later that night our appointment fell and we rescheduled for later in the week but we went down to Lambertville and talked with everyone. 

     Super Planning was fun... after that we saw (C) and we discussed what makes The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints the only true church on the earth today and I am sure he understands but we are not completely sure. Later that day we biked around town talking with everyone. 

     The next day we had a lesson planned that morning with our investigator (A) and she cancelled 20 min before so we called the members that were going with us and told them the bad news and like 10 seconds later they called back and asked if we had anything planned, we of course did not so they offered to take us out for Lunch. It was great!! We got to teach them what we were going to teach her. That afternoon we talked with everyone to 'find them that will receive us.' Later that night we had our lesson that fell through earlier in the week. It was great, they fed us dinner and we had a great lesson with him. As we were leaving I told Elder Mortensen to take his left, as that is the way out and since before the lesson we were finding in the area we came to his home from the right. So he went right when I said left and it took us a few seconds to a minute to get back on track. The other way would have taken us to the same place just the way I said to go was about a minute quicker. Well we are flying down the highway doing 60mph when we pull up to a head on collision. It had just happened, there is one other guy there who is calling 911. We got out and are there trying to help the guy who can't move and we were calming down this lady and the other guy after calling for help was helping a guy on the ground. Pretty soon the EMT people show up and start asking questions. Turns out the guy on the ground was so drunk he should have been dead from alcohol poisoning, the guy who could not move hurt his back pretty bad but the lady is fine. Both cars were totalled. If Elder Mortensen would have taken the shorter route, the left turn, that could have been us in the accident. God protected us that late that night and I am so thankful. 

     Sunday was fun, we taught primary. They are noisy kids 11 years olds ... then that day we knocked a ton to 'find them that will receive us.'

The scripture, and my title comes from the section in Preach My Gospel page 156 and also this scripture Doctrine & Covenants 8 "And from this place ye shall go forth into the regions westward; and inasmuch as ye shall find them that will receive you ye shall build up my church in every region"

Lots of Love 
Elder Rodgers 

Sorry no pictures this week, forgot to take his camera with him.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

You cant always win but you can try ....Week 16 in Monroe

     To start off the week we travelled to another area to have our Preparation day so we could be with other Elders. We played some games and had a great time. That night we had a great lesson with (F) and we were able to read with him and bring him one step closer. 

     The next day we had a great lesson with our investigator (A) and we taught the importance of prayer and she had some great insights. Later that day we had an appointment with another investigator (T) to kind of a see what he expects of our visits. We received a text later on in the week saying church is not for him, so we are not really teaching him anymore, Later that night we went on splits with members of the ward to visit less actives. 

     District meeting the next day was great. We were instructed on how to give short powerful statements. It was a great instruction given by the Zone Leaders. Later that day we exchanges, I went with Elder Gittens and we did some finding, some teaching, and had our investigator over to a members home for dinner. It was a great lesson. Later that night we went over some stake business. 

     We finished up the exchange on Thursday morning. We went to the flee market and I bought two more license plates... Ohio and a California one I love it. Thursday was great except for the part where all our appointments fell through. It was a bummer but hey, can't always win, but you can try.

     Friday we planned for the week and did finding. That night we volunteered at the soup kitchen, it was great. I always love to do that. Tonight downtown was Zombie Walk Night, it's where people from the town dress up and walked around as Zombies and there is a bunch of music and stands up all round town, it was cool. 

     The next day we were using the short powerful statements and we got a return appointment with someone. Later that night we had a lesson with our investigator (F) and we taught the Law of Tithing to clear up some confusion, it was great! 

     During Church the next day it was fast and testimony meeting and it was great. I got some questions answered and it was a great service. That night we went to a neighbouring town and talked with nobody because no one was out or would talk to us, but it was still good. 

Happy Thanksgiving, 
Lots Of Love 
Elder Rodgers 

My license plate collection

My Dory puzzle

Thanks Aunt Shannon and Uncle Larry for dinner!

downtown area

lots of Model A cars in town

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

"Patience with 'Brad' "... Week 15 in Monroe

     This week has been great! Monday night after preparation day we went out to a members home (U) for dinner we had this great Mexican dish like a soup basically, it was great! Mexican is starting to grow on me.

     Tuesday was great. We had a lesson with our investigator (A) and extended a Baptism date and it was received great! Then that afternoon we had a lesson with our investigator (T) and we also extended a baptism date and it was also received! This all happened by 3. Later that afternoon we travelled to a members home for dinner, (Sister H) So we had what she called while growing up piggy's in a blanket.  But  pork stuffed in cabbage is NOT piggy's in a blanket! (Brads favourite thing to eat is piggy's in a blanket - hot dog wrapped in dough with cheese and baked - so he was excited at the thought of having it there) After dinner we had to help her move some stuff that she could not move. Then that night we went to the church for splits and we went with a member to visit someone in the ward. It was a great day!

     The next day we had a great Zone meeting in Wetland. It was a great meeting on how we can become master teachers! So that was great and that day when we were tracking someone let us in to share a message. When we left  to continue tracking like 10 min later the heavens opened and it was pouring, we continued until we were drenched! Literally soaked. That night we went to see our investigator (F) and we read the Book of Mormon with him and had a great discussion on it. 

     The next day the rain continued, a cloud covered sky not letting the sun pass  in and we were outside talking to the people. That night we went home teaching with some members (P)  at Arby's and we taught this less active member and had a great discussion. She is super awesome! We ended up having like and hour discussion with her at Arbys!

     Friday was great. We planned and then saw a less active (D) then that night we had dinner with a great new family in the ward (U) We had Pizza on the BBQ and they are very enthusiastic aboot the work!

     Saturday and Sunday were great! General conference was great! We had some of our investigators show up (A &F) They were such inspiring sessions and this is where my title comes into play, from the talk of 'K. Brent Nattress" Go and read the talk and you will see that the title of this email is very fitting, ask my mom! 

Lots Of Love 
Elder Rodgers 

In front of the Church

A foggy morning

A puzzle I found