Tuesday, 4 October 2016

"Patience with 'Brad' "... Week 15 in Monroe

     This week has been great! Monday night after preparation day we went out to a members home (U) for dinner we had this great Mexican dish like a soup basically, it was great! Mexican is starting to grow on me.

     Tuesday was great. We had a lesson with our investigator (A) and extended a Baptism date and it was received great! Then that afternoon we had a lesson with our investigator (T) and we also extended a baptism date and it was also received! This all happened by 3. Later that afternoon we travelled to a members home for dinner, (Sister H) So we had what she called while growing up piggy's in a blanket.  But  pork stuffed in cabbage is NOT piggy's in a blanket! (Brads favourite thing to eat is piggy's in a blanket - hot dog wrapped in dough with cheese and baked - so he was excited at the thought of having it there) After dinner we had to help her move some stuff that she could not move. Then that night we went to the church for splits and we went with a member to visit someone in the ward. It was a great day!

     The next day we had a great Zone meeting in Wetland. It was a great meeting on how we can become master teachers! So that was great and that day when we were tracking someone let us in to share a message. When we left  to continue tracking like 10 min later the heavens opened and it was pouring, we continued until we were drenched! Literally soaked. That night we went to see our investigator (F) and we read the Book of Mormon with him and had a great discussion on it. 

     The next day the rain continued, a cloud covered sky not letting the sun pass  in and we were outside talking to the people. That night we went home teaching with some members (P)  at Arby's and we taught this less active member and had a great discussion. She is super awesome! We ended up having like and hour discussion with her at Arbys!

     Friday was great. We planned and then saw a less active (D) then that night we had dinner with a great new family in the ward (U) We had Pizza on the BBQ and they are very enthusiastic aboot the work!

     Saturday and Sunday were great! General conference was great! We had some of our investigators show up (A &F) They were such inspiring sessions and this is where my title comes into play, from the talk of 'K. Brent Nattress" Go and read the talk and you will see that the title of this email is very fitting, ask my mom! 

Lots Of Love 
Elder Rodgers 

In front of the Church

A foggy morning

A puzzle I found

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