Monday, 24 October 2016

The Chilli Cook Off Judge ...Week 18 in Monroe

     Starting off the week we travelled to Riverview for preparation day to play games with the  Elders there, it was a blast! Later that night we were contacting and we went shopping and had a great preparation day. 

     Tuesday morning we took our car into get serviced cause when we were driving home the night before the other Elders could smell something. We took it in got some needed repairs done. During this we did a lot of store contacting and later that evening we did some finding time talking to the people. So that evening we went to the church for splits and we gave cookies to some less active and it was a success as she was home. 

     The next day we had an appointment in the morning and then that afternoon we had interviews with President. In the evening we had dinner and a lesson with our investigator. 

     District meeting was on Thursday this week due to interviews. On Thursday there was a lot of rain. It started sometime that morning and continued all day. We went tracking on this one road and a car drove past and got us both even more wet and it was like 48°F (about 9°C) Later that night we had a lesson at a members home with an investigator. 

     Friday, super planning was awesome...  that afternoon we biked around and volunteered at the soup kitchen (saw some attractive women were flirting with us... lol no) and then that evening we had our correlation meeting. 

     The next day there was a baptism for the north Elders and it was great. That afternoon we had a ward fall festival and this is where the title comes into play. You may want to take a seat mom and dad and friends.... but I was one of The Chilli Cook Off Judges! Yes, I had to try all 8 chilli's and judge one to be my favorite. I wasn't sure I would be able to do it as I strongly dislike beans and spice but I did it! There was one chilli that was not spicy and had little beans and tons of meat so that one was my favorite, I even had a bowl of it. Our new ward mission leader brought a bucket and ice and apples, we had to bob for apples in ice cold water yes, he made us do that and I even got one! That night leading up to transfer calls was suspenseful and the results of that is...  I will be staying here in Monroe MI and Elder Mortensen will be transferring out of Monroe MI. 

     On the Sabbath day we talked to people when we were out finding and had dinner at a family's home. That evening the member took us up to the priesthood meeting in Westland so that was lots of fun. 

Lots Of Love, laughs, and lollipops 
Elder Rodgers 

Just filling up the bike after the long trip 

a bike selfie

every place has a water tower here 

a picture from the ward party 

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