Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Week 50 of my mission .....Week 22 in Monroe

     To start off week 50 on the mission we went up to Riverview to play some games in the gym and to have some P-Day fun. That night we saw a neighbor, who approached us the day prior, and we went over to see him and had a good visit. He had met with missionaries in the past. Later that night we saw our investigator (F) and we were able to read with him, helping prepare him for his baptism at the start of next month. 

     The next day we did some contacting at a store, no luck. But later that afternoon we met with someone we are teaching and we read with him, continuing his progress. That night was the cookie exchange night. It's where we go out and give cookies to those who are not active. we had some great visits.

     Wednesday morning we provided service for a person who we met yesterday and she allowed us back because she said she could feel something. We will call her Jill. So we helped her pour concrete for some deck footings, it was great and the weather was also nice, it was like 65ºF. It was an awesome experience and we invited her to the ward thanksgiving dinner on Friday night. Later that night we saw our investigator (F) at a members home, it was a great lesson. We taught the importance of the Priesthood and the importance of family history. After we went to contact a referral we got. 

     Thursday was awesome! Elder Perkins of the seventy came to speak to the mission, it was a great experience and a lot of information was took in. Truly an awesome experience. That night we saw one of our investigators who is amazing (F)  and we also saw another on of our investigators (A). She is awesome but still struggles a bit with knowing Heavenly Father loves her, but she is super awesome.

     Friday was the ward thanksgiving dinner. It was awesome and our neighbor also came, it was awesome to have some fellowship for Jill, who sat at a table with some people who know the scriptures well, and they talked all night! We gave her a Book of Mormon at the end and she is super interested. It was a great night. 

    It started to sleet all day Saturday, it was trying so hard to snow and it finally did a bit. Tonight we went to the adult session of stake conference, it was great.

     On Sunday the bishop took us up to conference and the stake was reorganised. It was really cool to hear how that was done. Sunday night we had dinner at the Hales and later we saw our investigator (F) and it was great!! 

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

First Michigan Snow 

What little snow we got for the first snow

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Christmas Starts Dec 1st ...Week 21 in Monroe

     Monday was fun, we were at the church all day playing games! After preparation day we saw our investigator that night (F) and we had a great lesson. We were there to strengthen him and help him continue on his path to conversion.

     Tuesday we cleaned out the area book and updated it. That night all our appointments fell through, it was hard but we did some contacting instead and we had a great night. 

     The next day we travelled like 2 hours round trip to Dearborn for interviews which will now happen every transfer.  Interviews took 45 min then we were back on the road, had lunch then later that afternoon we had district meeting. That evening we had a really great lesson with one of our investigators (F) at a members home. We talked about some of the commandments, it was great he is doing so well. Later that night we went to the church to have a talk with bishop about some people. 

     Then next morning we went to a less active members to help him with something then we taught him of the restoration which can literary be found in no other religion. Its great!  Then we called a referral we received and we went over to teach and it went well. I dont know how much she got out of it but hope all goes well with her.  That night we saw a less active we have worked with (A) and taught her the wonderful message of the Plan Of Salvation! It went well, she just loves it because she know she can and will see her son again.

     Friday morning was remembrance day also know in my family as the start of Christmas! I have told my companion we can sing a Christmas hymn on that day since he has been wanting to sing one all November! I agreed on that day we could but in my eyes Christmas starts Dec 1st but we sang Joy to the World. That night we volunteered at the Local Catholic Soup kitchen. It is always a great opportunity and I would invite everyone to sometime this coming December to go and find your local soup kitchen and volunteer your evening to helping out. To finish off the night we had our correlation meeting.

     Saturday we had a lesson with someone we found the other day (M) it was a great lesson. Today we did lots of finding and talking to everyone and we also saw our investigator (F) and it was a great lesson on the 10 commandments.

     Sunday we had two investigators at church (F & M) It was a great service and a great Sabbath Day. That afternoon we had a lesson with a husband and his wife and it was a strong lesson and we are going to start to teach them! We also went to read with our investigator (F) that night.

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

Cool bridge in town

Trying to see the election

Nice dry cleaned ties!


Our ward touches Canada!

Week 20 in Monroe

     Halloween Day we were playing games most of the day and ALL MISSIONARIES had to be in by 6pm. We were instructed to watch Preach My Gospel videos and watch them and learn from them for like 3 hours it wasn't that bad it was hard. 

     Tuesday morning we went to help out a less active member with some service it was interesting... then we had lunch. That afternoon we went out and we were talking with everyone that night. We had a lesson with bishop and someone we were teaching we showed up and they had a roast dinner ready for us it was great. For the first time in my life I had butternut squash soup ...it was interesting. Then later we had an interesting lesson (DP) 

     Exchanges with Elder Clement today after district meeting it was great we had a great lesson with (F) we talked about being honest and how we can apply it into our lives. It was a good lesson. 

     The next day we contacted at the flee market where I bought a Canadian penny for 25 cents, it was a pretty cool one. Later that night we saw one of our less actives and it was great to finally see her again.  

     Friday after planning we had were talking with everyone and then that night we volunteered at the soup kitchen. That was tons of fun as always and such a great experience. 

     Saturday we went down to Luna Pier and we were talking to this one guy who ended up being a less active from the previous ward I have served in. We had a
great long talk with him it was cool to see him. That night we had a great lesson with (F) 

     Sunday was good, we contacted former investigators and had another great lesson with (F)

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

now how do they get to it?