Monday, 5 December 2016

Busy But Successful ..Week 24 in Monroe

     To start off the last week of the transfer we had our preparation day, fun games all day! That night we went over to a home for dinner and had some great Spanish rice and chicken and then later we saw our investigator (F). In general not to bad of a day!

     Bright and early the next day at like 9 am we went up to Farmington for my companion who had an appointment up there. When we got back we had some appointments and then we went out to Dundee for dinner with an inactive who loves us. We had a great time... until I stepped in dog crap and got it all over my shoe, I was ticked! We stopped in at Kroger to grab clean up stuff ... a quick back story, I have been trying to find pumpkin pie for at least two weeks and have found none in Monroe but I found one out in Dundee and of course I had no wallet - so no pie for me and I was still ticked because of the dog crap! 

     The next day after district meeting we went out to a members for lunch which was great! Then we had our last lesson at a members home with our investigator (F) before he would be baptized. It was a great lesson as we shared and taught about preparing for a calling. I reflected on my call to the primary, it was crazy, but a great opportunity!

     Thursday was the best day of the week! we travelled to Dearborn to drop off Elder Stonehocker and pick up another Elder and we went to the mission home. I was able to go to the temple. We each can go at our one year mark. While there I was able to go through for a family member which was really awesome. The whole experience was just wonderful, it was my first time going in over a year truly a wonderful experience!  Later that night we saw some people. This has been the busiest week for me in awhile.

     Friday was non stop!  We planned that morning and  from noon till 2 we were at the local Kroger ringing bells for the salvation army. It was neat to see how and what people would say. Later our investigator was interviewed for baptism and passed with an A+... better grade then I ever got in school! haha  That night we went to the local St Mary soup Kitchen to help, that is always fun. Then after we saw some people, we are keeping busy!  

     After study's the next morning we went out to help a less active with her house. We painted and did some yard work for her. We had some help from some of the ward. That evening we went to the church to set up for the baptism. Tonight our investigator was baptized! It was amazing,  he has been working for this day for a long time and it has been amazing to see the change it has brought to his life. That night you could not do anything to wipe the smile off his face, it was wonderful! 

     Sunday when he was confirmed it was even better!  Today was great, we had dinner at bishops and then that night had the First Presidency Christmas Devotional which was also a really awesome experience.

Truly a Busy But Successful week. 

PS... Transfer news.... I am staying in Monroe with Elder Stonehocker but we are taking over the other area. The other set of Elders have been moved out so we will be over our area as well as their area, so now we have ALL of Monroe and we will be moving into their apartment!

Detroit Temple

At the mission home with Pres & Sister Cleveland

Look what I found!



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