Monday, 26 December 2016

Merry Christmas ...Week 27 in Monroe

     First off let me say to all you people who may be freezing at the moment due to weather, we are currently sitting at 55ºF that's like 12ºC. There was a lot of rain last night so all the snow is melting! Last Monday after preparation day we had a lesson with (J), someone who we bean teaching when the area became one. He has a lot of the same stumbling block as our recent convert (F) so it will be cool to see how (F) be able to help.

     Tuesday after our bell ringing time for the Salvation Army we had to travel to Farmington for my companion. It was a good drive. Then we drove to Dundee to contact a referral - who's address ended up being a phoney one. After dinner we drove to Lambertville to try and contact a member referral we had received earlier the previous week. We knocked on their door and they looked out but did not answer, so we take it that they are not interested. 

     Wednesday was our Mission Christmas Party in Livonia. It was awesome. It was great to see lots of people that I had not seen in a while; former companions and former people from the district. The party was great and there was lots of games, Mexican food, a white elephant game and the some singing! It was all great then we got the Christmas gifts that friends and family sent, such a fun day. That evening we went to the church and delivered cookies to members of the church, it was lots of fun. 

     Our last bell ringing session was today (Thursday), and it was only like 35ºF so it was not to cold which was nice. Then more driving. We travelled to Westland for interviews. They were running an hour behind and when we got in our interviews were like 6 minutes combined. President had to be somewhere so we were quick. After we came home and did some contacting for few minutes before we had to go in.

     Friday was good some good lessons we had with (J & F) We went to the soup kitchen and they had lots of volunteers so we talked to the people at the soup kitchen, it was a good experience. 

     Saturday.... Christmas Eve! That evening we had dinner at a members. She asked what we liked and we said we like Mexican so she made tacos and it was really good!! (basically the same way my mom makes them)

     Christmas day I opened my one gift I had at the apartment,  it was a calendar my mom made, it was sweet! Church was amazing, some great musical numbers which of course brought the spirit. After church we had lunch of course then we went to a less active family who had a bunch of other less active and non members there, we had a good visit. Then off to the H family to Skype home! It was such a great experience to Skype home. It was the first time since I left that I got to see my whole family! (Tanner wasn't there when I skyped on Mothers Day) and a whole 7 months since the last call. After we had a great Christmas dinner. One dish was home made Mac & Cheese, which was divine. Then we got to finally open the packages we received on Wednesday at the party. 

Merry Christmas to all!!

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers 

One was made for each missionary!

Old and current companions
Elder Mortensen, Elder Munich, Elder Rodgers, Elder Stonehocker

Mission Christmas party

I took this while we were driving

Elder Stonehocker and Elder Rodgers Christmas Day


The Family
(Don't think Brad accidentally cut Tanners face in half,
it was intentional.... has not lost his sense of humour!)

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