Thursday, 16 November 2017

Its the the final countdown! ...Week 31 in Lapeer

     We changed things up on preparation day and we went to a pizza hut buffet instead of a Chinese buffet. It was still great. It's been a long time since I've been to pizza hut. For the remainder of Pday we played some games. 

     Highlight of the week are as follows...  Tuesday we had service at the food pantry and that was great. As I have been working on "my plan" (missionaries who are close to going home do this program) I have made a decision to find somewhere in the community to serve when I am home!! I'd like to invite all who read this to do likewise, service will help us focus on others and not just ourselves.

    The next highlight, we had a lesson at Brother G's home. It was good but I still had a headache that I had most of the day. Later that night transfer calls came.... and results are we both stay in Lapeer but we gain a third member, making this the 5th trio of my mission! Now It's the the final countdown! My 17th transfer.

     Next highlight was after district meeting we went to a Chinese buffet. We had to take the other Elders to a car repair shop (their car needs a little repair) and when we got there it had just closed so we came home and finished with a little bit of contacting. 

     The best highlight was Thursday. We drove to transfers and Weinand and the new Elder, Elder Quick went to the Bloomfields area to contact and I stayed at the mission office for lunch! After we went to the Cleveland's home and President gave us a departing chat on what to do when we go home. We concluded the night by going to the Temple with all departing missionaries and missionaries from my transfer so 8 in total. After the Temple my companions were there to take me home (that's why they were in Bloomfield, that's where the temple is) 

     The last highlight was Friday. We drove the other Elders to the shop so they could get their car done and we then went to so some service at the food pantry. All 5 of us and then the soup kitchen as well, all 5 again. Later that night and on Saturday we were just contacting.

Lots Of Love 
Elder Rodgers

Final Temple trip on my mission 

Halloween Scare ...Week 30 in Lapeer

     On Monday our preparation was great! Once again I come to the realization that my mission "P-Days" are limited..... but soon they will be unlimited! We went to the Chinese buffet #yummy and then we went to Great Lakes Crossings Outlet for a fun mall trip.

     Tuesday, Elder Myers and I exchanged. It went good but the highlight was that evening we ended the exchange, it was a highlight because I didn't want to exchange and it was over now.  Elder Jones and myself wanted to go checkout some graffiti so we drove down the big lake in Lapeer.  We walked to the path that leads to the graffiti and we were not sure if we should go but being missionaries we felt tough, so we walked further and then we felt an impression to leave, so no, there was no Halloween Scare tonight! So we went back to the apartment and in the morning we went back and felt better about being there. 

     Another great part of my week was district meeting. We discussed how to begin teaching points. It was helpful. Then I did some "my plan" (my plan is what missionaries going home do to prepare for the world) and that was FUN. 

     Another part of my week that was good was Friday we had service at the food pantry and the soup kitchen. I love it! The opportunity we have to reach out to the community is such a blessing, we have so much doing that

     Saturday was fun. We had a thunderstorm while we were in a Lesson with a less active family. The thunder was loud, but our lesson went well with the family. Unfortunately, they still didn't come to church. A spiritual highlight I had was... I was in the isle at Walmart and walked by a lady and her child and felt prompted to talk to her so walked back and shared my testimony of the Book of Mormon. We set up an appointment to see her Sunday afternoon but when we showed up no one decided to answer. The moral of the story was that I needed to act on the prompting, even though nothing came of it physically, spiritually I gained the Lord's trust. 

Lots of Love, Laughs and Lolipops
Elder Rodgers

On the roof of the tunnel


Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Lots of Talking ...Week 29 in Lapeer

     Monday!! Another great week! We went out to Port Huron, tossed a Frisbee at the beach (50ºF) and after of course went to the buffet. You just can't beat $7.99 buffet! Nearing the end of preparation day we had an exchange on the spur of the moment, Elder Myers & Elder Weinand went to Lapeer and Elder Jones & myself stayed in Blue water. I stayed to help in the area. That night we talked to 14 people who let us bear testimony many others didn't let us talk. 

     Continuing on exchange the next day we contacted less actives and talked to some people at stores. Then we had a member dinner, it was great. 

     District meeting was great. This week we discussed the goal of talking and bearing testimony to 10 people each day was going. It has been 11 days since that challenge and as a companionship we are at 85/110, not too bad!

     Thursday was good, we had a member teaching visit and that good. Then we got back into Lapeer to realize that our phone was left at the members, so another drive back up there to grab it before he left. That evening we had another member teaching visit.

     Friday morning and afternoon was service. On a side note I love how our Saturdays are always serviced filled! Later that night we talked to lots of people.

     Saturday after we talked to people we went to the ward chilli cook off.  Even though this year I was not a judge I did enjoy the chilli.

     Finishing off the week we had church and another member teaching visit. 

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

at the beach

changing colors

See the witch?

Monday, 30 October 2017

Week of exchanges ...week 28 in Lapeer

     Week of exchanges. Monday the other Elders came to our area, for preparation day. Elder Weinand and Myers played "Magic" (1) So then Elder Jones and myself went to stores, got the car washed and did some stuff . It was a great day. Then that lead into the exchange with Elder Jones and Myself, we talked with some people and saw success and we had a good evening.
     The next day we did some service and teaching to a less active and it was late in the day and we were both a little off of our goal of talking to people so we crammed it in and accomplished it.  

     We ended the exchange and had district meeting and that evening we went down to Rochester to exchange with with the big wigs (2) and it was a great one. I had the opportunity to exchange with Elder Prows and Elder Lauricella. It was great, we taught their investigator who speaks Chinese - its dope, but hard to teach with the language barrier. He is preparing for baptism! Then more finding. We knocked on this door she looked at us weird and let us in and she let us teach and then we invited her to baptism and she accepted it was hecka (3) sweet.

      Later that week we did service for the food pantry and on Saturday I had a headache and that was no fun. I couldn't think straight or do anything lol ...can't win em all!

     Sunday was Stake Conference and that was awesome. Our stake presidency is really awesome, they are cool. 

     In general it was really hot week here it was like 70 all week but this time of year it should be in the 50's or lows 30's ....any way ta ta for now!

Lots Of Love 
Elder Rodgers 

(1) Strange game you play with cards
(2) Zone leaders 
(3) hecka = like supper sweet 

Bye to Elder Woods

Elder Prows, Elder Rodgers, Elder Lauricella 

Fall is beautiful

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

What A Blessing ...Week 27 in Lapeer

     In my studies this week I have been reading in late Alma and into Helaman. I was thinking how we could apply this to us and I came up with the conclusion that sometimes we are doing well and everything is going well but in turn we sometimes forget our God and we fall into the routine of simply forgetting the basics. Then we sometimes fall off the track and it at times can be hard to get back in the game. What a blessing it can be that we have the words of our prophets and leaders and they can help us get back in the game!  

     This week was great. Monday the Elders in the district came out to Lapeer for preparation day and we had a good time playing games. I even won at my own game that was great. Then another Elder and myself went out to taco bell... and he payed what a blessing! 

     The next best event of the week came Tuesday. We had service and that was great, what a blessing that is to serve! Then we had interviews with president and that was great. While my companion was in I got to talk to Sister Cleveland and she is Great!  What a blessing she is to this mission. To top off the day we had dinner with a member who is returning back to the gospel it was awesome! t

    The next best thing of the week was district meeting. We discussed Conference, which may I add was fantastic! Then we discussed the zone conference we had and that all was awesome. I learned a lot from both. Some great talks which I cited in a previous letter. Later we served that afternoon. 

     Another great part of the week was Thursday, we went to the mission office and Elder Weinand burned all the general conference talks on to cd's for the mission because the new office couples didn't know how and he was the only one that knew how. 

     Then the next best part was church. That was great and the talks were great! It was about being all in and standing up in the inside. 

     It's getting colder here at night, its in the 40's and its been raining all weekend and in the high 50's

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

Elder Myer, Elder Weinand, Elder Jones
and ME

I liked this.. 'Be-a-ranger' rd

new hat!

Zone Leader Elder wood, served with him in Monroe

Go Forth With Faith ...Week 26 in Lapeer

     Starting off our week we ventured out to Port Huron for a preparation day with the Elders. Of course keeping the good times going we went out for the Chinese buffet, that was great and satisfying. 

     Tuesday was my highlight of the week! We had our Zone conference, and this one was great! We discussed the visit from Elder Bennett and what he said we can improve on, it was being urgent with our Fathers business. Also in the conference we discussed what we can do to improve our ways in being more obedient as a missionary. We also had a great lunch provided by a ward in the zone. Later that night I talked to everyone I saw and it was great! We saw some success because from those visits and it was because I was trying to be more urgent. 

Thursday we had a great lesson with a returning member. Also we had a great dinner with him and some yummy banana bread. 

     Friday was full of service and I love to serve! 

     Saturday was the miracle! We went to contact a referral and  we didn't have the apartment number so we knocked on the complex. We didn't find her but we found a brother who wants to learn and we have an appointment to come back this week. I am exited about that and it will be great, hopefully his wife will be interested also! 

     Sunday was probably the next greatest day. I was asked to give a sacrament talk so I gladly accepted and spoke today in sacrament. It was the first time I have in 93 weeks! It was on faith so that was an easy topic and I was told it went well. 

Go forth with faith!

Lots of Love 
Elder Rodgers

Service Couple, the Hills

I cannot confirm or deny if I did this!

Thursday, 5 October 2017

I Love Conference weekend ...week 25 in Lapeer

     Let me start off by using the words of the President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, "The Book of Mormon provides the fullest and most authoritative understanding of the Atonement of Jesus Christ to be found anywhere. It teaches what it really means to be born again. From the Book of Mormon we learn about the gathering of scattered Israel. We know why we are here on earth. These and other truths are more powerfully and persuasively taught in the Book of Mormon than in any other book."  

     Then the words of the Sunday School General President "The Book of Mormon is not only the keystone of our religion, but it can also become the keystone of our testimonies so that when trials or unanswered questions confront us, it can hold our testimonies securely in place. This book is the one weight on the scales of truth that exceeds the combined weight of all the critics’ arguments. Why? Because if it is true, then Joseph Smith was a prophet and this is the restored Church of Jesus Christ, regardless of any historical or other arguments to the contrary. For this reason, the critics are intent on disproving the Book of Mormon, but the obstacles they face are insurmountable, because this book is true." 

     These talks to me really hit the mark and re emphasize the words of our prophet last April. 

     This week started in the low 90's and ended in the low 50's its been great. This week we had to go to Southfield for a District Leader Training meeting for all DL's. That was good I guess,  great insight on what we as a mission can improve upon and the need to be more urgent in the work and in our areas so we can find those willing to hearken and read the Book of Mormon and become converted with its power. 

     This week I also conducted my first District meeting and that was good I guess. I talked aboot daily contact with our investigators and the importance of it. It was good. We also had the privilege to serve at some food pantry's and as I was relating the service we did the talk by Sister Oscarson comes to mind, "But I also think that sometimes it’s easy to miss some of the greatest opportunities to serve others because we are distracted or because we are looking for ambitious ways to change the world and we don’t see that some of the most significant needs we can meet are within our own families, among our friends, in our wards, and in our communities."  Her talk just really hit the need to serve everyone. 

Anyways, y'all have a great week. 

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

Wild Turkeys we found driving.
Thanksgiving Dinner maybe?

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

The Call To Serve ...Week 24 in Lapeer

     What a week! We started off in Port Huron playing games with our district and having a great time, because that's what it's all about on preparation day! Then we came back to Lapeer to Contact. 
     But now for the highlights of the week.... one of the highlights was serving at the Food Pantry two days this week for a little bit in the morning. I love it there and they love having us there and its a great way to be in the service of our fellow brothers and sisters. 
     The next highlight this week was when we went with a member of the ward to visit some less actives and deliver cookies. It was alright, this time the people that answered were not the people we were looking for, they were friends, but ya cant win em all! 

     Another great part of the week was the last District meeting of the transfer. We discussed what we learned from the Elder Bennett meeting and it was good. The insights were great! One insight that stood out to me is that the adversary will lie to us and make us want to follow the lie, even though its a lie. So we need to be aware of the lies of the adversary. After that was a long drive and wait at the mission office to get our TIWI replaced because she was acting up, she was turning off and on every few minutes.

     The next best thing was transfer calls! I don't have to pack just yet, I have to wait I guess. That's great cause I didn't wan to leave! So Elder Weinand and Elder Rodgers will be staying in Lapeer. 
    Then Saturday after some contacting The Call To Serve came from president Cleveland asking me to serve as a District Leader! I was caught off guard, mainly because I'm an old missionary, but hey I guess on the bright side it will help me have responsibility and stay more focused so that is a win.

     Sunday was great, it was fast and testimony meeting. That was a great meeting and it was the first time in a while I got up and actually did it. Later we had a good correlation meeting and a great night.

Lots Of Love, and Laughs and Lollipops  
Elder Rodgers 

His working hard face. At the food pantry.

Elder Weinand has a working hard face too!

Food Panrty


Still way hot here!

Foe Dad!

Friday, 22 September 2017

75 on I-75 ...Week 23 in Lapeer

     In 1st Corinthians 13:2-3 we read (2)And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing.(3)And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing. This scripture was shared by Elder Bennett on Friday and has really been a scripture I have pondered these last few days. It really hit me on the NEED we have to develop this attribute. Also I have enjoyed the talk given by President Thomas Monson in the most recent general conference called Kindness, Charity & Love  where he spoke on the gift of Charity. 

     This week has been good, some highlights of the week include.. Monday I took a nap and it was great! This week was also full of service, we had the opportunity to serve at the food pantry again and help out there one morning. Then they gave us some food in return, it was very generous of them. 

     On Wednesday this week District meeting was cancelled, in turn we were asked to study Charity found in Chapter 6 of Preach my gospel. It's a great section and what will happen when we develop this gift. 

     Friday was a great day filled with spiritual insights and a drive to continue to the end.  In the morning we had to drive to Southfield to the chapel and since I'm the driver I got to drive down the freeway and very close to Detroit. I was driving 75 on I-75 ! It was crazy and a first time for me driving on such a large scale. Elder Bennett came and from 9-4:30 he spoke then 45 min for lunch. Then he was non stop, he spoke of the lies that Satan can place in us and the need we have to not believe him. He also spoke how to gain a desire to work then believe on how you can and then ACT. It was helpful. Another thing he mentioned was that if we read daily from the Book of Mormon especially, and pray morning and night and attend the temple we will not go astray but we will receive exaltation. It was a great meeting. By the time we said goodbye to other missionaries it was 4:45 so on the drive home it was so backed up with traffic heading north, it was rush hour on Deerfoot in comparison. It added 40 min to our travel! A long driving day. 

I hope y'all have a great week and  I would invite you all to study Charity because without it, like the apostle Paul said... we are NOTHING! 

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

Elder Rodgers & Elder Weinand

traffic on I-75

"Heaven on a plate"

Monday, 11 September 2017

Reunited, I Never Thought It Would Happen ...Week 22 in Lapeer

     Starting off this week I got some highlights. First Highlight was pday. The Elders from Port Huron came here, instead of us going there. It was a nice change. We went to a Chinese buffet, its tradition. Then we played board games and basically just had a chill day. That night we needed to buy more cookies for cookie splits so the nearest GFS (Gordon's Food Services) to buy them was in Burton, an 18 mile trek out of our area. When we got there it was closed due to Labor day so drove back... awkward. 

     Another highlight was our service on Tuesday. It was good, we got to take some people through the food pantry and talk to them. It was a great experience, and we got some free bread out of it so that was good. Next adventure was that night and we did cookie spits with the last bit of our cookies and they went well, except one was interesting. We knocked on this one door and the son of the man answered and said he couldn't accept the cookies on the behalf of his father because he felt uncomfortable and that his father didn't belong to our church, and he wanted to "just" remove his record. It was interesting.

     More Highlights include our District Meeting. It was our first with a small district. We stared with 6 and now down to 4. It was a great meeting, we discussed daily contact and the need to establish it with our investigators. Later we had an interesting lesson with two members and our investigator (A), when we got there to teach A through the whole lesson he was telling us why he isn't joining the church. Sad lesson but hey... keep trying. t

     The next best part of the week was Thursday evening we taught a less active who is progressing so fast and is exited to be preparing for the temple. He is such a great man with a strong spirit.

     Friday brought a great adventure as we went back to the food pantry. It was great, they gave us some packaged food they couldn't give away because of the packaging, so it was great. That evening the best part was exchanges or basically the drive out there was. This time I was going on exchange with Elder Myer! We were Reunited, I Never thought it would happen, but it did. It was alright, not a lot happened other then the baptism in their area which was a great experience. After that we treated ourselves to a Chinese buffet to celebrate. Also today we lost a member we bring teaching with us, he is heading to school out west, cant win em all!

     Ya'll have a great week

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

I'm driving!


Chines Buffet!


Michigan Driving ...Week 21 in Lapeer

     Here are a few of my "Highlights" of my week. They include but are not limited to... Preparation day - we went to Great Lakes Crossings Outlet, and there I had Panda Express for lunch and got a custom made hat. It's pretty cool I think. That's was a great part of the week.

     Next highlight was Interviews with President Cleveland. They are always good, usually short but in that time he helped me understand more of my purpose. 

     Next Highlight of my week was District Meeting. Our Zone Leaders were there and we had a good practice of how to gain referrals from members, while teaching our short messages. Another highlight was cookie spits that evening. We went out with a Priest and talked to 1/3 people but the first one was good as she was home and let us come in and share a scripture. I shared Omni 1:26 and if you dont know it go read it!

     Thursday was the biggest news of the transfer, Elder Shultz got a call from the AP's saying he was leaving and had to pack today and be at the mission office Friday at 9:00am. There was another Elder who had to go home so Shutlz was being transferred out to be the other guys companion. So Thursday was spent washing and drying clothes and packing and saying farewells to members. We had a member teaching visit that evening and some contacting to finish the day. 

     But some also big news is, I have never driven on my mission. The old mission president told me I can't (being from outside the US) but president Cleveland said OF COURSE YA CAN, you had a valid drivers license. So I get to do some Michigan Driving, YAY!! So I drove home!  The the rest of the highlights from that day were our lesson with a less active returning member. For our drive out to Port Huron for exchange tonight I drove on my first Interstate I-69. 

     More highlights for Saturday was Elder Smith and Myself exchanged and the whole day was great. Our two lessons fell through so we did a lot of talking about our mission experiences and even talked about home, I mean its 15 weeks away. 

     Last highlight was Sunday, we had a member dinner and had TACOS! YUM! I love tacos, can't get enough. 


Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

Bye to Elder Shultz

Canada coast Guard while on exchange in Port Huron

My custom made hat

Michigan Detroit Mission

Elders Weinand, Smith, Rodgers, Shultz and Myer

Mission picture with Elder Renlund

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Waking up at 4:00am ...Week 20 in Lapeer

     8-21-17 - 8-27-17 ....This week has come and gone! My highlights include: Monday we went to Port Huron and went out to the Chinese buffet, but what I thought would be a good highlight was the solar eclipse but you could put that as a big disappointment, it was lame! With no glasses you couldn't see it happen and when I saw it, it was lame, cant win em"all! Side note, the 21st was our beloved prophets birthday, Happy Birthday President Monson!

     Next Highlight of the week was we volunteered at the food pantry and it was just like the service we did in Monroe at the food pantry there, it was great. Another highlight of that day was we went on cookie spits with ward members and had a good visit. 

     More highlights include Wednesdays District meeting. There we discussed sharing missionary moments with ward members, before class starts. It was great! 

     Next highlight was Thursday evening when we did more cookie spits in a different part of the ward, and that went well also! 

     Another highlight was on Saturday we meet with an investigator, read the Book of Mormon and helped her a little but with some yard work. Then that evening we had a lesson with a less active that we were assigned to help. I love him, we taught the atonement and how he can gain a testimony of it. Also it was a hot air balloon festival, great night!! 

     Next highlight was Waking up at 4:00am! Yes it was a  highlight because we were driving to Westland to listen to the words of Elder Dale. G. Renlund, and Elder Randell. K. Bennett of the Seventy, and their wives. It was a great experience to listen and be taught by an apostle who was so close and in person. It's been a blessing to hear the word of Two apostles in the last two months. Next highlight was Stake Conference where we heard the words of our stake presidency and some others but when Elder Randell. K. Bennett spoke it was great, and I cant wait till he comes back to the mission to spend the day with missionaries! The closing highlight was dinner with bishop, it was great!!

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

Zone Conference

New shoes!

Yumm...Taco Soup

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

One Hundred and Twelve ...Week 19 in Lapeer

     8-14-17 - 8-20-17 highlights of this week include BUT are not limited to...

     Monday we went to get Elder Shultz a hair cut then we napped for like 2 hours and lounged around GREAT P-DAY!

     Next highlight of the week was Elder Weinand our new companion from Gillette Wyoming came. It was great. Then continuing the highlights, we started service at the Stone Soup kitchen in Lapeer. It was great. After we got some study in, a great member dinner and a good discussion with our neighbor. We made who wee sticks... pictures NEXT WEEK. 

     Next Highlight of the week was our District meeting, and then service that followed. It was a great day. At the service we met some cool people. To finish the highlights of the day highlight we had another great member dinner and some great cookie visits with members of the ward. 

     Another great highlight was Thursday. We had a great lesson with a less active and a member of the ward and we taught the ATONEMENT. It was one of the greatest lesson I think because we taught him about it before and he didn't remember what it was but after he could share what it meant to him. Great lesson and a great guy (BG). 

     Fridays highlights include our volunteering at the soup kitchen, and then visits with former's. This highlight was a great one, today we drove One Hundred and Twelve miles as we visited former's all day over a good percent of the ward boundary, great day! Other then that we didn't do much. 

     Sundays highlights included church and then a great member teaching visit to an awesome family. 

Y'all have a great week and as a sneak peak into next week... we are having a general authority come to the mission. 


Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

cool view

state flag

steak and beans for dinner!