Monday, 30 January 2017

"A map of eternal happiness" ....Week 32 in Monroe

     Monday a member had the day off and invited us to come over and play board games, so one of the games we played was Catan and in the final round we were all tied with the same amount of points but the member (TR) won. That night we went to another members home for dinner (J) and we had like spaghetti and a salsa chicken on top, yummy then we went and contacted downtown.

     Tuesday it stopped raining and we volunteered at like a food pantry place, that was lots of fun. Then we drove to Farmington and that night we had dinner with a member (A) we had like a Qdoba (name of a Mexican restaurant) style chicken. It was good! Then it was cookie night and we did some contacting!

     Wednesday was meetings, 9-4:40 was Zone Conference and a Missionary Broadcast. It was great, all of it. There was so much new information, one being the missionary daily schedule has changed pictures will show whats it is now. This evening we had a new member lesson at a members home (P) with our recent convert (F). Then to finish off the night we went home for dinner.

     Thursday morning we went to volunteer at ReStore. It went good , we are able to help them and also get our name out there. After we saw our recent convert F and then drove to a dinner appointment. We had rice, chicken and broccoli casserole... yummy! Then we went back to brother F. We went with a member to an "I'm a  Mormon Devotional" and brother F spoke. It was awesome! Then for you who dont know what that is - each month at the end of the month in each stake converts get up and speak for like 3-5 min and bear testimony and us missionaries can bring people we are working with to listen to them, if we can get a ride there. They are amazing!

     Friday we went to teach (E), a member referral. We went with a member to pick her up and take her to another members home for the lesson (its confusing) and we taught the restoration. It was great. Then we went home to plan for the week and then drove to our ward mission leaders home for dinner and correlation and then off to Riverview that evening to begin exchanges!

     Saturday I went on exchanges with Elder Jolley. We started off by finding and then more finding and then we had a lesson with someone they are teaching. I don't know if she is all there, she seems really lost. Then we contacted and had some biscuits and gravy for dinner... yummy! However, it was store bought gravy and biscuits . 

 Sunday we went to church. E came, it was great. Again during Sunday school we taught her again and this time was the plan of salvation. This means so much to me because it maps out our eternal plan for happiness - its amazing. After church for dinner we went to a members home brother H and it was great! Then we attempted to contact downtown but no one was talking to us after like 5 attempts so we went to update some records instead. 

Have a great week!

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

Some schedule changes, more planning in the mornings.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

"I'm lovin' it" ....Week 31 in Monroe

     Last Tuesday after we emailed we travelled to Farmington and when we got back we had our dinner and then went on the cookie night run! We stopped by people but NO ONE WAS HOME! Then we went to see our recent convert and he is awesome, doing great! 

     For District Meeting we practised preparing someone for baptism and the steps that you would say or do. So I was the investigator in the font while they were practising, it was neat! Then we drove to Ann Arbor for a Doctors Appointment then when we got back we had our dinner. Then we went to a members home to have new member lesson with our recent convert brother F. Then we went to Walmart and got some stuff from the pharmacy and talked to some people. 

    Thursday we like ran around town to organizations finding who accepts volunteers. Our mission president wants us serving like 10 hours a week in the public so that's cool. We are now volunteering as some places around town. We did some finding and that night we went to see someone who is starting to come back to church with brother F (our recent convert.) 

     Planning Day! Then we made a progress record and went downtown to talk to people before we had to travel to dinner. When we go there no one was home! We had sent a text prior and no reply so we travelled back home for dinner only to travel back the same way for correlation later that evening haha. 

      So this morning it was 59ºF (15ºC) - on the 21st of January! As McDonalds says "I'm lovin' it" We went to volunteer today at a thrift store. It was fun but not productive.  That afternoon we went to see (DM) a less active who was referred to us by our old neighbor. We had a great lesson with him and a member. That evening we had a dinner appointment in Dundee with a family and we had this awesome meal (a recipe will come mom) It was "fancy Spanish rice' it was delicious! Then a dessert from New Orleans called a king cake - it was tasty. Late that evening we saw M, her sister G and a friend. We have been teaching them for the last 2 months. Me and Elder Mortensen found them back in October. It was a great lesson and we invited them all to church.

     On Sunday we had all three show up! Then we had our other investigator come and another non member who a member invited came! It was great - 5 non members at church! And three are official investigators! Then we had a lesson during Sunday school with the members non member friend! It was planned that she was coming we had set up a ride. It went great and we will be seeing her again Friday. We had a long ward council and then lunch. We had dinner at a members that night in Dundee. We had crock pot roast and potato and carrot- Yum! After we saw (J) our investigator with brother F and it went great. He read some of the Book of Mormon!  

So it was a great week - it was successful. The weather was 2ºC-15ºC all week it was glorious! but I think this week it will be like -3ºC-10ºC so little colder weather :( 

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

So Warm! 15ºC in January!

So Warm!

This is a good recipe...And YES I liked it!

Our hospital

nice stained glass window

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Winter or Spring ....Week 30 in Monroe

      Last Monday was great, we had our district activity. We played lots of games in the Riverview gym. We went out for lunch with a gift card we had received, it was great! That night we saw (F) our recent convert.

     Tuesday morning we stopped by someone, they were not home so went to drop something off at a members home. Then went up to Farmington and that afternoon we had our dinner and then baked cookies for the cookie exchange that evening. We had great success as we were able to update records as to whether they lived there or not. Then some late night contacting. 

     District meeting was great, lots of learning how to better follow up on commitments we leave. Then we decided to go downtown and we got out of the car and approached a person in front of us and he ended up just talking about nothing meaningful for and hour, then that evening we had a new member lesson with (F) our recent convert. We taught prayer, Sabbath day, and the 10 Commandments. It went great. Then an awesome experience that evening. We were downtown just sitting in our car and no person was out, exempt this one person who was out smoking. We approached her and talked with her. It turns out she is new to the area and was looking for a church, she wanted a "fresh start" She said God sent us to her. I believe that because as we were sitting in the car we were not sure if we should even be there.

     Thursday was long, everything we had fell through. So we had lots of opportunity to find and this morning. Earlier during studies we saw a thunder storm with lighting, and lots of rain so I posed the question to Elder Stonehocker...  Is it winter or spring? We came to the conclusion we were happier with rain rather then the weather our family's are having like -20ºC 

     Friday was great. We planned and then had lunch and dinner and then volunteered at the soup kitchen. Then we had a lesson with (J) our investigator and brother F came with us. We tried to help him find the desire to read the Book of Mormon. 

     For lunch on Saturday we went out to Applebee's with a gift card from some family back home. It was great! Then we went to see a less active (DM) with a member who we had brought before. That night we travelled down south to a dinner appointment and we had turkey! and squash! Then we saw (M) an investigator and talked more about the importance of the Book of Mormon. Then we got our transfer calls and..... we are both staying! 6 more weeks then makes 9 months in Monroe.

     Sunday during church we had 2 investigators show up (M, K) and then we went after lunch to contact a referral we got during church. He just wanted more bibles and you can never have to much I guess. We had dinner at a members home (J) we had tamales and rice and beans and it was good! I even had a little bit of beans. After that she talked to us about a person who she has been working with and wants us to start meeting with her. 

     Monday (yesterday) was great we went to the NAIA - North American International Auto Show. It was sweet! Brother Hales took us up there and it was divine, lots of cool cars and we even could sit in some! Then after being there for like 3 1/2 hours he took us out to dinner! It was sweet and as we were walking downtown Detroit we could see the Joe Louis Arena (the Red Wings play there... NHL) and there was a game that started at 3! Red wings vs Canadians! And I could even see Canada!!! So at the restaurant the game was on the TV! Ahhh, a great preparation day! Thanks Brother Hales!

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

Best Day at the car show!!

Elder Stonehocker, The Michelin Man & Elder Rodgers 

I'll take 1 to go!

Look who I found!

Concept Car

Dodge Charger

The Joe Louis Arena

Monday, 9 January 2017

No Snow But Cold Days ....Week 29 in Monroe

     Last Monday was great! We went with some members to the Calder Dairy. It is a farm when they make the best products, expensive though. We fed some goats and then saw some animals and wow did it ever smell nasty! The members where so kind as to buy  some chocolate milk for me and some eggnog for my companion and some ice cream also! Then we went to their home to play some games. It was the best preparation day we have had in a while, then on the 16th he is taking us to the auto show in Detroit! It will be sweet. Later that evening we saw our recent convert. 

     Today we emailed home this morning and after we had lots of time to find so we did. That evening we went and dropped off cookies to a less active family who had a 9 year old daughter who is not baptized and they want to start to come back and have her baptized so that really cool.

     Wednesday morning it was freezing like,  9ºF (-13ºC) with some wind which was so cold. We travelled to district meeting and that went great. Later that afternoon we were walking downtown and asked this couple if we could help them carry their grocery's, we did and that night we went back and had a great lesson with him about the restoration. It was super cool, he felt the spirit and it was awesome. That evening we had dinner at a members home, KFC with some mac and cheese! It was great, they are a great family. 

     Thursday we did lots of former's, we went through our book and took out the ones who we believe need to be visited again so that was good. We found a little bit of success so far. Then some finding time that afternoon. 

     Friday we had three appointments set up and we had three appointments fall through but one reschedule for  Sunday. Then some talking to people outside. It's still freezing while we are outside talking to people the humidity is like always 70-80%  so that is like the wind chill at home, it feels much colder the it really is! We had dinner tonight with a member and then drove to correlation that evening. 

     Saturday there was no snow but it was a cold day. We stopped by someone but figured out they were most likely locked up, and then our lesson that afternoon rescheduled for next week. We had a lesson with a less active and that went well. He told us that he had decided that he needs to actually start reading the book of Mormon. We did some finding after our dinner. 

     Church was great. Our recent convert (F) got up to bear his testimony. It was short and very powerful. After we had to drive half an hour to dinner where we had Mexican... upon our request. It was great! Then we had a lesson with a new investigator (T) and that went great and then another lesson with an investigator (J). We took our recent convert with us and he was able to help our investigator with some of the word of wisdom questions he had. 

It was a great week,  just cold,  but the weather this week is forecasting it to be above 32ºF with a high of 50ºF (0-10ºC) so lets pray that's true!

I love you all happy new year!
Elder Rodgers

The Calder Dairy!

A Great time at the dairy!

while driving

The La-Z-Boy factory

East Monroe

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

New Year ...Week 28 in Monroe

     Last Monday we went to the DIA (Detroit Institute of Arts) with another district in the zone. It was an interesting place and it was lots of fun with some really cool exhibits and some cool pictures. That night we travelled back and had dinner with a member. 
     Tuesday consisted of lots of finding and some appointments throughout the day. We saw our recent convert and he is amazing! We even take him teaching with us and that is great.

     Wednesday was the first district meeting we have had since Dec 7 now it is the 28th. This afternoon we reconnected with an investigator (M) and had a member come with us to go and teach her. It was pretty cool to see how much she has retained since we saw her last. Tonight after dinner we had an opportunity to go finding. 

     Next Morning we travelled to Dundee and to Kroger to contact but no success. That afternoon we got back in contact with M (the person we saw yesterday) it is tough to set up and appointment with her. Then we had planned to see both of the recent converts tonight but only one went through :(  

     Friday during planning we had a lesson set up with someone we met that week but he was not home so after planning we had another lesson that we had set up yesterday and he was still busy so we couldn't see him either so then we tried calling a less active to confirm but no answer. We went there to her complex and another less active who lives there asked us if we could come in and share a message of comfort with him so we were exited that we got back in contact with him. After that we had diner then travelled to a lesson with a member to teach our neighbours friend. It was a really neat experience and hopefully we can continue to teach. Later that night we travelled to Riverview to conduct and exchange.  

     New years Eve today! Our one lesson we had that morning cancelled so we had three hours to find. We talked to a lots of people to try and talk to them about the restored gospel. For lunch we travelled to this one family who fed us so much it was crazy!! Lots of pizza and it was really good pizza too! Then we drove home to do something and realised I didn't have my tag and that it had probably have fell off at their home so a 20 minute drive back to grab it. Then we had dinner and some contacting and that night after planning we hit the hay till new years morning  at 6:30 am! 

     Sunday we were fasting but when we got to church the bishop remind us that the ward would fast next Sunday due to New Years! It was funny. After church we had a lesson with an investigator who the other elders had been teaching and it went great. Then off to a members for dinner and then we went on splits with the members. My companion went to a teaching appointment and me and their son and the rest of the family went to see a member who has been struggling. It was a great split! A great New year!

Hope you all have a great  New Year! Enjoy it cause it will eventually end!

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

My towel for Christmas

Look what I found!

Went here for Pday

a Detroit version of a painting in history 

Modern Art

I guess this is what they call Art??