Tuesday, 24 January 2017

"I'm lovin' it" ....Week 31 in Monroe

     Last Tuesday after we emailed we travelled to Farmington and when we got back we had our dinner and then went on the cookie night run! We stopped by people but NO ONE WAS HOME! Then we went to see our recent convert and he is awesome, doing great! 

     For District Meeting we practised preparing someone for baptism and the steps that you would say or do. So I was the investigator in the font while they were practising, it was neat! Then we drove to Ann Arbor for a Doctors Appointment then when we got back we had our dinner. Then we went to a members home to have new member lesson with our recent convert brother F. Then we went to Walmart and got some stuff from the pharmacy and talked to some people. 

    Thursday we like ran around town to organizations finding who accepts volunteers. Our mission president wants us serving like 10 hours a week in the public so that's cool. We are now volunteering as some places around town. We did some finding and that night we went to see someone who is starting to come back to church with brother F (our recent convert.) 

     Planning Day! Then we made a progress record and went downtown to talk to people before we had to travel to dinner. When we go there no one was home! We had sent a text prior and no reply so we travelled back home for dinner only to travel back the same way for correlation later that evening haha. 

      So this morning it was 59ºF (15ºC) - on the 21st of January! As McDonalds says "I'm lovin' it" We went to volunteer today at a thrift store. It was fun but not productive.  That afternoon we went to see (DM) a less active who was referred to us by our old neighbor. We had a great lesson with him and a member. That evening we had a dinner appointment in Dundee with a family and we had this awesome meal (a recipe will come mom) It was "fancy Spanish rice' it was delicious! Then a dessert from New Orleans called a king cake - it was tasty. Late that evening we saw M, her sister G and a friend. We have been teaching them for the last 2 months. Me and Elder Mortensen found them back in October. It was a great lesson and we invited them all to church.

     On Sunday we had all three show up! Then we had our other investigator come and another non member who a member invited came! It was great - 5 non members at church! And three are official investigators! Then we had a lesson during Sunday school with the members non member friend! It was planned that she was coming we had set up a ride. It went great and we will be seeing her again Friday. We had a long ward council and then lunch. We had dinner at a members that night in Dundee. We had crock pot roast and potato and carrot- Yum! After we saw (J) our investigator with brother F and it went great. He read some of the Book of Mormon!  

So it was a great week - it was successful. The weather was 2ºC-15ºC all week it was glorious! but I think this week it will be like -3ºC-10ºC so little colder weather :( 

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

So Warm! 15ºC in January!

So Warm!

This is a good recipe...And YES I liked it!

Our hospital

nice stained glass window

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