Wednesday, 4 January 2017

New Year ...Week 28 in Monroe

     Last Monday we went to the DIA (Detroit Institute of Arts) with another district in the zone. It was an interesting place and it was lots of fun with some really cool exhibits and some cool pictures. That night we travelled back and had dinner with a member. 
     Tuesday consisted of lots of finding and some appointments throughout the day. We saw our recent convert and he is amazing! We even take him teaching with us and that is great.

     Wednesday was the first district meeting we have had since Dec 7 now it is the 28th. This afternoon we reconnected with an investigator (M) and had a member come with us to go and teach her. It was pretty cool to see how much she has retained since we saw her last. Tonight after dinner we had an opportunity to go finding. 

     Next Morning we travelled to Dundee and to Kroger to contact but no success. That afternoon we got back in contact with M (the person we saw yesterday) it is tough to set up and appointment with her. Then we had planned to see both of the recent converts tonight but only one went through :(  

     Friday during planning we had a lesson set up with someone we met that week but he was not home so after planning we had another lesson that we had set up yesterday and he was still busy so we couldn't see him either so then we tried calling a less active to confirm but no answer. We went there to her complex and another less active who lives there asked us if we could come in and share a message of comfort with him so we were exited that we got back in contact with him. After that we had diner then travelled to a lesson with a member to teach our neighbours friend. It was a really neat experience and hopefully we can continue to teach. Later that night we travelled to Riverview to conduct and exchange.  

     New years Eve today! Our one lesson we had that morning cancelled so we had three hours to find. We talked to a lots of people to try and talk to them about the restored gospel. For lunch we travelled to this one family who fed us so much it was crazy!! Lots of pizza and it was really good pizza too! Then we drove home to do something and realised I didn't have my tag and that it had probably have fell off at their home so a 20 minute drive back to grab it. Then we had dinner and some contacting and that night after planning we hit the hay till new years morning  at 6:30 am! 

     Sunday we were fasting but when we got to church the bishop remind us that the ward would fast next Sunday due to New Years! It was funny. After church we had a lesson with an investigator who the other elders had been teaching and it went great. Then off to a members for dinner and then we went on splits with the members. My companion went to a teaching appointment and me and their son and the rest of the family went to see a member who has been struggling. It was a great split! A great New year!

Hope you all have a great  New Year! Enjoy it cause it will eventually end!

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

My towel for Christmas

Look what I found!

Went here for Pday

a Detroit version of a painting in history 

Modern Art

I guess this is what they call Art??

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