Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Winter or Spring ....Week 30 in Monroe

      Last Monday was great, we had our district activity. We played lots of games in the Riverview gym. We went out for lunch with a gift card we had received, it was great! That night we saw (F) our recent convert.

     Tuesday morning we stopped by someone, they were not home so went to drop something off at a members home. Then went up to Farmington and that afternoon we had our dinner and then baked cookies for the cookie exchange that evening. We had great success as we were able to update records as to whether they lived there or not. Then some late night contacting. 

     District meeting was great, lots of learning how to better follow up on commitments we leave. Then we decided to go downtown and we got out of the car and approached a person in front of us and he ended up just talking about nothing meaningful for and hour, then that evening we had a new member lesson with (F) our recent convert. We taught prayer, Sabbath day, and the 10 Commandments. It went great. Then an awesome experience that evening. We were downtown just sitting in our car and no person was out, exempt this one person who was out smoking. We approached her and talked with her. It turns out she is new to the area and was looking for a church, she wanted a "fresh start" She said God sent us to her. I believe that because as we were sitting in the car we were not sure if we should even be there.

     Thursday was long, everything we had fell through. So we had lots of opportunity to find and this morning. Earlier during studies we saw a thunder storm with lighting, and lots of rain so I posed the question to Elder Stonehocker...  Is it winter or spring? We came to the conclusion we were happier with rain rather then the weather our family's are having like -20ºC 

     Friday was great. We planned and then had lunch and dinner and then volunteered at the soup kitchen. Then we had a lesson with (J) our investigator and brother F came with us. We tried to help him find the desire to read the Book of Mormon. 

     For lunch on Saturday we went out to Applebee's with a gift card from some family back home. It was great! Then we went to see a less active (DM) with a member who we had brought before. That night we travelled down south to a dinner appointment and we had turkey! and squash! Then we saw (M) an investigator and talked more about the importance of the Book of Mormon. Then we got our transfer calls and..... we are both staying! 6 more weeks then makes 9 months in Monroe.

     Sunday during church we had 2 investigators show up (M, K) and then we went after lunch to contact a referral we got during church. He just wanted more bibles and you can never have to much I guess. We had dinner at a members home (J) we had tamales and rice and beans and it was good! I even had a little bit of beans. After that she talked to us about a person who she has been working with and wants us to start meeting with her. 

     Monday (yesterday) was great we went to the NAIA - North American International Auto Show. It was sweet! Brother Hales took us up there and it was divine, lots of cool cars and we even could sit in some! Then after being there for like 3 1/2 hours he took us out to dinner! It was sweet and as we were walking downtown Detroit we could see the Joe Louis Arena (the Red Wings play there... NHL) and there was a game that started at 3! Red wings vs Canadians! And I could even see Canada!!! So at the restaurant the game was on the TV! Ahhh, a great preparation day! Thanks Brother Hales!

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

Best Day at the car show!!

Elder Stonehocker, The Michelin Man & Elder Rodgers 

I'll take 1 to go!

Look who I found!

Concept Car

Dodge Charger

The Joe Louis Arena

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