Monday, 27 February 2017

Two New Missionaries ...Week 36 in Monroe

     Monday was long. We went to a members home to play games for our preparation day, we played for like 7 hours. It was long but fun and the great news is I won a few games! That evening Elder Stonehocker had to do some things that missionaries do when they  are getting ready to leave for home. He needed a computer so we had to go to Walmart to do it because all library's were closed (President day). After we went over to see Brother FE our recent convert. It was a colder day some strong wind.

     Tuesday, we volunteered at a food pantry again. We did that before and after lunch and then since we didn't email Monday we emailed home. After we did some visits to less actives with our ward mission leader and we had no luck but we stopped by one of his home teaching families and this brother hadn't been to church in a while so we talked a little, a real nice guy.

   STONEHOCKERS BIRTHDAY this morning! At midnight I set an alarm to say happy birthday to him but when it went off I got up to shut it off but I was way to tired to do anything so I went back to bed. Later that day we went to district meeting and had a long discussion on preach my gospel and how we can use it our daily efforts and it turns out there is a ton of ways we can apply it. Later that evening we had a birthday dinner for Elder Stonehocker at a members home. We had a turkey dinner, it was great and then some yummy raspberry cheesecake with whipping cream yum! Oh ya, he turned 21! That evening we saw brother FE again. It was a great day!

     The next day we went to habitat for humanity and we priced some things and stocked some shelves and carried a few things. Since we have been volunteering there we have created an awesome bond with the people there. It has been amazing. In the afternoon we saw a less active brother who is so exited to meet and learn since he has forgotten it all. He said his goal is to attend sacrament this next month, and when we taught the 10 Commandments he knew and understood them all. That evening was the highlight of my week. We went to an I'M A MORMON DEVOTIONAL and we took Brother FE. The devotional was at the chapel by the Detroit Temple. For the first time in his life he was able to see a Temple of the Lord.  He said that helped him to better understand what he is shooting for. It truly is an amazing place where the spirit is so strong. The devotional was great and I'm glad we could take brother FE.

     Friday was long we served a little in the morning and then had a lesson with our investigator (E) and that was great. She is wanting baptism, she will just have to resolve some things prior. That afternoon Elder Stonehocker had an appointment and then we went out to dinner at a members home. We had pork sandwiches yum! That evening we got transfer calls..... and Monroe is getting "Two New Missionaries" Well I didn't see that coming! It has been great here in Monroe and I will look forward to serving here for 6 more weeks with the Two New Missionaries  because it will be us three! 

Saturday in the morning we planned and and a lesson fall through so Elder Stonehocker packed and packed. That night we had a dutch oven dinner at our ward mission leaders home, it was fantastic and a peach cobbler dessert which was real tasty!

     In the morning we went to church and the investigators that said they were coming did not, that was sad. After church we had a lunch appointment with a member and they made home made hamburgers 1/2 pound and deep fried fries Oh man that was great! Best burger I have had in a while. Then we contacted some referrals and had dinner at Brother & Sister H and we had steak and chicken fajitas - oh man that was divine! They are such a great family! And always feeding us! 

It truly has been a great week and as I reflect on the 18 weeks I have been with Elder Stonehocker and all the up and the downs it has been great! I would not trade it for anything. 

Have a great week Eh!

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

When we went to the devotional

Elder Stonehocker enjoying a fruit roll up

My new puck

We were at habitat..... and saw a toilet..... so I posed

The district left to right... Elder Jolley, Elder Sherwood,
Elder Shone, Elder Coles, Elder Rodgers, Elder Stonehocker

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

A Winter in Michigan ....Week 35 in Monroe

     Starting off the week we went up to Riverview to do things with the District, board games and hacky sack. We did that for the afternoon and then that evening we went to visit a less active couple (C& N)) We taught the Restoration and invited the husband to prepare for the priesthood so he could bless their child. He was so exited to know that he could, and they came to church yesterday, it was a great visit. 

     In the morning we went to a food pantry to volunteer and I love to serve there. What we do is helping stock shelves and taking people around, it is so much fun. Then that afternoon we went with a member to visit some less active priesthood brethren and the one that answered had moved... but now we know. Later that evening we did it again with our ward mission leader.

     Wednesday for district meeting we practised teaching some lessons. After we stopped by some investigators to try and set up something, then stopped by a member at his work to set up a time to maybe teach his girlfriend. While at his work we talked to his co-worker. Then it was time for dinner so we travelled to the members home and after that we went out to talk to some  people. 

     Thursday was a day full of service at habitat and the food pantry. We had like 5 hours of service that day. That night we went to the bishops for dinner and had swiss steak and pineapple upside down cake.

     Friday was long. We planned then at 3:30 we went up to Farmington for Elder Stonehocker who had an interview with President. That was long because it was a double booked appointment for 4:30 so we didn't get out till 6:30. Then we got like 5 miles out and realized we forgot our phone so we went back to get that and then went home. We got home about 8pm. Then we had to pack and then we travelled to Riverview for exchanges.

     Saturday morning we walked down by the river and people were fishing, not ice fishing cause it was like 60ºF (16ºC) We had a lesson with a recent convert which took awhile and then we went to go contact some former's. The high today was 70ºF (21ºC) in February.... I guess this is a winter in Michigan!

     Sunday we went to church and after we came out and it was 66ºF. We went to go see brother FE and it was great. Then we travelled to a dinner appointment down south and after that we went to see the less active couple we saw on Monday. They are doing great! Tonight we invited them to prepare to be sealed in the temple. 

Great week and a Warm one!

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

Serious... 21ºC !! and this is February!

A new favorite!

Taken from our balcony

In Alberta we have watch for deer signs,
here they have watch for tractor signs!

Monday, 13 February 2017

National Pizza Day ....Week 34 in Monroe

     Last Monday after emailing we went up to a members home to play games. He had the day off and we played Catan and monopoly deal. He even fed us lunch AND dinner, and I even won Catan! Later we went out to visit some less active priesthood holders and we got into one and he has to work this Sunday but we invited his wife and daughter to come so we will see Sunday if they come. It was a great preparation day, a great way to start the week. 

     In the morning we went to a food pantry and helped organize some product and help with an order and then a quick lunch at home and then we went back. This afternoon we took people around and helped them with there orders. It was a great service  day, we even got to take home some milk that they were giving away! We got three free gallons and one gallon of chocolate milk which if we were to go buy would cost us like $5.37 for the milk and the chocolate like $2.34, so we saved. Then we went to contact referrals and no one was home and one didn't even live there. We came back home for dinner and then went and did more of these less active priesthood visits with brother H. We talked to the guy but maybe he will come back. While I was with Brother h my companion went with another member (IH) and they had a great visit.

     For District Meeting the next day we practised cutting the 'fluff' out of our lessons and then would practice them. Today my companion was sick probably because of something he ate, so to say the least he and the toilet got on a personal level...  and then we drove to Westland for interviews with President Cleveland. They were running late but we still got in and had some great instruction by him and a good quick interview... I passed, all is well. After we saw Brother FE and read with him and then we went home for dinner to finish our evening.  

     Thursday we went to habitat for humanity and helped there for a while. I stepped on a nail but it just went in my shoe and like kissed my foot so I am okay. Then some finding then we went to a members home for dinner. The mom stayed home with a sick child and the father and his two children took us out to a pizza buffet on National Pizza Day! It was great, what better way to spend National Pizza Day then eating at a pizza buffet! I had like a apple pie dessert pizza... it was divine.

     Friday was great. We went with a member to pick up our investigator and then went to a members home to have a lesson. The lesson went well and she might have her date pushed back because of the difficult situation she is in. After we planned and saw brother FE and read with him to continue to strength him. Then we volunteered at the soup kitchen. Tonight we and had our weekly correlation at the ward mission leaders home.

     Saturday morning we went to the church and we split off to go with members to visit less active priesthood holders. It was good, not too successful though. Then we had lunch and saw a less active who is progressing so well, it's awesome. He is reading and even praying. He will be back to church here by the end of the month. Then we got a media referral a few days back and had a lesson with her, it was awesome. She could point out some errors from her church and saw points of doctrine in ours that made sense so is on date for March 25,2017 so we will continue to meet with her and help her.

     Sunday after church we went on visits with members to visit the less active priesthood holders again. Then we had dinner and had hot dogs yum! and then went to a parking lot to talk to people before we went to an appointment for some companion study practice. 

have a great week y'all 

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

Cool Selfie!

Having some camera fun!

Nice teeth!

While driving around Monroe

A favorite quote from a daily quote book

Love all the milk!

with Elder Jolley

Another warm evening!

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

"I AM A CHILD OF GOD" ....Week 33 in Monroe

     Last Monday we went up to Panda Express, a Chinese quick restaurant ...yummy. After that we went to email and then went to a members home to play board games. It was sweet! We will be doing the same today with another member. 

     The next day we went to a place to volunteer. We helped them organise a few things for what would be happening the next day. Then that afternoon we went to Habitat for Humanity,  a place to help out again! Lots of good stuff. That night we went to a less actives for dinner and we had an amazing pot roast and biscuits Yummy! After we drove quickly to the church to go out with members to visit less actives.  

     Wednesday, for district meeting, we spent the whole time working on the plan of salvation lesson that we teach investigators and then it was over... haha. After we drove to our ward mission leaders house for something then had lunch. Our two lessons we had planned for the night cancelled ..... sooo, we talked to people downtown and got some potentials. One person we talked to is a fighter and we are still trying to get back in contact with him to teach. So that was cool. Then I bought some cookies and cream soda.. never again! 

     More service with Habitat the next day after we got our oil changed in our car. Then we cleaned out the area book and applied what was taught at Zone Conference. After that we went out with the elders quorum president and visited less actives. One person answered, it was the guys father but his son had moved away over 10 years ago so haha I guess no one has been there in a while. 

      Friday after weekly planning we had a failed attempt at a lesson with the same person attempt number... I've lost count! Then we drove to an appointment for Elder Stonehocker. We had a dinner appointment that evening and where we were coming from it was and hour away and our GPS said we were going to be 25 min late. We thought we could maybe shave off time but we decided to call and told them the situation. After some struggle it took us forever. Two times we came to a complete stop on the interstate. We got there at 6:10, 40 min after our scheduled time but they were nice about it. We had rice and sesame chicken it was yummy, worth the wait! Then we saw our recent convert brother F and read more of where he is at in his scripture reading.

     Saturday is a special day, its the day we get ready for Sunday.... this morning we volunteered at mcop, a food pantry. Its where we take people around and help them get their food and keep track. We had lots of great interactions with people. After the service they gave us each a gallon of chocolate milk. Then we went to see  a less active and we have only been meeting since the new year and he just completed 1st Nephi and understands so much more. He has really been feeling the spirit. After that we had some finding and then dinner and studies and then we saw a recent convert. She is struggling with things so her VT is helping a ton. 

     Ward conference was Sunday and that was great. The focus was "I AM A CHILD OF GOD" It was great! I love the second verse and we as members of the church can really apply it so go and read it and apply it! That evening we had dinner at the brother and sister H ...Chicken pot pie or a delicious creation like it! haha They are such an amazing family and do so much for us. Later we saw brother F and read in Alma about the "Anti-Nephi-Lehis. That too is a great story. 

     Well I hope you all enjoy the snow back home. We are going to enjoy a day in the 50s tomorrow and our winter total is 8 inches of snow!

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

Cookies and Cream soda... not tasty...but a fun idea

My new ties... love a sale!

Biscuits & Gravy! Awesome

New knot for my new tie